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New Diction
http://www.sina.com.cn 2002/01/10 18:24  《冒气泡》时尚英语系列丛书

  1. No way

  Sometimes you believe someone but then again you don't really believe them. For example, your bachelor friend just got married. He had always refused to get married and then one day he tells you that he is married. You, of course, respond with, "No way." You believe him but it is difficult to believe.

  2. No wonder

  A way to express your realization. We all know that 2 + 2 = 4. Sometimes a person just gives you the result (4), for example, a beautiful apartment. Then you can see why when you look at the furniture and lighting (2+2). "No wonder" is like finding the solution (2+x=4 => x=2). In the dialogue, Sergio shows Julia his new apartment. We assume that the apartment, especially because it is new, is very beautiful inside. Julia walks in seeing this beautiful place. Then Sergio explains that the furniture is all one brand and that the lighting system is custom made. After that Julia knows why the apartment is so beautiful. So she says, "No wonder."

  3. You've gone all out

  Going all out is about spending lots of money. It usually means spending more than necessary. Conservative people who refuse to spend will never go all out. Risk takers tend to spend a lot. Going all out on an apartment is to buy the best looking furniture and decoration. Spending money in this sense is to spend frivolously. Some of it will not be necessary. Some of it will. It creates a good feeling to go all out every once in a while. It shows you what is possible in life.

  4. Live like a dog

  Most dogs live either on the street or in a dog house. It depends on which country you live. A dog house is small house not much bigger than the dog itself. It comes with no furniture, an outside toilet, no kitchen and definitely no sofa or TV. Some people choose to live like the dog. Some people have no choice.

  5. We need to go over...

  Going over something is to discuss or examine a topic in detail. Quite often it is the case that people do not know exactly what they want. Therefore they are not able to express it to others such as a consultant. Going over what they want helps other people to understand all the important details.6. In terms of...

  This is not a term like a word. "In terms of..." could be replaced by "With regards to...". This is a light way to divert the topic of discussion to what is important. Consultants will often use this to get the valuable details from a client. But it can be used in many situations. HR managers will ask new candidates, "In terms of salary, how much do you want?"

  7. Good value for your money

  Sometimes we buy something for a high price but get little use out of it. Or we could say that we get little value from it. Economists would use the term utility. Anyway, we all want value for our money. In other words, the more we pay the more value we expect. But this is not always the case. Good value for the money is found in items purchased for a low price but with lots of value.

  8. You are free to...

  Many promotional materials such as brochures, leaflets, catalogues, etc. are free. Customers can take them as they like. Telling someone that they are free to take something is to really say, "Please help yourself to our materials." Of course, they're free but this phrase makes the person feel much more welcome.





  这是表达你理解某事的方式,我们都知道2+2=4。有时人们只给你这个等式的结果(4),例如在对话中,这个结果就是一套美丽的公寓。当你看到家具和灯具(2+2)时,就明白为什么是这个结果了。这个短语就是解(2+x=4, x=2)。对话中,塞吉奥让朱莉娅参观他的新公寓。我们知道这套公寓,尤其它是新的,内部也漂亮。朱莉娅参观了这个漂亮的地方。接着塞吉奥解释了家具都是同一个牌子的,连灯具都是定制的,听了之后朱莉娅明白为什么这套公寓这么漂亮了。所以她说:“难怪呢。”








  理解这个短语不能仅仅根据单词“term”的意思,这个短语可由“With regards to……”代替。这是一个轻松地将讨论转向重点话题的方法。咨询人员常常用这个短语从客户方面获得有用的详情。这个短语很多场合都能用,人事经理会问参加面试的人:“至于薪水,你想要多少?”





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