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Profile: Ryan Giggs 档案:瑞恩•吉格斯

Ryan Giggs with his Players' Player of the Year award
Giggs particularly values this new award since it is awarded by other professional players
Which player can claim 10 Premier League cups, four FA Cups, three League Cups and two Champions League winner's medals? Ryan Giggs - the most decorated 获得奖章或荣誉 player in the game 足球界.

But now Giggs will have to find room in his trophy cabinet 奖杯柜 for another award, the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) Player of the Year, which he won last weekend.

This prestigious accolade 声望极高的荣誉, which is awarded by fellow players, had eluded 原意指避开(这里指没有机会获得此荣誉) the left-fielder throughout his glittering 闪闪发光的 career.

"I've been fortunate to win a lot of trophies, I won the young player award twice, but this is the big one" he said.

Now 35 years old, 'Giggsy' has spent his entire career at just one club, Manchester United. If he plays against Arsenal in their Champions League semi-final first-leg on Wednesday, it will be his 800th club appearance for the team.

So it's not surprising that Giggs is quick to attribute 归公于 some of his success to his boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

"The manager has been massive in my career from when I first met him when I was 13," Giggs said. "That's over 20 years and he knows me better than anyone and our relationship has been brilliant and just gets better."

No Passengers
 United can't afford to carry passengers and if Giggs' standards had dropped then Fergie would have just opened the cheque book and replaced him with another world-class player because the United boss has no sentiment.
Dean Saunders, Former Welsh International

The fact that Ferguson has kept Giggs for so long is a testament to 证明 his ability, according to Giggs' former Wales team-mate Dean Saunders. He pointed out that United cannot afford to carry passengers, meaning that everyone in the team is expected to contribute 贡献.

He said that if Giggs' standards had dropped the Manchester manager would simply have opened his chequebook and bought another player; neither money nor sentiment 感情,情绪 will prevent Ferguson from ensuring Manchester United remain one of the strongest forces in football.

So what is it that makes Giggs so special? On the pitch, Giggs is a fast and industrious 勤劳的, 勤奋的 player. He has tremendous balance 极大的平衡能力 even on wet and spongy ground. He is at home on the left wing but can play in any attacking position.

Off the pitch, Giggs has built on the poster-boy image 海报男孩儿形象 he established after his debut as a 17-year-old in 1991 to become a respected ambassador 大使 for the game.

Like Good Wine
 Just like a good wine, he gets better with age and his award is a testimony to both his longevity and professionalism.
Gordon Taylor, Chief Executive, Professional Footballers' Association

The new award recognises both sides of the player, according to PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor. Speaking about Giggs' longevity 长寿,长命, he compared the player to a fine wine and added,

"Whilst some players have had problems that have been highlighted in the media, Ryan has always conducted himself 行为光明磊落, and looked after himself, with supreme professionalism 职业选手气派/专业气派."

Ryan Giggs playing in 1998
Giggs in 1998.
The only dry area 平淡的方面 for Giggs is his 64 caps for Wales. The Cardiff boy never managed to take his national side to a major competition and perhaps missed out on David Beckham's superstardom 超级明星的地位.

But Giggs' perfect club career must provide some comfort. It is something the player is determined to continue enjoying.

"As long as I'm getting picked, enjoying it and injury-free, I'll carry on as long as I can. At 35 you can't look too far into the distance, you just can't."

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