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The Queen: Sixty Years of Married Life 女王六十年的婚姻生活
The Queen and Prince Philip in 1947.
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip on their wedding day, 1947.
How would you celebrate your wedding anniversary? A party with your friends perhaps, or maybe a dinner for two in a small intimate restaurant?

Britain’s reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary, called their diamond anniversary, with a service in Westminster Abbey, with 2000 guests.

Amongst the guests were five choristers from the Queen’s wedding in 1947, as well as 10 couples who married on the same day.

The service was also watched by Prime Minister Gordon Brown as well as his predecessors John Major and Baroness Thatcher.

The Queen is the first British monarch to reach a diamond wedding anniversary.

One of the couples, who married on the same day as the Queen, Margaret and Horace Bunn, said meeting the royal couple had been the "icing on the cake".

Mr Bunn told BBC News: "We had a bit of an idea we might meet the Queen but we didn't know it was going to happen."

His wife added: "We were really looking forward to meeting her and she was so nice."

More than 30 Royal Family members were there at the ceremony, and the party isn’t about to end soon. As if such a huge celebration wasn’t enough, the Queen has released sixty fabulous facts about the British monarchy as a way of getting the whole nation involved. They make interesting reading.

Top of the list comes news of the Duke of Edinburgh’s pre-marriage party celebration, his ‘stag’ party. A stag party is an all male event often held just before a man gets married. Not content with just one party, The Duke of Edinburgh had two before his wedding to the Queen in 1947!

Checkout www.royal.gov.uk for the full list of facts.

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