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The Presidential Pooch 总统家的小狗
Barack, Malia and Sasha Obama with dog Bo
The Obamas and new dog Bo play on the White House lawn
The world has been watching US President Barack Obama closely since he took office in January this year to see whether he makes good on his promises about the economy, foreign policy and health care.

But closer to home, he has also been under pressure from his two daughters to keep one particular pledge: to give them a new dog as a reward for coping with his election campaign.

On Tuesday the nation's hotly-anticipated 'first puppy' was unveiled. Named Bo, the shaggy-haired pooch is a six-month-old Portuguese water dog which is black with a white chest, white goatee and white paws.

"He's got star quality," said President Obama as he and his family paraded the dog on the White House lawn in front of reporters.

He then joked, "I finally got a friend. It took some time," referring to Harry Truman's famous line, "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog."

The breed of dog is special in that it doesn't shed hair, and so is less aggravating to his 10-year-old daughter Malia who suffers from allergies.

Water dogs are also bred to be strong swimmers and even have webbed feet, but as seven-year-old daughter Sasha pointed out to reporters, "He doesn't know how to swim."

And while it may be the nation's "first puppy", President Obama left reporters in no doubt about who was top dog in the household. When asked where Bo would sleep, Obama replied, "Not in my bed".

The dog was a gift from close family friend Senator Edward Kennedy. He said the breed would be a "perfect fit for the Obama family", as the dogs have a "can-do and hopeful spirit".

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