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Hull's Remarkable Run 赫尔城乘胜追击

Hull's Phil Brown (left) and Spurs' Juande Ramos
Mixed fortunes for Hull's Phil Brown (left) and Spurs' Juande Ramos
While Premier League newcomers 升班马 Hull City are in dreamland 梦境 as they sit in third place, Tottenham Hotspur manager Juande Ramos is feeling the heat 感到压力 as his side sit rooted to the bottom of the table 沉坐榜底.

Hull's 1-0 victory at Spurs' (托特纳姆队的绰号‘热刺’) ground White Hart Lane this Sunday follows their shock win at Arsenal last weekend. These results have propelled 驱动 them to the giddy heights 青云直上 of third in the league table, ahead of the likes of 诸如... Arsenal and Manchester United.

For Spurs, the picture could not be more different: this is now officially their worst start to a season in 96 years, with only two points from their opening seven games.

Hull's win came courtesy of 归功于 a moment of brilliance from their Brazilian midfielder Geovanni, whose 30-yard free-kick found the net 进球 after only nine minutes.

Spurs pressed hard for an equaliser 尽力拉平, but despite a lot of possession 掌球 they lacked that vital piece of quality to score.

In the end Hull held on for another heroic victory and their fans sang long after the final whistle 最终口哨, as Spurs players departed the ground to a chorus of jeers 群声起哄 from their supporters.

Spurs manager Ramos did at least receive the support of his opposite number 对方教练 Phil Brown.

"I've got sympathy 同情 for Juande Ramos but there have got to be winners and losers," said Brown.

Need a win
 Once they get that win under their belt the shackles will come off. Only the players can get them out of their trouble.
Phil Brown, Hull City manager

Brown said that the most important thing for Spurs was to get a win. He said "once they get that win under their belt the shackles will come off".

When you have something under your belt it means you have already successfully achieved it, and you will receive benefits from it in the future.

When he says the shackles 鎖鏈 will come off, he means Spurs won't feel limited or under pressure any more.

Nonetheless, Spurs look a far cry 相差甚远 from the team that defeated Chelsea in the final of the Carling Cup last year.

Ramos has admitted one big reason for the reversal in fortunes 时来运转 has been their lack of quality strikers.

In the past few months Spurs have sold three international strikers: Jermain Defoe to Portsmouth, Robbie Keane to Liverpool, and Dimitar Berbatov to Manchester United.

Indeed, as Ramos said after the game, "When you don't score goals it is not easy to win."

Despite the slump 表现下降, Ramos has remained defiant 不服气, saying he will not contemplate resigning 不会考虑辞职的.

In terms of Hull's remarkable results, Brown warned of the danger of being over-confident, saying the hardest job after last week's victory at Arsenal was to keep his players' "feet firmly on the ground".

Feet on the ground
 My hardest job after last week was to keep their feet firmly on the ground and make sure that they weren't over-confident.
Phil Brown, Hull City manager

To keep your feet on the ground means to remain realistic and not get carried away with success 被胜利冲昏头脑.

Time will tell if Hull can keep up their series of good results, but for Spurs manager Ramos, it would appear that time is running out.

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