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New Diction
http://www.sina.com.cn 2002/01/10 19:15  《冒气泡》

  1. Let's see...

  The literal meaning is, "Let me have a look at it." In this example though, the meaning has changed. Someone who has just used this phrase is thinking of an appropriate answer. What they really mean is, "Let me think about it for a minute." They are searching their mind to find the answer or response suitable to the question at hand.

  2. Deal

  This is a simple way to show agreement between two people. There is no formal contract to sign because it is a verbal agreement. It saves the time to repeat all that was said. In the dialogue, Julia explains her goals and Sergio simply says, "Deal" to give her his promise that he will also try to achieve those goals.

  3. Time for me

  In life, we get used to working for a company, looking after our families, and tending to the little troubles that occur as part of a normal day. Sometimes we spend too much time doing other things for other people. So we should try to remember to spend time on ourselves. "Time for me" is a way to express the need to pay more attention to oneself. This may include doing things you enjoy like sports, hobbies, reading a book, or a short vacation.

  4. Get caught up in

  Here is another phrase about lifestyle. You know, people work for a living and to provide for their families. They work so hard and are very dedicated to their careers. They can also get so involved as to forget about the pleasures in life. To become "caught up" is to be so focused on one thing that you cannot see the other important things around you.

  5. Life is like a...

  We often will use this form of speech to introduce an analogy about life. There are so many ways to look at life and this phrase allows you to do so in a light-hearted manner. You can finish the sentence anyway you like. "Life is like an ocean" or "Life is like a refrigerator." Of course, once you have begun then you should explain your analogy so that others may understand.

  6. Take full advantage of...

  There is both a good and bad meaning here. The good meaning is about doing things to the fullest effect. In other words, if you have a spare half an hour in your schedule then you might decide to play a round of squash. Or if your boss gives you unlimited access to the office you may want to come in to polish your work. On the bad side, some people will take advantage of someone's generosity. For example, your boss gives you ,000 to accomplish a task and you decide to spend every penny because it also benefits you.

  7. Stop and smell the roses

  The only way to get the pure and natural smell of a flower is to bring your nose up close. Only then can you smell its beauty. But in life, we get too busy with work and responsibilities that we forget what a flower actually smells like unless it is from a woman's perfume. To "stop and smell the roses" is to take a break from your responsibilities, slow down for a few minutes, and get close enough to nature to enjoy its natural scent.

  8. The real joy...

  This is a different way to express what is true for you. "Real" in this sense means that it is something you believe. It is true for you. It may not be true for other people since it is your opinion. We often use this form of speech to let others know of our true feelings about something. It is a way to highlight what we say and to add color to it.

  9. Seizing the moment

  Most people go through life as if it is a big buffet dinner. They are so hungry that they want it all and in the end only taste a little piece of many dishes. But moments, simple as they are, can be very powerful. A moment is a point in time that reveals something special. By special it means that there is something to enjoy. For example, you are currently working on a very important project and have been doing it for several weeks. You do not want anyone to interrupt your work. In the morning, an old friend calls to say hello. You decide that the work can wait and so invite him to lunch. The moment has been seized. Seizing too many moments has a different name. It is called laziness.

  10. Seize the day

  This one is along the same lines as above except that the time frame has been extended. Instead of doing the same thing everyday, you should realize that some days can be enjoyed more if you just open yourself to them. Every day is important. Every day is valuable. Don't let the days pass by without doing all that you can.









  这是另一个关于生活风尚的短语。大家知道,人们为生活和养家而工作,他们工作非常努力,甘于为事业而献身。他们甚至在工作中沉浸得太深而忘记了生活中的愉快。变得“caught up”其意思就是过于关注一件事而使人看不到他身边其他的重要事情。













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