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Dinner Parties 晚宴聚会

Women drinking
Love them or hate them, dinner parties are still popular in Britain

Programme Introduction 节目简介

Some are formal, some are big and some are small. We're talking about dinner parties. For a long time the British have been cooking impressive meals for friends and work colleagues but now these food focussed evenings are in decline. John Escolme and Jean Dong explain why.

有些是正式的,有些大有些小。是的,今天我们一起谈谈晚宴聚会。很久以来英国人总会请自己的好友和同事到家里做客,请大家来品尝自己做得最拿手的饭菜。如今这样的晚宴聚会少之又少, John Escolme 和 Jean Dong 和大家一起来寻找原因。

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