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Friendliness on the Tube 伦敦地铁里的友好景象

A London Underground sign
Why don't people talk to each other on the Tube?

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Why don't people in London talk to each other on the Tube? For visitors from outside London, it seems very unfriendly when people don't talk to each other while travelling. Helen and Oliver talked to tourists and Londoners to find out more.

伦敦人为什么在地铁里都不互相打招呼呢?很多到伦敦的游客说他们觉得伦敦人在一起度过一段地铁旅程的时候相互都不予理睬让他们感到很诧异,这究竟是为什么呢?Helen 和 Oliver 带大家一起走进伦敦地铁去问个究竟。

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