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Ferguson Backs Van der Sar 弗格森力挺 门将范德萨

Old Trafford stadium
Roma FC are visiting Manchester's Old Trafford stadium
Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is confident that his team will get a result in the second leg 第二回合 of the Champions League quarter-finals 四分之一决赛 tonight.

The English team need to recover from losing 2-1 to Roma FC in Italy last week if they are to earn a place in the semi-finals 半决赛.

Stronger attack
 We do recover from defeats and usually we recover well. Our attacking impetus will be much stronger than it was in Rome.
Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager

Despite going into the match in a weakened position 形势不利, Ferguson believes his team can make a successful comeback.

He said his team "usually recover well" 通常会强力反弹 from defeats 失败, adding that Manchester’s "attacking impetus" 冲击力 would be much stronger than in last week’s game.

United’s goalkeeper Edwin Van der Sar's performance will be critical to the team's success.

International experience
 Edwin has the experience. He knows how to deal with it. You don't get 120 caps for your country without being able to handle situations like that.
Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United manager

Despite having failed to keep a clean sheet 保持不失球 in recent games, the Dutch international 荷兰国家队员 has not lost the confidence of his manager.

Sir Alex said Van der Sar has the experience "to deal with the pressure" 顶住压力 . Referring to Van der Sar’s international career, he pointed out that no player gets "20 caps for your country 20次代表国家队出场 without being able to handle situations like that".

While Sir Alex is confident Van der Sar will keep the Italians out, United striker 前锋 Wayne Rooney is backing team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo to shine in attack 在进攻中表现出色.

Speaking the day before the big match, Rooney said that Ronaldo was easily the "best player in the world" right now.

Ronaldo magic
 At the minute, Cristiano is by far the best player in the world. Hopefully he can work some of his magic tomorrow and get us into the semi-finals
Wayne Rooney, Manchester United

He added that he hoped Ronaldo would "work some of his magic" 展现他的魔力(出众的技能) and earn Manchester United a place in the semi-finals.

It is a busy week for English teams in Europe.

Chelsea face Spanish side Valencia tonight, and Liverpool will play Holland’s PSV Eindhoven on Wednesday.

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