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Daniel Radcliffe 丹尼尔. 雷德克里夫

Daniel Radcliffe with a horse in the play Equus
Is Daniel Radcliffe trying to distance himself from Harry Potter?

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Daniel Radcliffe, best known for playing the role of Harry Potter, has taken on some slightly controversial roles in theatre and film recently. Is he trying to separate himself from Harry Potter?

Vicki and Chen Li talk about his recent work and hear from Daniel about his plans for the future.

哈里波特男主角 Daniel Radcliffe 最近接受了几个颇具挑战和争议的新角色。他是不是想拉开哈里波特和他的距离? Vicki 和陈藜带大家看看他近期的演出,同时也听听 Daniel 谈谈未来的计划。

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