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英超联赛如火如荼。 绿茵场外不仅为你描述精彩的赛事,更帮你掌握最新、最地道的足球英语。
Supersub Rooney 超级替补鲁尼

Man Utd forward Wayne Rooney
Rooney changed the game after coming on
This week saw the fourth round of the FA Cup. There were no major upsets 意外结果, with Chelsea comfortably beating Nottingham Forest 3-0, and Arsenal drawing 1-1 with Bolton.

Over 70,000 fans 粉丝,球迷 were at Old Trafford to watch Manchester United take on 与对手较量 Portsmouth. The home side had the upper hand 占优势,占上风 for most of the game, but Portsmouth held on 坚持 until Wayne Rooney came off the bench 换上球场 and scored two late goals.

Rooney’s second goal was a spectacular 精彩的 chip 挑射 over the goalkeeper 守门员 from outside the box 禁区.

Alex Ferguson praised his striker Wayne Rooney:

Rooney back on form
 It was nice to get Wayne scoring and the chip really was world-class. Having the vision and audacity to do it at that time in the game is really great.
Man Utd manager, Alex Ferguson

Saying his chip was "world-class" 世界级, means it was of top quality, a quality only the best players in the world could produce. Ferguson said Rooney had both "vision" 远见 and "audacity" 大胆, which means having the confidence to take risks.

Portsmouth’s coach Joe Jordan was disappointed they lost two late goals, saying:

Hard to take
 It is hard to take when you have put as much into the game as we did for 70-odd minutes. But Rooney's second goal was sublime.
Portsmouth coach, Joe Jordan

"Hard to take" 很难接受, means it was hard to accept. When he says "70-odd minutes" 70分钟左右, he means about 70 minutes.

But Jordan, as someone who used to be a successful striker himself, admired Rooney's second goal. He called it "sublime" 绝妙无比的, which means extremely good, beautiful or enjoyable.

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