Multi-word verbs
从下面选项中选择正确答案;单击“核对答案”按钮,核对你的答案. Your score: 0/6 Your score: 1/6 Your score: 2/6 Your score: 3/6 Your score: 4/6 Your score: 5/6 Your score: 6/6
1 : Which option is NOT CORRECT? "____________, I can't hear myself think!"
Turn it down
Turn the music down
Turn down the music
Turn down it
A disco
2 : Which option is NOT CORRECT? "If you don't know what something means, use a dictionary to ___________."
look the word up
look up the word
look it up
look up it
Some dictionaries
3 : "I'm so tired, I'm really _____________."
looking forward the weekend to
looking the weekend forward to
looking forward to the weekend
weekend looking forward to
A boy sleeping on a bench
4 : "When we go on holiday, who's going to ___________ the dog?"
look for
look after
look up
look at
A dog
5 : "It takes about two hours, so we should ________ at about six o'clock"
get it in
get in it
get in
get at
A tube train
6 : Which option is NOT CORRECT? "I'll have to ______________, it's killing me!"
give up it
give it up
give up smoking
give smoking up
A woman smoking

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