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Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节
A Chinese mooncake
How many mooncakes will you eat this year?
On 25th September this year, people all over China will be getting together to eat with their families, look at the moon and celebrate one of the biggest festivals in the Chinese lunar calendar.

However, the celebrations stretch far beyond the borders of China. Here in the UK events are taking place for Chinese people living here, and to teach the people of Britain more about this popular festival.

The Soho Theatre in London conducted a study which showed that Chinese Londoners don't engage much with the arts world. As a result, 'Moonwalking In China' has been created to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This is no normal theatre production though, as it doesn't take place in the theatre. Theatre professionals and volunteers from the local community will take audiences around the streets of Soho on a magical lantern-lit walk through the landmarks and backstreets of Chinatown.

They tell the story of three generations of Chinese Londoners who all cross paths one night in Chinatown. Rabbits, karaoke and a woman who lives on the moon all feature prominently.

It's the Soho Theatre's first site-specific production and looks to be a unique way of marking the famous Chinese festival.

And the celebrations don't stop there! In early October the British Museum is actually opening late for a special free Mid-Autumn Festival event. There will be Chinese musical performances, a guess-the-mooncake-flavour game and you can learn how to perform a fan dance.

You can also try your hand at a variety of other traditional Chinese arts and crafts, as well as learning Mandarin and learning more about the history of China.

The Chinese population in the UK is quite large, so no doubt there will be events happening not only in the capital, but all around the country.

However you are celebrating, we hope you have fun. Happy mid-Autumn festival from everyone at BBC Learning English!

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