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Chelsea's Penalty Problems 切尔西的点球问题

A referee
The Chelsea manager wants refs to blow their whistles more often
Chelsea's outspoken 直率的 manager, Jose Mourinho, has claimed referees never award penalties against his team’s title rivals 冠军竞争对手, Manchester United.

His comments came after Chelsea were denied what some pundits 专家(足球) described as a stonewall penalty 石墙这里指肯定的点球 in a goalless draw against Newcastle.

The title race 冠军竞赛 became even tenser over the weekend after league leaders Manchester United dropped two points 丢了两分 when they drew with Middlesbrough. During the match, the referee didn’t give what many thought was a clear penalty against United in the last minute of the game.

New rules
 The circumstances are difficult for us with the new football rules that we have to face. It is not possible to have a penalty against Manchester United.
Jose Mourinho

He's so surprised that a penalty wasn’t awarded he thinks a new rule must have been invented: that it’s not possible to win a penalty against Manchester United when the game is played at their stadium, Old Trafford.

Manchester United's draw meant that Chelsea, who are in second place, could have narrowed the gap 缩短距离,缩短比分差距 to just one point if they had won their game. But there was penalty controversy 争议 in their game too. Mourinho felt a spot kick 点球 should have been given to his team after a handball 手球 by a Newcastle player.

Big glasses
 It was a penalty at Old Trafford. It was a penalty to us. We are talking about points. It is not a conspiracy, it is fact. I speak facts. If not, I need big glasses.
Jose Mourinho

When he says "It was a penalty", he means he’s certain the referee should have awarded a penalty. He thinks these decisions have cost his team points 导致他的球队丢分. He denies that it’s a conspiracy 阴谋, but he thinks the referees are biased 持有偏见. Mourinho says if he’s wrong it can only be because his eyesight is bad.

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