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Welcome to the Big Time 欢迎来到顶级赛事

Liam Lawrence celebrates with Stoke City fans (Photo from BBC Stoke and Staffordshire website)
Stoke City fans celebrate with winger Liam Lawrence
As the Premiership title race goes down to the final game of the season, it is already clear which two teams from the Championship 英冠 are guaranteed promotion 保证晋级 to the Premier League.

West Bromwich Albion return to the top flight 最高级别(这里指英超联赛) for the third time in five seasons after beating Queens Park Rangers 2-0 on Saturday.

West Brom’s victory saw them top the table 名次表上名列前茅, and was a particularly special moment for their Northern Ireland midfielder Chris Brunt, who scored the second goal.

Brunt, whose wife gave birth to their first child days before the match, said, "I don’t think there will be a week to match this again. The goal here just rounded it all off 圆满完成比赛.

Tears of joy
 The fans started cheering I began to fill up. That's never happened to me before on the pitch.
Liam Lawrence, Stoke City

"Now over the summer I can get my head round playing in the Premier League," he added, meaning that it will take him some time to get used to the idea of playing in the top league.

West Brom’s manager Tony Mowbray was realistic 现实的 in describing his team’s chances against superior Premiership teams.

Mowbray said, "There will be times when we play against better teams, but there are also times when we can surprise teams and put them onto the back foot," meaning West Brom will play an attacking style 主动进攻方式 and force the opposition to play defensively 防守战.

The other team with a guaranteed promotion are Stoke City who return to the Premiership for the first time in 23 years.

A 0-0 draw against Leicester was enough to see 'the Potters' 陶工 (斯托克城的别称) go up, and prompted scenes of wild jubilation 带来了狂欢的场景 as the Stoke fans invaded the pitch 涌入球场 with 15 seconds to go until the final whistle.

Future challenge
 I can get my head round playing in the Premier League and looking out for fixtures such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.
Chris Brunt, West Bromwich Albion

Stoke City winger 边锋 Liam Lawrence told reporters how emotional the game had been for him, saying when "the fans started cheering I began to fill up 热泪盈眶".

Lawrence, who was voted Stoke’s Player of the Year by fans and team-mates, also said how pre-match nerves 赛前神经紧张 affected him the night before the match.

"I was wide awake, my stomach felt terrible and I was trying to find something on the telly that would put me to sleep. I eventually nodded off 打瞌睡 about four o'clock," said Lawrence.

All of those fears have now been put to rest 如释重负, and Lawrence and his team mates will celebrate their promotion on Tuesday evening with an open-top bus ride through Stoke with thousands of fans expected to line the route 夹道欢庆.

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