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Stodgy British Food 浓厚的英国食物

A roast dinner with meat, potatoes, green beans and Yorkshire pudding
A roast dinner with Yorkshire pudding is one of the most popular traditional British dishes

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Pork pies, pasties and bangers and mash. Do you fancy some stodgy British food? Andrea Rose and Jean Dong speak to some Londoners and experts to find out if traditional British food is still popular.

猪肉派,馅儿饼,香肠和土豆泥,怎么样想不想尝尝这些著名的顶饱的英国食物? Andrea Rose 和 Jean Dong 和一些伦敦人,食品专家一起探讨这些英国食物在当今社会是否仍然受宠。

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