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Fiery Cup Final 火爆决赛

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho
Mourinho says the result is what counts
Chelsea won their first silverware 奖杯 of the season after beating Arsenal 2-1 in an intriguing 引起兴趣的 League Cup Final.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger showed faith 表现有信心 in the young rising stars 上升的明星 who had taken his team to the final.

They lined up against a full-strength Chelsea side of international heavyweights 重量级球队.

Wenger's faith seemed to have paid off 有所回报 when 17 year-old striker Theo Walcott scored his first goal for Arsenal to put them ahead

But two clinical 冷静的 goals from Chelsea's goal-machine Didier Drogba turned the game around.

High emotions
 It suddenly exploded. Suddenly we lost it and they lost it as well and it became a brawl.
Arsene Wenger, Arsenal manager

With only minutes remaining, a brawl 吵闹 broke out between players. Wenger says the game "exploded" 爆发了, meaning it changed from being peaceful to being violent very quickly. "We lost it", means they lost control of their emotions.

Despite losing, Arsene Wenger said he was proud of his young players. Mourinho also praised both teams for playing well:

Only one winner
 It was a great game between two teams with two different styles but history will show we have taken the cup home.
Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager

When he says "history will show we have taken the cup home", he means that in the end, it is only the result that matters. In a few years, people will forget how well Arsenal's young guns 年轻小伙子 played, and only remember who won the cup.

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