Body Idioms 成语:身体
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1 : I don't want to go on that blind date tomorrow, I think I'm getting ________.
hot feet
ice in my stomach
cold heart
cold feet
A baby's feet
2 : Wow! Look at that car. It's a Porsche. It must have cost ________.
a right arm
a free hand
an upper hand
an arm and a leg
A porsce
3 : Don't feel sad, things will work out. It's important to stay cheerful and ________.
have a heart
have a knees-up
keep your chin up
stick your neck out
A woman looking upset
4 : That girl is so annoying. She never stops talking when I am trying to work. She makes ________.
me a bag of nerves
me tongue-tied
my blood boil
me break my back
A man getting angry
5 : I love cakes and chocolate and sugar in my tea. I have a very sweet ________.
Sweet sugary biscuits
6 : Don't choose Joe for the cricket team. He always drops the ball. He's such a butter ________.
A cricketer catching a ball

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