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For Sale: One Life 出售:人生
A close of of Ian Usher's eBay auction page
Ian Usher is trying to sell his whole life on eBay
Do you ever feel sick of your life?

Then why not sell it?

This is exactly what one man is attempting to do following the breakdown of his marriage.

Ian Usher, a 44-year-old British man living in Australia, is using the online auction site eBay to sell not only his belongings, but his entire life.

Up for grabs are his house and everything that's in it: his car, his jetski, his parachuting gear, even his pots and pans.

But what makes the auction unique is that the package also includes a two-week trial run at his job as an assistant in a rug store, and even an introduction to his friends in the local area.

The lovelorn Mr Usher said he no longer wanted to be reminded of the life he shared with his ex-wife, and hopes the sale will raise funds for a life-changing adventure.

He said that once the sale has gone through, he plans to "walk out of his front door with his wallet in one pocket and his passport in the other," and see where the next plane takes him.

Bidding opened on Sunday, and by Monday morning had already reached the staggering figure of 13m yuan (2 million Australian dollars).

Unfortunately for Mr Usher most of the high bids turned out to be fake, as he had not activated a registration system that would have only let genuine bids through.

After removing the bogus bids the value of his 'life' stood at 2m yuan, though he hopes the final figure will be over 3m yuan.

Whatever the final price he receives, he is by no means the first person to try to sell something unusual online. A fighter jet, a piece of Britney Spears' chewing gum, and even some toenail clippings have all been sold on eBay.

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