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Hazardous Drinking 危险性饮酒

Some young women drinking in a bar
Going out drinking with friends is popular in the UK

Programme Introduction 节目简介

Going out drinking with friends can be fun but too much of anything can be harmful. Find out with Feifei and Jo what the recommended alcohol limit is, and what problems overindulging can cause.

和三五好友一起出去畅饮是现在年轻人首选的休闲放松方式,但是岂不知就在大家愉快畅饮的同时危险性饮酒的警钟已经敲响。冯菲菲和 Jo Hunter 在今天的节目中会告诉大家医生建议的安全饮酒量和危险性饮酒带来的后果。

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