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Cardiff Through to FA Cup Final 卡迪夫闯入足总杯决赛

Kayode Odejayi misses a shot on goal
Barnsley miss a chance to score
On Sunday, Cardiff saw off 击败 Barnsley and guaranteed their place in the FA Cup final 足总杯决赛.

The only goal came within the first nine minutes - a volley 凌空飞射 from the Cardiff-born midfielder Joe Ledley, grabbing 抓住 the first chance of the game.

Barnsley responded well to this early setback 挫败 and they enjoyed the lion's share 绝大部分 of the first-half possession 控球. However, Kayode Odejayi missed a glorious chance to level 追平 when he was put clean through on goal 没有遇到防守队员围追堵截的时候 only to shoot wide 射偏了.

Barnsley’s keeper Luke Steele made a couple of impressive saves but in the end Ledley’s goal was enough to seal victory for 获胜 the Bluebirds 青鸟队(卡迪夫队的别名).

Something Special
 I've been in finals, play-offs, won things as a manager but I've never been in an FA Cup final and it's a nice feeling... It's something special. With everything that has gone on off the pitch it's a great credit to my players.
Cardiff manager, Dave Jones

Cardiff now face 对决 Portsmouth in the FA cup final on May 17.

“It’s something special” said Cardiff manager Dave Jones.

It will be the first time the club have played in the final since 1927, when they beat Arsenal. It is an achievement that Jones is keen to attribute to 归功于 his team’s efforts.

"With everything that has gone on off the pitch it's a great credit to my players” he said.

When Jones says “off the pitch” he is referring to things that are not directly related to his team’s performance in games. Jones is pleased that his team have done so well “with everything that has gone on off the pitch” – in spite of everything that has happened off the pitch.

Jones is no doubt alluding to 暗示 his club’s ongoing financial difficulties 财政困难. Reaching the final will help matters – it will allow the club to wipe off 一笔勾销 at least £1m (14m RMB) of debts.

What’s more, there is a possibility that Cardiff could play in the Uefa Cup 欧洲联盟杯. It is normal for the winners of the FA Cup to qualify, but because it is an English competition and Cardiff are a Welsh club, they do not have an automatic right to play in Europe.

A Minefield
 Politically it's a minefield because with us getting to this final now, there is no way they should stop us if we win it. If they stop us getting into Europe there will be all hell to pay and I'll be first in the queue.
Cardiff manager, Dave Jones

Dave Jones described the situation as "politically... a minefield 雷区", meaning that progress on the matter will be slow and difficult. “Political” here has a broad meaning, referring to power struggles within an organisation.

Jones made his feelings plain when he said, “If they stop us getting into Europe there will be all hell to pay and I'll be first in the queue."

“There’ll be hell to pay” is a very informal way of saying that you will be angry if something happens or doesn’t happen. “I’ll be first in the queue” shows that Jones will be ready to give his opinion, if Cardiff are refused a place in the Uefa Cup.

However, Uefa have signalled that they are prepared to give the Bluebirds a wildcard 入场券 if they beat Portsmouth on May 17. But that’s a big ‘if’ 很大的悬念 – Portsmouth are currently sixth in the Premier League 英超联赛, the division above Cardiff.

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