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Chelsea Through to FA Cup Final 切尔西进入足总杯决赛

A corner kick
Chelsea could be on their way to a record-breaking four trophies
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has said this year’s FA Cup 足总杯 final will be between the "best two teams in England", following his side’s victory over Blackburn on Saturday.

Chelsea beat Blackburn 2-1 in extra time 加时赛 to book themselves a place in the May final.

Hard to accept
 If there had been four or five more minutes of normal time we would have won it. And, with that in mind, it's hard to stomach when you come away with nothing.
Mark Hughes, Blackburn Manager

In a thrilling game, the underdogs 处于劣势的一方 of Blackburn nearly managed to get a surprise result by coming close to scoring in the final minutes of normal time.

Mark Hughes, the Blackburn boss, said his team were just minutes away from snatching a dramatic win 赢得一场戏剧化的胜利.

Hughes said that with "four or five more minutes of normal time we could have won it", adding that "it’s hard to stomach when you come away with nothing" 很难接受结局是最后空手而归.

All to play for
 We are still on for the Quadruple and we must enjoy that.
Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Manager

Mourinho said that Chelsea "are still on for the Quadruple" 仍有望实现四连冠, meaning that they still have the possibility to win four major trophies this season.

Chelsea have already won this year’s Carling Cup, and are now through to the finals of the FA Cup and the semi-finals of the Champions League.

They are also closing the gap 缩小积分差距 on Manchester United in the Premiership race, trailing 落后 by only three points.

But it is Manchester United who are the main obstacle 主要障碍 in their path to an unprecedented Quadruple 从没有过的四连冠.

Happy to play
 I wouldn't be sad if we had to play them three times in a fortnight.
Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Manager

Chelsea may end up 最终 having to play Manchester United three times in crucial matches - on 9 May in the Premiership, on 19 May for the FA Cup, and possibly on 23 May in the Champions League final.

However, Mourinho says he is not intimidated by the prospect 不害怕这种可能. He said, "I wouldn’t be sad if we had to play them three times in a fortnight".

"We have to keep this run going 保持前进势头," he added, if Chelsea are to be Premiership champions.

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