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Victory at Last for Spain 西班牙终于夺冠

Spanish striker Fernando Torres
Torres's goal ended Spain's long wait for success
Spain are the champions of Europe after a 1-0 win over Germany in the final of Euro 2008.

A first-half goal from Liverpool striker Fernando Torres was enough to see off 击败 the Germans, who were outclassed 被远远超过 by a strong Spanish side.

Spain dominated the match throughout and could have won by a wider margin 拉开更大距离, with Germany rarely threatening to score.

The match proved to be a fascinating contest between two football-obsessed 酷爱足球的 nations with contrasting styles of football and records of success.

Whilst Germany have experienced success a total of six times in the European Championships and the World Cup, for Spain the result meant the end of a 44 year wait for a trophy 奖杯.

Their last and only silverware 银器(银质奖杯) came in 1964 when they won the European Championships on home soil 国土(此处指西班牙).

Fabulous feeling
 I feel tremendous joy. It still hasn't sunk in what we've achieved with this victory.
Fernando Torres, Spain

Goalscorer Fernando Torres said the result brought him great pleasure, but that the full significance of the achievement hadn't "sunk in" yet. By this he meant he still hadn't fully understood the importance of the victory.

Now they have shaken off 甩掉了 the tag of underachievers 成绩平平者, Torres thinks that Spain can aim for success in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Deserved success
 At last justice has been done because the team that played the best football won the tournament.
Fernando Torres, Spain

He also thought that Spain thoroughly deserved their victory. When he says "justice has been done", he means that in his opinion the right team won the tournament.

In the end it was a richly-merited victory 令人拍案叫绝的的胜利 for veteran 老资格/经验丰富的 coach Luis Aragones and a team that played outstanding football throughout the tournament.

German coach Joachim Low admitted that Spain were worthy winners 当之无愧, but had praise for his team's battling performance.

Scenes of jubilation 欢庆胜利的场面 played out across Spain after the final whistle, with firefighters called in to douse 洒水 the celebrating crowds in Madrid as temperatures neared 30 degrees Celsius 摄氏三十度.

Spain's King Juan Carlos summed up 概括 the feelings of his nation at the end of their 44 year wait, saying "we suffered, but in the end, it was worth the pain."

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