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英超联赛如火如荼。 绿茵场外不仅为你描述精彩的赛事,更帮你掌握最新、最地道的足球英语。
Magpies Flying High 喜鹊欣喜若狂

Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan is all smiles after his second victory
Newcastle have recorded back-to-back victories 连续两次的胜利 for the first time since December after a 4-1 trouncing 大败 of Tottenham.

The Magpies 喜鹊(纽卡斯尔队的别名) went a goal down 输了一球 after 26 minutes as England striker Darren Bent headed 进了头球 Tottenham in front.

But his goal was cancelled out 抵消了 by a strike on the stroke of half time 正半场 from Newcastle midfielder Nicky Butt.

In the second half Newcastle ran riot 势不可挡, with Geremi, Michael Owen and Obafemi Martins all getting on the scoresheet 上了记分牌.

No Weak Link
 We had 11 players out there playing to their maximum, we did not have a weak link in our team. We could have scored more, we hit the bar and the keeper made two world-class saves.
Newcastle manager, Kevin Keegan

Newcastle manager Kevin Keegan said that there was not a "weak link" in the team, meaning the whole team played well and no single player performed poorly.

He also praised his keeper 守门员, saying he made two "world-class" saves. To describe something as "world-class" is to say it is of extremely high quality.

The result eases the pressure 减轻了压力 on Keegan, who sees his side move nine points clear of the relegation zone.

Looking Up
 We're starting to look up now. There is a chance we can catch Spurs and one or two others who get stuck in that middle area where there is not a lot to play for other than pride.
Newcastle manager, Kevin Keegan

After failing to achieve a win in his first nine games in charge 主管, Keegan thinks things are "starting to look up now" for his team. By this he means that the situation is looking more positive and hopeful than before.

He now hopes that other teams will "get stuck" 停留不动 in the middle of the table and allow Newcastle to climb above them to finish in the top half.

Keegan said that for mid-table teams at this late stage in the season "there is not a lot to play for other than pride." By this he means that teams are unlikely to finish either in the top five or bottom three and so only their pride 自豪感 is motivating them to win.

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