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Newcastle's troubles 纽卡斯尔的麻烦

Alan Shearer
Alan Shearer, loved by the fans
Newcastle have not had a good start to the year, as manager Sam Allardyce was sacked 被炒鱿鱼 last week after only nine months with the club. On Saturday Manchester United destroyed the managerless club 6-0, evidence of how unsettled 人心不安 the team is by being in limbo 处于不定的状态

Although Newcastle goalkeeper Shay Given saved well twice from Rooney in the first half of the match, the club conceded six goals in the second half of a match which was embarrassingly one-sided 单方独霸

There has been a great deal of speculation 推测 over who is likely to take the job as the club's seventh manager in 10 years. Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp was initially the favourite 最佳人选 but he has turned down 婉言谢绝 the job, stating that it would not be right to walk away from Portsmouth, and that he has a loyalty to the club.

Redknapp backs Shearer
 We're kidding ourselves that experience is what is needed. Because of what he means to the place and what the fans think of him and what a player he's been, he'd be absolutely perfect.
Harry Redknapp, ex-Newcastle manager

He is championing 推荐 ex-Newcastle captain Alan Shearer for the job, although Shearer has no managerial experience. Redknapp said people are "kidding themselves" 骗自己 that experience is vital, and that his appeal to the fans makes him perfect for the job. However, Shearer is unlikely to take up the role as he is said to be happy with his current job as a TV pundit 评论家

 That's a hypothetical question. I'm proud to be Blackburn Rovers' manager but in football you can never say never.
Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes, the manager of Blackburn is now thought to be a likely candidate for the role, and he has not ruled out 排除可能性 the possibility, saying "never say never" 永远不要把话说绝了, but claiming that so far it is a "hypothetical question 假设的问题".

On paper 理论上,从道理上说, Newcastle have a good squad 阵容, but it is 39 years since they won a major trophy. The quick turnaround 频繁的变换 of managers in recent years has not provided any stability 稳定性 to the club.

Massive expectations
 Newcastle United has become a poisoned chalice for managers. The whole club carries a massive expectation, it has become a burden.
Kevin Gallacher, ex-Newcastle player

Former Newcastle striker Kevin Gallacher described the club as a poisoned chalice 被下了毒的大酒杯 for managers, as proven managers have been unable to add to their track record 个人纪录,履历 at Newcastle. Expectations are high, and the club can be seen as a burden 负担

New club owner Mike Ashley, a dedicated Newcastle fan, faces a crucial 至关重要的 decision as he tries to reverse 扭转 the years of failure and frustration at St James' Park.

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