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New Diction
http://www.sina.com.cn 2002/01/10 18:14  《冒气泡》

  3. I'm not talking about that

  The point the speaker was trying to make has been shiftedsintosanother topic by the second person. This phrase helps to return to the original topic of discussion. It also helps to clarify what is being said. It is often the case that what one person wants to say is misinterpreted by another. In dialogues, we sometimes take our own biasessintosthe conversation. So even if our friend is talking about the Olympics, in our mind we are thinking about the amount of illegal drugs used in the games. Using this phrase helps to keep everyone on the right level of thinking.

  4. I heard about that

  This is another way to say, "I am also familiar with that topic, object, or situation." It's a nice way to let the other person know that they can continue to talk withoutshavingsto explain the basic details. You could also use this to respond to a given situation. For example, Mary recently failed the examsintosUniversity. Bob, your friend, says, "Mary just failed her exam." But you already knew about it so you answer, "Yeah, I heard about that."

  1. Is my money safe?

  The online market requires sending money or funds via electronic means. This makes you and your money more vulnerable. This short question asks whether or not the money you send online is secure. In other words, can someone steal my money without me being able to stop them? Money is never really safe because people who know how to steal can get around any system. What usually happens is that people get accustomed to a certain process. When the process was first launched they also thought that it wasn't safe. Later, they adjusted to it. A long time ago, when banks first came out, a new profession arose. It was called the Bank Robber. The one who steals from the bank. In fact, putting money in the bank was not very safe so many people carried it with them so that they could protect it. Today, banks are considered to be a good place to keep your money.

  2. Right

  In this instance, "right" is a way to show disbelief. It has an opposite meaning. Often, in English and other languages, people will use opposite meanings, or commonly called sarcasm, to highlight their feelings. This is more difficult to see with written words unless you can really understand the discussion. Sarcasm is made clear in sound. The tone of your voice indicates the level of sarcasm. Unfortunately, we are limited here by the written word. Pay attention to tones in English when you speak or listen to others. Try to separate the differences in meaning.










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