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Fabio Capello is new England coach 英足新教练 法比奥•卡佩罗

Fabio Capello
A dream come true for Fabio
The FA have announced that the new England coach, taking over 接管 from Steve McClaren, will be 61 year old Italian manager Fabio Capello. He has signed a four-and-a-half-year contract 合同/合约 worth £6.5m a year, and said it was a "dream come true 梦想成真" to take the England job.

He has a hugely impressive CV 个人履历, having been in charge of 主管/负责 four top Italian clubs - AC Milan, Real Madrid, Roma and Juventus – and having picked up silverware 获得银杯 at league championships 英超联赛 with all of them. He was also an accomplished 功成名就的 player, winning 32 caps 次( 比赛) for Italy.

Capello acknowledged 承认 that managing England will be very different to being in charge of a club side - but says he is confident he can work well with his players, and gain the co-operation 合作 of Premier League managers too.

Learning English
 I believe it is very important to communicate with players and I will undergo a strict routine to learn the language - I will apply myself every day.
Fabio Capello

He needed a translator for his first press conference since accepting the job but said he is determined to improve his English in the next month, by undergoing a strict routine 遵循严格的日常训练, and applying himself 全力以赴 every day.

Capello is also keen to add an English coach to his backroom staff, because he feels it’s vital 至关重要的 to have someone who understands the language and the environment 环境.

Fabio will restore pride
 This is a significant appointment. We believe Fabio Capello is the man to restore our pride.
Brian Barwick

Trevor Brooking and Brian Barwick, FA executives, are certain the Italian can turn round England's fortunes 扭转英格兰的运气 after they failed to qualify for Euro 2008. Barwick described it as "a significant appointment 重大的任命", and that he believes Capello is the man to "restore our pride 重新找回我们的自豪感".

Finish on a high
 This is the final appointment of my career, it would be nice to finish on a high. I think with my team we will achieve great things.
Fabio Capello

Capello himself is a very ambitious man, and hopes "to achieve great things 获得殊荣" with England, especially as this will be the last appointment 任命 of his career. He said, "It would be nice to finish on a high 急流勇退".

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