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  Greeting People 打招呼

  Hello. 喂[您好]。

  Hi. 嗨[您好]。

  (Hi!) How are you? Fine. [ Fine, thanks.]  (嗨!)您好(吗)?很好,谢谢。

  How are things? Fine, thanks [Good, All right]. 近来好吗?很好,谢谢。

  How are you today? Fine. [ Fine, thanks.] 今天好吗?很好。[很好,谢谢。]

  How are you doing? Pretty good. 过得怎么样?挺不错。

  How do you do? 您好。(首次见面)

  Hello. Is this Mr. Johnson? 您好。您是Johnson先生吗?

  Hello, Fred? This is Jackie. 您好。是Fred吗?我是Jackie。

  I’m pleased [glad] to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. 很高兴见到您。我也很高兴见到您。

  Nice to meet you. [It’s nice to meet you.] [It’s nice meeting you.] 很高兴见到您。

  Nice meeting you, too. 我也很高兴见到您。

  Welcome to Burger Town. 欢迎光临Burger Town(快餐店)。

  Leave Taking 道别

  Bye. 再见。

  Bye-bye. 再见。

  Good-bye. 再见。

  See you soon.  (希望很快)再见。

  So long. 再见。

  Speak to you soon. 稍后再交谈。

  Take care. 保重。[再见。]

  Take it easy. 再见。[祝你过得轻松愉快。]

  Have a good weekend! You, too. 祝您周末愉快!也祝您周末愉快。

  Have a nice day. 祝您全天愉快。

  I’ll call back later. 稍后我将回电话。

  I’ll call you soon. 我很快将给您打电话。

  I’m glad we had a chance to talk. 我很高兴我们有交谈的机会。

  Nice seeing you. Nice seeing you, too. 很高兴见到您。我也很高兴见到您。

  I have to go now. [I have to get going. I have to run.] 我必须走了。[我得走了。]

  I think I should be going [get going, be on my way] now. I should be going, too.


  I’d better go now. 我最好现在就走。

  I’ve really got to go now. [I’ve got to be going now. I’ve got to get going. I’ve got to run.]


  It’s been really nice seeing you again. 能与您再次见面我真高兴。

  Let’s get together soon. 让我们不久后再相聚。

  Let’s keep [stay] in touch. 让我们保持联系。

  Introductions 作介绍

  Introducing Oneself 自我介绍

  My name is Carlos. 我的名字是Carlos。

  (Hello.) I’m Kim.  (您好。)我是Kim。

  Let me introduce myself. 请让我来作自我介绍。

  I’m your neighbor. 我是您的邻居。

  Introducing Others 介绍他人

  I’d like to introduce… 我想介绍一下……

  I’d like to introduce you to my husband, Michael. 请让我向您介绍我的丈夫Michael。

  I’d like you to meet… 我想请您认识一下……

  Let me introduce… 让我介绍一下……

  Let me introduce you to… 让我把您介绍给……

  This is… 这一位是……

  Gratitude 表达感激和赞赏

  Expressing… 表达感激

  Thank you. 谢谢您。

  Thank you for letting me know. 谢谢您告诉我。

  Thank you very much. 非常感谢。

  Thanks. 多谢。

  Thanks for warning me [the warning]. 谢谢您提醒我。

  Thanks a lot. 多谢。

  Thanks for telling me. 谢谢您告诉我。

  Thanks very much. 非常感谢。

  I (really) appreciate it [that]. 我十分感激。

  That’s very kind of you. 多谢您的好心。

  Responding to… 对感激、感谢的反应

  My pleasure. 不客气。[我很乐意。]

  You’re welcome. 不客气。[不用谢。]

  Apologizing 道歉

  Excuse me. 对不起。[请原谅。]

  I apologize. 我很抱歉。

  I apologize for [I’m sorry for] the inconvenience. 我很抱歉给您带来了不便。

  Sorry for the inconvenience. 很抱歉给您带来了不便。

  I’m sorry. 很抱歉。

  Please accept my apology. 请接受我的道抱歉。

  Please forgive me. 请原谅我。

  Sorry. 对不起。[很抱歉。]

  I’m sorry, but I’m new here. 对不起,我是初来乍到。

  I’m sorry. I didn’t know [realize] that. [I wasn’t aware of that.] 对不起,我没留意到。

  I’m sorry that I couldn’t work overtime yesterday. 真对不起,昨天我没能加班。

  I’m sorry to bother you. 我很抱歉打扰了您。

  I hate to bother you. 我真不愿打扰您。

  Attracting(Focusing) Attention 引起注意

  Excuse me. 对不起。[劳驾。][打扰了。]

  Pardon me. 对不起。[劳驾。]

  Excuse me, but I don’t think you’re allowed to… 对不起。不过我认为这里不允许……

  Honestly [To be honest with you, To tell the truth], I’d rather not have to call the Health Department. 说实在的,我并不情愿打电话到卫生部(投诉)。

  If you ask me,… 如果您问我,……

  In my opinion, they should have more buses on this route.


  As I see it,… 依我看,……

  As far as I’m concerned,… 就我所关心的,……

  I personally feel [think],… 我个人的感受[想法]是……

  The way I see it,… 我的看法是,……

  It seems to me (that)… 依我看,……

  Let me mention that we offer a very good installment plan.


  Let me point out some of its special features. 让我指出它的一些独特的特点。

  Notice (that) the controls are all computerized. 请注意,控制系统完全是电脑化的。

  I should (also) point out (that) an AM-FM stereo radio is included.


  You know, you promised to fix it several weeks ago. 要知道,几星期前您就答应过修理它的。


  Can [Could] you help me? 您能给我帮个忙吗?[您能帮助我吗?]

  Could you do me a favor? 您能给我帮个忙吗?[您能帮助我吗?]

  Could you do a favor for me? 您能给我帮个忙吗?[您能帮助我吗?]

  Could I ask you a favor? 您能给我帮个忙吗?[您能帮助我吗?]

  Can you show me a less expensive one? 您能给我看一种便宜点儿的吗?

  Could I ask you for the recipe? 能把菜谱告诉我吗?

  Could I [possibly] ask you to help me jump-start my car? 能请您帮我把汽车(跳火)发动吗?

  Could you lend me a hammer? 您能借给我一把锤子吗?

  Could you please give this report to Mr. Lewis? 您能把这份报告交给Lewis先生吗?

  Could you possibly lend me a cup of sugar? 您能借给我一杯糖吗?

  Do you think you could give me a lift downtown? 请问您能让我坐您的便车去市中心吗?

  If it’s not too much trouble. 如果不太麻烦您的话。

  If you don’t mind. 如果您不介意(的话)。

  If you wouldn’t mind. 如果您不介意(的话)。

  It’s too bad [It’s a shame] you didn’t see it. 真不巧[真可惜]您没看到它。

  Please ask her to call me. 请转告她让她给我打电话。

  Please don’t play your radio on the bus. 请不要在公共汽车上播放收音机。

  Please give this to Mr. Hernandez (as soon as possible). 请(尽快)把这件东西交给

  Hernandez 先生。

  Please insure it for fifty dollars. 请把它按50美元的金额保险。

  Will [Would] you please do it as soon as possible. 请您尽快地完成它。

  Would you possibly be willing to let me go with just a warning?


  Responding to Requests 对请求的反应

  Okay. 好的。[行。]

  All right. 好的。[行。]

  Sure. 好的。[行。]

  Of course. 当然可以。

  No problem. 没问题。

  Certainly. 当然可以。[行。]

  By all means. 没问题。[我会尽力而为的。]

  I’ll be happy [glad] to. 我乐意。

  I’d be happy to [I’d be glad to] lend you a hammer. 我愿意[乐意]把锤子借给您。

  Offering to help 提供帮助

  Making an Offer 主动提出帮助

  Can [May] I help you? 我能帮您做什么吗?[需要帮忙吗?]

  Let me help you. 让我帮您一个忙。

  What can I do for you? 我能帮您做什么吗?[需要帮忙吗?]

  Would you like me to set up the conference room? 您想让我来布置会议室吗?

  Can I help you take out the garbage? 需要我帮您把垃圾带出去吗?

  Can I give you a hand taking out the garbage? 我帮您把垃圾带出去好吗?

  Do you want me to get that man’s car? 您需要我帮您把那位先生的车开过来吗?

  Do you want [need] any help tuning up your car? 需要我帮忙把汽车保养好吗?

  Would you like to leave a message? 您想留下口信吗?

  I’d be happy [glad] to. 我将很乐意帮忙。

  I’d be happy [glad] to help. 我将很乐意帮忙。

  I’d be happy [glad] to give you a hand. 我将很乐意帮您一把。

  I’d be happy to set it up. 我将很乐意去布置好。

  If there’s anything I can do to help [If I can help in any way, If I can be of any help], please let me know. 如果我能帮上什么忙的话,请告诉我好了。

  Responding to an Offer 对他人提出帮助的反应

  Are you sure you don’t mind? 您确实不介意吗?

  If it’s no trouble. 如果不太麻烦的话,劳驾了。

  If you wouldn’t mind. 如果您不介意的话,劳驾了。

  No. That’s okay. 不,没问题。

  (Sure.) If you don’t mind.  (当然好。)如果您不介意的话。

  Thanks. I (really) appreciate it. 谢谢。真感谢您。

  That would be great. 那真是太好了。

  Well, all right. 那么,好吧。[哦,好的。]

  Yes, please. 是的,请帮忙。

  Asking for Repetition 请求重复

  Would you repeat that? [Would you say that again?] 请您重复一遍好吗?

  Could you please say that again? 能请您再说一遍吗?

  Could you repeat the last part [that part]? 您能把最后一部分[那一部分]重复一遍吗?

  Excuse me? 请原谅。[我没听明白。]

  Pardon (me)? 对不起,我没听清楚。

  Huh? 嗯?

  I didn’t get the last step. 我没弄明白最后一步。

  I forgot the last part. 我忘记最后一步了。

  I’m sorry. Could you please repeat that [the last step]? 对不起,请您重复一下[最后一步]好吗?

  (I’m sorry.) I didn’t get that.  (对不起,)我没有听明白。

  (I’m sorry.) I didn’t hear you. What did you say?  (对不起,)我没听清楚(您的话)。您说什么?

  What did you say? 您说什么?

  What was that? 那是什么意思?[那指的是什么?]

  What’s that? 那是什么意思?[那指的是什么?]

  Sympathizing 表达同情

  I’m (very) sorry to hear that. 听到这件事我很难过。

  I’m very (so) sorry. 我很遗憾[难过]。

  That’s [What] a shame! 真遗憾![真可惜!]

  That’s too bad! 真糟糕![太遗憾了!]

  What a [That’s a] pity! 真可怜!

  Regret 表达遗憾

  Expressing… 表达

  I regret that I transferred. 我很后悔调动工作。

  I regret transferring. 我很后悔调动工作。

  I’m sorry about transferring. 我对调动工作很遗憾。

  I’m sorry that I transferred. 我很遗憾我调动工作了。

  I wish I hadn’t done it. 我真希望我没有做(这件事)。

  I’m afraid I’m busy. 恐怕我会很忙。

  Warning 提醒或警告

  Be careful! 小心点儿![留神!]

  Careful! 小心点儿![留神!]

  Look out! 瞧着点儿![留神!]

  Watch out! 瞧着点儿![留神!]

  You might start a fire. 您有可能引起火灾的。

  You’d better not block the doorway! 您最好不要挡住过道。

  You’d better watch your step! 您最好脚下留神。

  Initiating a Topic or Conversations 引起一个话题或对话

  Did you hear the news? 您听到新闻了吗?

  Can I ask you a question [something]? 我能问您一个问题[一件事]吗?

  What’s new (with you)? Nothing much. How about you? (您)有什么新鲜事儿吗?不多。您呢?

  What’s happening (with you)?  (您)发生什么事儿了?

  Tell me, how did your parents enjoy their vacation? 告诉我,您的父母度假过得怎么样?

  [Hello.] May I please speak to Betty? [您好。] 请问我能和Betty通话吗?

  [Hello.] Can I please speak to Mrs. Jenkins?  [喂。]请问我能和Jenkins夫人通话吗?

  Hello. I’d like to speak to Julie, if she’s there. 您好。如果Julie在的话,我想和她通话。

  Hello, Steve? This is Carol. 喂。是Steve吗?我是Carol。

  You’re new here, aren’t you? 您是新来的,不是吗?

  You must be our new neighbor,… 您想必是我们的新邻居,……

  I have some good news. 我有条好消息。

  I’m wondering… 我在想……

  I’ve been meaning to ask you… 我一直在打算问您……

  Before you begin your new job, I’d like to tell you about… 在您开始新工作之前,我想告诉您…

  You know, I knocked on your door several times last week. 要知道,上周我敲过您家的门好几次。

  You seem upset. 您看上去很心烦。

  Certainty/Uncertainty 表达肯定/不肯定

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Are you sure (that’s right)? 您能肯定(那是对的)吗?

  Are you sure [certain, positive] about that? 您能确信[肯定]吗?

  Do you really think so? 您真的那样认为吗?

  Are you sure [certain, positive] you have the correct address? 您确信您的地址是对的吗?

  Expressing… 表示肯定/不肯定

  Absolutely! 当然![绝对肯定!][毫无疑问!]

  Definitely! 当然![绝对肯定!][毫无疑问!]

  Positively! 当然![绝对肯定!][毫无疑问!]

  I think so. 我认为如此。[我是那样想的。]

  I don’t know (for sure). 我不敢肯定。

  I’m sure [certain]. 我确信。

  I’m [I’m not] positive. 我敢[我不敢]肯定。

  I’m a hundred percent sure. 我敢百分之百地肯定。[我完全确信。]

  I’m not sure(yet). 我(还)不敢肯定。[我(还)不能确信。]

  I’m pretty sure (it’s supposed to be very warm). 我确信(天气将会很暖和)。

  I’m sure I can learn quickly. 我相信我很快就能学会。

  Gee, I don’t think so. 嘿,我不那样认为。

  I believe I was charged too much. 我敢肯定向我收的费用太高了。

  I don’t think [I’m not sure, I don’t know if] we can afford it. 我不能肯定我们是否负担得起。

  I think there’s a mistake on my electric bill. 我认为我的电费账单上出错了。

  Checking and Indicating Understanding 检查和表达是否理解

  Checking Another Person’s Understanding 检查他人是否理解

  Are you following me so far? 您听明白了我所讲的吗?

  Are you with me so far? 上面我说的您都听懂了吗?

  Do you follow me? 您听明白我的意思了吗?

  Have you got (all) that [it]? 我的意思您都明白?

  Okay (so far)?  (现在)清楚了吗?

  Checking One’s Own Understanding 检查自己是否理解

  A can of tuna fish,a loaf of white bread,and a head of lettuce. 一听金枪鱼、一条面包和一棵莴苣。

  A quart? (Around the corner?) 是一夸脱吗?(在拐弯处吗?)

  On Main Street? 在中央大街吗?

  Was that Aisle D? 那是货道D吗?


  Did you say [Was that] Edward Pratt? 您是说[是叫]Edward Pratt吗?

  I’m sorry. Did you say the Second Avenue bus? 对不起,您是说第二大道的公共汽车吗?

  Let me [Let’s] see. 让我[我们]想一想。

  Let me see if I understand [if I’ve got that]. 让我想一下我是否已经明白了。

  Okay. Let’s see…a size 36 black belt. 好的。让我想一下……一条尺码36的黑皮带。

  Okay. That’s a hamburger, ansgroupsof French fries, and a cup of coffee.


  That’s a pound of roast beef and a dozen rolls. 一共是1磅烤牛肉和1打面包卷。

  Indicating Understanding 表示理解

  (Oh, )I see.  (噢,)我明白了。[我知道了。]

  I’m with you. 我听得懂(您说的)。

  (Oh. Now) I understand.  (噢,现在)我懂了。

  (Now) I’ve got it. [Now I see.]  (现在)我明白了。[现在我知道了。]

  I’m following you. [I follow you.] 我听得懂(您说的)。

  Yes. 是的。

  That’s right. 没错。[是的。]

  Okay. 明白。

  Uh-huh. 啊—哈。

  Um-hmm. 唔—哼。

  Interrupting 打断他人(的话)

  Excuse me [Forgive me] for interrupting, but… 请原谅我打断一下,不过……

  Sorry for interrupting [Sorry to interrupt], but… 很抱歉打断您(的话),不过……

  I’m sorry to interrupt [I’m sorry for interrupting], but we’re out of fries.


  Hesitating 表达犹豫

  Let’s see (now).  (现在)让我想想。

  Let me see [think]. 让我想想。

  Let me think for a minute. 让我想片刻。

  Well, let me see. 那么,让我想想。

  Well, I’m not really sure. 唷,我还不完全确定[有把握]。

  I don’t knowswheresto begin. 我一时不知道从哪儿说起。

  Gee…uh. 哎呀……呃。

  Hmm. 嗯。

  Uh… 呃……

  Well, uh… 这个,呃……

  Preference 表达喜好或偏好

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Which refrigerator do you like? 您喜欢哪一台冰箱?

  What would you prefer to do? 您喜欢做什么事情?

  What would you rather do? 您宁愿做什么事情?

  Would you prefer rice or a baked potato? 您喜欢米饭还是烤土豆?

  Expressing… 表达

  I like this one. 我喜欢这一个。

  I’d prefer a baked potato. 我点烤土豆。

  I’d prefer to [I’d rather] go at 7:10. 我想[我宁愿]7:10去。

  I think I’d prefer to go to the town pool. 我想我更愿意去市镇游泳池。

  I think I’d rather go to the rink. 我想我宁愿去旱冰场。

  I’d rather watch Dr. Goodbody. 我情愿看“健康博士”。

  I’d rather not [I’d prefer not to] have to call the Health Department.


  You can fill it out here or take it home, if you like [you prefer, you’d like, you’d prefer]. 如果您愿意,您可以在这里或带回家填写那份表格。

  Permission 表达允许

  Inquiring about Permissibility 询问是否允许

  Are you allowed to swim here? 这里允许游泳吗?

  Are you [people] permitted to use the fireplace? 允许人们使用壁炉吗?

  Is taking pictures allowed [permitted] here? 这里允许拍照吗?

  Is it all right [Is it okay] to play music late at night? 深夜播放音乐行吗?

  Are dogs allowed? Yes, I believe they are. 允许养狗吗?是的,我想可以。

  Can I park my car here? 我能把车停在这儿吗?

  Could I possibly leave an hour early today? Of course you can…


  Indicating Permissibility 表明允许或不允许

  Yes, it is [they are, you are]. 可以。[允许。]

  Yes, you can. [Yes, you are.] 可以。[允许。]

  No, it isn’t [they aren’t, you aren’t]. 不,不允许。

  No, you can’t. [No, you aren’t.] 不,不允许。[不能。]

  You aren’t allowed to park here. 这里不许人们停靠汽车。

  I don’t think jaywalking is allowed [permitted]. 我不认为随意横穿马路是允许的。

  I don’t think you’re [people are] allowed [permitted] to hang your clothes there.


  Tenants aren’t permitted to hang laundry on the balcony. 房客不许在阳台上晾衣服。

  Obligation 表达责任和义务

  I’ve got to go now [pick up my wife at the office]. 现在我该走了[去我妻子的办公室接她了]。

  I have to work late [buy stamps]. 我不得不工作到很晚。[我必须买些邮票。]

  We have to [We’ve got to, We need to] buy groceries. 我们必须买些杂货。

  I need to get to my brother’s wedding. 我必须赶上我兄弟的婚礼。

  I’m supposed to attend a business meeting. 我本应参加一个业务会议。

  The tables are supposed to be set an hour before we open. 桌子本应在开门前一小时就摆好。

  You have to [You’re supposed to, You’ve got to, You need to] take one tablet three times a day. 您要每天服三次,每次服一片。

  He’s insisting that I [requiring me to, forcing me to, making me] work on Labor Day.


  I should have gotten it a little while ago. 我真应该早点儿得到它。

  You must always wear your uniform. 您必须一直穿着制服。

  You mustn’t make the sundaes too large. 您不得把圣代做得太大。

  Likes/Dislikes 表达喜欢/不喜欢

  Inquiring about… 询问

  You really enjoy going sailing? 您真的喜欢作帆船航行?

  Did you enjoy it? 喜欢它吗?

  How do you like [What do you think of] my tie? 您觉得我的领带怎么样?

  What kind of TV shows do you like? 您喜欢什么样的电视节目?

  What’s your favorite program? 您最喜欢的节目是什么?

  Don’t you like this rug? 你不喜欢这块地毯吗?

  Expressing Likes 表达喜欢

  It’s very nice. 真好。[真棒。]

  I (really) like [love] news programs. 我(确实)喜欢新闻节目。

  I like to go sailing whenever I can. 只要有机会我都喜欢作帆船航行。

  Expressing Dislikes 表达不喜欢

  Honestly [To be honest, To tell you the truth], I think it’s a little loud.


  I don’t particularly care for football games. 我对橄榄球比赛没有特别浓的兴趣。

  I don’t really enjoy [like] talk shows. 我并不是很欣赏脱口秀节目。

  I’m not really crazy about game shows. 我并不热衷于竞猜节目。

  Want-Desire 表达需要和愿望

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Do you want anything to drink? 您想喝点儿什么吗?

  Do you want me to go ahead and fix it? 您打算让我接着去修理它吗?

  Do you want to see the apartment? 您想看看这套公寓吗?


  What size do you want? 您想要什么尺码的?

  How do you want to send it? 您想用什么方式寄出?[您想怎样寄出?]

  What do you want to do today? 今天您想做什么?

  Where do you want to go? 您想去哪儿?

  What do you want me to get? 您想让我捎来什么?

  How much do you want me to get? 您想让我捎来多少?

  What color would you like? 您喜欢什么颜色?

  What would you like (to see)? 您喜欢(看)什么?

  Where do you want this sofa? 您想把这张沙发摆在哪儿?

  Are you interested? 您感兴趣吗?

  Which one are you interested in? 您对哪一个[件]感兴趣?

  Would you be interested in applying for a P.J. Nickel’s charge card?

  您对申请P.J. Nickel公司的购物卡感兴趣吗?

  Would you care to change it? 您想更换它吗?

  Would you like [Would you care for] anything to drink [a few more meatballs]?


  Would you like to make an appointment? 您想预约吗?


  I want a pound of roast beef. 我想要一磅烤牛肉。

  I want to return this fan [make this a collect call, please]. 我想退掉这台风扇。


  We need a few things from the supermarket. 我们需要从超市买些东西。

  I’d like the one with the 25-inch screen. 我想要配有25英寸屏幕的。

  I’d like to buy this watch. 我想买这块手表。

  I’d like a refund [a round trip ticket], please. 请退钱给我。[请给我一张双程票。]

  I’ll have a cup of coffee. 我想要[喝]杯咖啡。

  I’m looking for a shirt. 我正想挑件衬衫。

  We are [We’re] looking for a two-bedroom apartment. 我们正在找一套两居室的公寓。

  I don’t really feel like going to the ballgame. 我并非真心想去打球。

  I don’t want to play tennis. 我不想打网球。

  I’m not really in the mood to play basketball. 我并非真的有心情去打篮球。

  We are [We’re] out of milk. 我们的牛奶喝光了。[我们的牛奶一点儿都没有了。]


  Do you want to go out for dinner tonight? 今天晚上你想外出吃晚餐吗?

  Would you like to go skiing tomorrow? 您愿意明天去滑雪吗?

  How would you like to go on a picnic tomorrow? 您愿意明天去野餐吗?

  Would you [by any chance] be interested in taking a ride in the country tomorrow?


  Agreement/Disagreement 同意或不同意

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Don’t you agree? 您不同意吗?

  Don’t you think so? 您不那样认为吗?

  Wouldn’t you agree [say so]? 您不同意吗?[您有不同的说法吗?]

  Expressing Agreement 表示同意

  I agree (with you). 我同意(您的意见)。

  I couldn’t agree with you more. 我完全同意您的意见。

  My feelings exactly. 我完全同意您的意见。

  I feel the same way. 我认为也是这样。

  I guess I do. 我想是这样的。[我想我会……的。]

  I guess it is. [I guess you’re right.] 我想是这样的。[我想您是对的。]

  I know. 我知道。[我明白。]

  I see your point. 我懂得您的想法。

  I suppose so (it is). 我想是那样的。

  I think so, too. 我也这样认为。

  I was thinking the same thing. 我的想法一样。

  I’ll say! 我也这样认为。[我正是这样想的。]

  That’s exactly [That’s just] what I was thinking. 我也这样认为。[我也正是这样想的。]

  You’re right. 您是对的。

  Maybe you’re right. 也许您是对的。

  Oh, yes. It is. 噢,是的,是那样。

  That might [may] be true. 可能真的是那样。

  That’s a good point. 说得好。[说到点子上了。]

  That’s right. 对。[没错。]

  That’s true. 真的。[没错。]

  You can [could] say that again! 我完全同意您的意见[看法]。

  That’s exactly [That’s just] what I was thinking. 我也这样认为。[我也正是这样想的。]

  You have a point there. 我同意您的看法。

  You might [may] be right. 也许您是对的。

  Expressing Disagreement 表示不同意

  I disagree. 我不同意。

  I don’t agree [think so]. 我不同意。[我不那样认为。]

  I don’t know (about that). 我不明白(那一点)。

  I don’t mean to disagree with you, but… 我不想反对您,但是……

  I guess not. 我认为不是那样的。

  I hate to disagree with you, but… 我不愿反对您,但是……

  I suppose not. 我认为不是那样的。

  I wish I could agree with you, but… 但愿我能与您的意见一致,但是……

  I’m not so sure (about that). 关于这一点,我还不能那么肯定[不是那么有把握]。

  I’m not sure I agree. 我还不知道是否该同意。

  Probably not. 也许不。

  Surprise-Disbelief 表达惊奇和怀疑

  I was speeding? I was? 我超速了吗?[是吗?]

  He did? 他干了吗?[是吗?]

  How about that! 怎么会那样?![是那样的吗?!]

  How do you like that! 怎么会那样?![是那样的吗?!]

  I don’t [can’t] believe it! 我不相信!

  I didn’t know [I didn’t realize, I had no idea] I was blocking your parking space.


  I didn’t realize that. 我没意识到。

  I wasn’t aware of that. 我没意识到。

  Isn’t that something! 怎么会那样?![是那样的吗?!]

  It’s amazing how little you can buy! 真难以相信竟然只能买这么少(的东西)。

  Oh, my goodness! 噢,天啊!

  Oh, no! 噢,不[别那样]!

  Oops! 啊呀!

  Really? 真的?

  There aren’t [isn’t]? 没有了吗?

  Uh-oh! 呃—噢!

  Ability/Inability 表达能够/不能够

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Can you fix cars? 您会修车吗?

  Do you know how to [Can you, Are you able to] use a word processor? 您会用文字处理软件吗?

  Do you think you’d be able to [you could] handle those responsibilities?


  Expressing Ability 表达能够

  Yes, I can. 是的,我能。

  I’m sure I can learn quickly. 我有信心很快就能学会。

  I’m an experienced mechanic. 我是有经验的机械师。

  I’m confident I could learn. 我有信心能学会。

  I’m confident I’d be able to learn. 我有信心能学会。

  I’ve been using word processor for a long time [since 1990].


  Expressing Inability 表达不能够

  No, I can’t. 我不会(我不能)。

  I’m afraid I can’t. [I’m afraid I won’t be able to.] 恐怕我不会(我不能)。

  Advice-Suggestions 提出意见或建议

  Asking for… 征询意见

  Any other suggestions (ideas)? 还有其他的建议[主意]吗?

  Can you suggest [recommend] something for a stuffy nose?


  Do you have any suggestions? 您有什么建议吗?

  How much do you think we should get? 您认为我们应该捎多少来呢?

  How [What] about The Missing Jewels? “遗失的珠宝”这部电影怎么样?

  What do you recommend? 您想推荐什么?

  Offering… 提出意见、建议

  Can I [Could I possibly, May I possibly] offer a suggestion? 我可以提个建议吗?

  Can I offer you a suggestion [some advice, a piece of advice]? 我可以向您提个建议吗?

  How [What] about playing tennis? 打网球怎么样?

  I have a suggestion. 我有个建议。

  I recommend [I’d recommend, I suggest, I’d suggest, Try] Brown’s Pain Pills.


  I strongly advise you to [recommend that you, urge you to] change your diet.


  I [I’d] suggest that you lose 15 pounds. 我建议您减掉15磅体重。

  I think forty dollars will be enough. 我认为花40元就够了。

  I think we should [ought to] stop at the bank. 我想我们应该在银行停一下。

  I think you should [ought to] call an electrician. 我想您应该(打电话)请一位电工。

  I was wondering if I might possibly offer a suggestion. 我在琢磨我是否有可能提个建议。

  I’d like to offer a suggestion. 我想提点建议。

  I’d suggest that you call the police. 我建议您打电话给警察局。

  I’ve been thinking about this for a while. 关于这件事我已经琢磨了一段时间。

  If I were you, I’d take them to court. 我要是您,就把它们带上法庭。

  It might be a good idea to hold your breath. 屏着呼吸可能是个好主意。

  It seems to me that we should pipe musicsintosthe work areas.


  Let’s do something outdoors today. 我们去户外活动活动吧。

  Maybe you should [Maybe you ought to, You should probably, It might be a good idea to] call a plumber. 也许您该打电话叫管道工。

  We could always swim at the lake. 我们向来都(能够)去湖里游泳。

  We probably shouldn’t bother him. 也许我们不该打扰他。

  We should have a party for her. 我们本该为她开个晚会。

  We should probably leave now. 也许我们现在该走了。

  Why don’t you hold your breath? 您为什么不试着屏住呼吸呢?

  You could [might, It might be a good idea to] join a health club. 您可以参加健身俱乐部。

  You ought to write to the mayor. 您应该给市长写信。

  You really should. 您真应该那样做。

  You should go on a diet [try to type faster]. 您应该实行节食[试着打字打快一些]。

  Responding to… 对意见、建议的反应

  Good idea [suggestion]! 好主意[好建议]!

  That’s a good idea. 真是个好主意!

  That’s an interesting suggestion. 这个建议很有意思。

  You’re probably right. 也许您是对的。

  I hadn’t thought of that. 我倒没有想到那一点。

  I’ll give it some serious consideration. 我会对它作认真考虑的。

  Thanks for telling me. 感谢您告诉[提醒]我。

  Approval/Disapproval 表达赞同/不赞同

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Is that okay? 那样做行吗?

  Am I defending you all right? 对我为您作的辩护感到满意吗?

  Did I write up this invoice all right? 对我填写这张发票您感到满意吗?

  Do you approve of the way I hooked up this computer? 您对我联接这台计算机的方法满意吗?

  How do you like the way I hung the wallpaper? 您喜欢我粘贴墙纸的方式吗?

  What do you think of the way I assembled this circuit board? 您对我装配这块线路板怎么看?

  Expressing… 表示赞同或不赞同

  He works very hard. 他工作得很努力。

  He’s doing very well. 他干得很好。

  His grades are excellent. 他的成绩很优秀。

  You did a fine job [a very good job; an excellent job]. 您干得不错[很好,非常好]。

  You wrote it up very well. 您写得很好。

  I guess so. 我认为如此。

  You should be very proud of him. 您应该为他感到非常自豪。

  You’re defending me very well. 您为我所作的辩护非常棒。

  Actually, you should try to type faster. 说实在的,您该试着打字打得快一点。

  I think you could have hooked it up a little better. 我认为您本应联接得更好一些。

  To be [perfectly] honest with you [In all honesty], I think you could have hooked it up a little better. 要是对您讲真心话,我认为您本应联接得更好一些。

  You (really) shouldn’t have passed that car on the right-hand side. 您真不该从右边超那辆车。

  Asking for and Reporting Information 询问和报告信息

  Address? 35 Winte Street in Middletown. 还有,请问地址?米都镇温特街35号。

  Also,… 再说,……[此外,……]

  And one more thing. 还有一件事要说。

  And the address? 93 Cliff Street. 还有,请问地址?克里夫街93号。

  And what is the amount on your bill? 还有,请问您账单上的金额?

  And you? 那么您呢?

  And your first name? 还有,请问您的名字?

  And your telephone number?  423-6978.还有,请问您的电话号码?423-6978。

  Another question. 另外一个问题。

  Are you American? Yes, I am. I’m from New York. 您是美国人吗?是的,我来自纽约。

  Are you busy after work today? I coach my daughter’s soccer team.


  Are you currently taking any medication? 近来您服用过药物吗?

  Are you feeling okay? No, not really. 您感觉还行吗?不,不太好。

  Are you from Tokyo [originally from around here]?


  Besides that,… 除此以外,……

  Can I ask how much it costs? 我能问问它花了多少钱吗?

  Can I ask you a question? 我能向您问一个问题吗?

  Can [Could] I ask you how much that will cost? 我能问问您它要花多少钱吗?

  Could I ask you to tell me how to use this cash machine?


  Can you tell me a little more [anything else, anything more] (about the position)?


  Can you tell me the recipe? 您能把菜谱告诉我吗?

  Could you [Can you, Would you] tell me what your name is? 能告诉我您的姓名吗?

  Could you [please, possibly] tell me how to make a long-distance call?


  Could you spell that, please [please spell that]? S-A-N-C-H-E-Z. 您能把它拼读出来吗?

  Did you make it yourself? Yes, I did. 是您自己把它做出来的吗?是的,我自己做的。

  Didn’t you go sailing the weekend before? Yes, I did. 以前的周末您不是驾过帆船了吗?是的。

  Do they ever visit you? No. 他们访问过您吗?

  Do we need anything from the supermarket? Yes. We need a quart of milk.


  Do you have any questions for me [you’d like to ask me]?[Is there anything you’d like to ask me?]


  Do you have medical insurance [any allergies]? 您有医疗保险[任何过敏症]吗?

  Do you have the time [Do you know what time it is]? It’s almost 6:00.


  Do you know your I.D. number? 您知道自己的身份证号码吗?

  Do [Would] you by any chance (happen to) know what our expected arrival time in Denver is?


  Do you smoke? 您抽烟吗?

  Does that include utilities? 那(笔租金)里面包含公用设施费用吗?

  It includes everything except electricity. 除电费以外包含一切。

  Does this bus go to Westville? It goes to Riverside. 这趟汽车开往韦斯特维尔吗?开往河滨镇。

  Does this bus stop at Center Street? 这趟汽车停靠中央大街吗?

  First of all,… 首先,……

  Has Bob gone to the bank yet? Yes, he has. He’s already gone there. He went there this morning.


  Have you seen the top secret report yet? Yes, we have. We’ve already seen it. We saw it a few

  minutes ago. 你们已经看过绝密报告了吗?是的,我们已经看过了。我们是几分钟前看的。

  Have you ever flown a 747? No, I haven’t, but I’ve flown a DC-10.


  Have you taken inventory before? 以前您制作过存货单吗?

  How about you? 您怎么样?[您呢?]

  How are you enjoying your work? 您喜欢您现在的工作吗?

  How come? [Why?] 为什么?

  How do you spell that? N-I-E-L-S-O-N. 怎样拼写呢?N-I-E-L-S-O-N。

  How did you do? 您是怎样做的?

  How did your parents enjoy their vacation in Florida? 您的父母在佛罗里达度假过得愉快吗?

  How is David doing in Math this year? 今年David数学学得怎么样?

  How long do you plan to stay? 您打算呆多长时间?

  How long have you had a migraine headache? 您犯偏头疼有多长时间了?

  How long will that take? 那要花多长时间?

  How many windows are there? 有多少个窗户?

  How much does it weigh? 它[那]有多重?[它的重量是多少?]

  How much is the rent [ it ]? It’s a month. 租金是多少?租金是每月700美元。

  How much will it cost? That’ll cost five ninety-four.  (那)要花多少钱?总共是5.94元。

  How often do you talk to your kids in college? We usually call them on Sunday evenings.


  I asked him if he could fix it. 我问(过)他是否会修理它。

  I have just one more question. 我只需要再问一个问题了。

  I have some bad news. 我有条坏消息。

  I have some good news. Really? What is it? 我有条好消息。真的?什么好消息?

  I heard it on the radio. 我是从收音机里听到的。

  I read it in the paper. 我是在报纸上读到的。

  I saw the forecast on TV. 我看到了电视上的预报。

  I think this bread is stale. 我想[认为]这块面包变味了。

  I told him our toilet wouldn’t flush. 我告诉(过)他我们的厕所不冲水了。

  I want to report an emergency [accident]! 我要报告一件紧急情况[意外]。

  I was at the movies. [I was in Detroit.] 我那时正在电影院[底特律]。

  I’d be interested in knowing whether you’re pleased with Lucy’s work. [I’d be interested to know…; I was wondering…; I was wondering if you could tell me…]


  I’d like the number of Carlos Ramirez. 我想得到Carlos的电话号码。

  I’d like some information about opening a checking account.我想知道开活期存款账户的情况。

  I’d like to know whether [if] you have flights between Chicago and Miami.


  I’d just like to get some information from you. 我正想从您那儿得到点儿信息。

  I’m afraid she isn’t here right now. 恐怕她现在不在这里。

  I’m calling to ask herswheresshe left the car keys. 我打电话是要问她把汽车钥匙留在哪儿了。

  I’m calling to ask if you’d be interested in going to the museum with me tomorrow.


  I’m calling to tell him his car is ready. 我打电话是想告诉他他的汽车已经(修)好了。

  I’m taking a shower. 我正在洗澡。

  In addition to that,… 除此以外,……

  Is anything wrong [the matter, troubling you]? 有什么不妥吗?[有什么麻烦吗?]

  Is it yours? No, it isn’t mine. 那是您的吗?不,那不是我的。

  Is it valuable? Yes, it is. It’s a camera. 它值钱吗?是的,值钱。那是一架照相机。

  Is 9:00 tomorrow morning convenient? 明天上午9点钟(对您)方便吗?

  Is that right? 那是对的吗?[那样行吗?]

  Is that so? 是那样的吗?

  Is that true? 那是真的吗?[真是那样的吗?]

  Is there a history of heart disease in your family? 您的家族里有人有心脏病史吗?

  Is there a refrigerator in the kitchen? 厨房里有冰箱吗?

  Is This 328-7178? 这是328-7178吗?

  Is This the plane to Atlanta? 这是去亚特兰大的飞机吗?

  It’s ten percent off. 打九折。

  Just one or two more questions, if that’s okay. 如果可以,我想再问一两个问题。

  May [Can, Could] I ask who’s calling? 我能问问您是谁吗?[请问您是谁?]

  My apartment is on fire! 我的公寓着火了!

  My father isshavingsa heart attack! 我的父亲犯心脏病了!

  My son is bleeding very badly! 我的儿子流血流得很厉害!

  My wife can’t breathe! 我的妻子不能呼吸了!

  Occupation? Shoe salesman. 请问您的职业?鞋商。

  On top of that,… 除此以外,……

  Spell the last name, please. J-E-N-S-E-N. 请您拼读出您的姓。J-E-N-S-E-N。

  Telephone [Phone] number? 293-7637. 电话号码是多少?293-7637。

  Tell me,swheresare you from [what did I do wrong]? 请告诉我,您是哪里人?[我出什么错了?]

  Tell me a little about yourself. 请告诉我一点儿您个人的情况。

  That comes to [That’s] twenty-six ninety-five. 总共是26.95元。

  That’ll be twenty-four dollars and fifty cents. 总共是24美元50美分。

  The cashier at the drug store told me.  (是)药店出纳告诉我的(的)。

  The number is 863-4227.  (电话)号码是863-4227。

  There are four windows in the living room. 起居室[客厅]有4扇窗户。

  There aren’t any more cookies. 一块饼干都没有了。

  There isn’t any more milk. 一点儿牛奶都没有了。

  There’s a very nice refrigerator in the kitchen. 厨房里有一个很好的冰箱。

  They said so on the morning news. 在早间新闻里他们那样说。

  They’re half price. 它们卖半价[五折]。

  We need some information. 我们需要一些信息。

  What are you doing? I’m fixing my car. 您正在做什么?我在修我的汽车。

  What can you tell us about the apartment? 关于这套公寓您能告诉我们一些什么呢?

  What city? Chicago. 哪座城市?芝加哥。

  What day is it? It’s Monday. 今天是星期几?今天是星期一

  What did I do wrong? You were speeding. 我做错什么了?您驾车超速了。

  What did you do? I cleaned my house. 您做什么了?我打扫房子了。

  What did the sign say? 牌子上写着什么?

  What did you put in? 您加进了什么?

  What do you do? I’m a repairperson. 您的职业是什么?我是修理工。

  What do you want to know? 您想知道些什么?

  What do you repair? I repair refrigerators. 您修理什么?我修理冰箱。

  What does your mother do? She’s a security guard. 您母亲的职业是什么?她是保安员。

  What does he look like? 他是什么模样?

  What exactly are the bookkeeper’s responsibilities? 准确地说,记账员的职责是什么?

  What floor do you live on? 您住在哪一层楼?

  What kind of TV shows do you like [is it]? 您喜欢哪一类电视节目?[那是哪一类电视节目?]

  What makes you say that [think so]? 是什么使得您那样说[那样想]?

  What movie did you see? 您看的是哪部电影?

  What needs to be done to fix it? 修理它需要做些什么?

  What seems to be the problem? 看起来是什么问题?[看来问题出在哪里?]

  What street? Hudson Avenue. 是哪条街?哈德森大道。

  What position do you have open? 您有哪些职位需要招聘人员?

  What time is it? It’s 1:30. 现在是什么时间?现在是1:30。

  What would you like to know? 您想了解些什么?

  What’s in it [them]? 里面有什么?

  What’s it about? 那是关于什么的?

  What’s on? Dr. Goodbody is on Channel 2. 正在播放什么节目?二频道在播“健康博士”。

  What’s the matter (with you)? I have a headache.  (您)怎么了?我头疼。

  What’s the problem? My kitchen sink is leaking. 有什么问题[难题]?我的厨房里水槽漏水。

  What’s the weather like? It’s raining. 天气怎么样?是雨天。

  What’s wrong (with it)? It’s leaking. 出什么问题啦?漏水。

  What’s your address? 10 Main Street. 您的地址是什么?梅恩大街10号。

  What’s your date of birth? May 15th, 1975. 您的生日是哪一天?1975年5月15日。

  What’s [What is] your last name? 您姓什么?

  What’s your name? 您的名字是什么?

  What’s your Social Security number? 您的社会保险号是多少?

  When did you buy it? 您是什么时候买(它)的?

  When is the next bus to Buffalo? It’s at 4:10. 下一班去巴法罗的车什么时候开?4:10开。

  When will she be back? She’ll be back in a hour. 她什么时候回来?她一个小时后回来。

  Where are you from? Japan. I’m from Osaka. 您从什么地方来?日本。我是大阪人。

  Where are you going? To the library. [I’m going to the library.] 您去哪儿?我去图书馆。

  Where can I get the 8:30 flight to Chicago? 在哪儿我可以登上8:30去芝加哥的飞机?

  Where did the accident happen? 事故发生在什么地方?

  Where did you hear that? 您是在哪儿听到的?

  Where does she work? She works at the Acme Company. 她在哪儿工作?她在Acme公司上班。

  Where in Italy are you from? 您是从意大利的什么地方来?


  Where’s it going? To Detroit. 开往哪儿?开往底特律。

  Which apartment do you live in? 您住在哪套公寓?

  Which bus goes to Westville? The Number 30 bus. 哪趟车开往韦斯特维尔?30路汽车。

  Who cut it? 谁剪[切]的?

  Who did you hear? 您听到谁(说话)了?

  Who is your supervisor? 谁是您的主管?

  Who told you that? 谁告诉您的?

  Who’s in it? 谁在里面?

  Whose sock is his? 谁(那儿)的短袜是他的?

  Why are you banging on the vending machine? 您为什么敲打无人售货机?

  Why are you here? 您为什么会在这儿?

  Why did you buy it? 您为什么买下它?

  Why didn’t you come to the company’s annual picnic? 为什么您不参加公司的年度野餐聚会?

  Why do you feel that way? 为什么您会有那样的感受?

  Why do you say that [think so]? 您为什么说那些话[那样想]?

  Why was the president late? 为什么主席迟到了?

  Will she be back soon? She won’t be back until three. 她快回来了吗?她三点以后才会回来。

  Would you happen to know your account number? 您还记得住您的账户号码吗?

  Your change is two dollars and seventy-five cents. 您的零钱是2美元75美分。

  You won’t believe what happened! 您真难相信都发生什么事儿了!

  Clarification 澄清、阐明

  Asking for Clarification 请求阐明

  What do you mean? 您指的是什么?[什么意思?]

  What does that mean? 那指的是什么?[那是什么意思?]

  I’m afraid I’m not following you. 恐怕我没听懂(您说的)。

  I’m not really sure what you’re getting at. 我没完全明白您说的意思。

  Giving Clarification 进一步阐明

  What I mean is…[What you mean is…] 我的[您的]意思是……

  What I’m saying is…[What you’re (really) saying is…] 我说的[您真正的]意思是……

  What I’m trying to say is…[What you’re trying to say is…] 我想[您想]说的是……

  What that means is they aren’t working right now. 那个[那句话的]意思是现在他们没在工作。

  In other words… 换句话说,……

  I didn’t say I wanted to break up. 我并没有说我想分手。

  I just said I thought we should see other people. 我刚才说过我想我们应该看看其他人。

  Complaining 抱怨

  I don’t mean to complain, but… 我没打算抱怨,但是……

  I don’t want to complain, but… 我不想抱怨,但是……

  I hate to complain, but… 我不想抱怨,但是……

  I’m really annoyed with [upset with, mad at, angry at] the landlord. 房东真的把我惹恼[怒]了。

  Complimenting 表达赞美

  Expressing Compliments 表示赞扬、赞美

  Mmm! 嗯!

  It was/They were excellent! 它[它们]很精彩!它[它们]真棒!

  It’s [They’re] excellent! [delicious, very good, fantastic] 它[它们]的味道真好![真奇妙!]

  It’s very nice [colorful, smart-looking, fancy, impressive, exotic].


  This is/These are delicious [excellent, wonderful, superb, fantastic]! 味道真好![真棒!真神!]

  I (really) like [love] your jacket. 我(真的)喜欢您的夹克衫。

  These egg rolls are delicious! 这些蛋卷真好吃!

  This cake is delicious! 这块蛋糕味道真好!

  You are a very accurate translator! 您真是位严谨的翻译!

  Your cake was delicious! 您的蛋糕(做得)真好吃!

  Responding to Compliments 对赞扬、赞美的反应

  Thank you (for saying so). 谢谢您(说的话)。

  Do you really think so? 您真的那样认为?

  Oh, did you really like it/them? 噢,您确实喜欢它(们)吗?

  Congratulating 祝贺

  Congratulations! 祝贺您!

  That’s great [fantastic, wonderful]! 真棒![太好了!]

  Correcting 纠正

  Giving Correction 表达纠正

  Excuse me, but I don’t think that’s the right price. 对不起,我认为价格不对头。

  No, actually not. 不,实际上不是。[实际上没有。]

  Not really. 不是真正如此。[不完全是那样。]

  That isn’t exactly right [correct]. 不完全正确[是那样]。

  That isn’t quite right [correct]. 不大正确。

  That really isn’t so. 真的不是那样。

  No.“J”. [No. Edward Bratt.] 不,应该是J货道[应该是Edward Bratt]。

  Actually, the sale ends on Friday. 事实上,(打折)销售到星期五结束。

  You aren’t frying the eggs the right way [right, correctly]. 你炒鸡蛋的方法不对。

  You’re at the wrong window. 您没找对(营业)窗口。

  You’re supposed to grease the pan first. 你应该先往锅里加点儿油。

  Responding to Correction 对纠正的反应

  Oh. You’re right. 噢,您是对的。

  Thank you for correcting me [calling that to my attention]. 感谢您纠正了我的错误[提醒了我]。

  Thank you [Thanks] for telling me [letting me know]. 感谢您告诉我[让我知道]。

  I didn’t know that [I wasn’t aware of that]. 我没搞清楚[我没有注意到]。

  Denying/Admitting 表达否认/承认

  Admitting 表达承认

  The reason is that I had to take my daughter to the doctor. 理由是我不得不带女儿去看病。

  The fact of the matter is, I overslept. 情况是这样的,我睡过头了。

  The truth is, I didn’t know about it. 说实话,我不知道这件事。

  Denying 表达否认

  That’s wrong. 错了。[不对。]

  That’s not true. 那不是真的。[情况不是那样的。]

  You’re mistaken. 您出错了。

  Describing 描述

  He’s short, with black hair. 他是黑头发的矮个儿。

  His is larger. [Hers, Theirs…] 他[她,他们]的是大的。

  I have to admit [To be honest, To tell the truth] I don’t really enjoy crime shows very much.


  It has two bedrooms, a large living room, and a very nice kitchen.


  It’s the firmest mattress in the store. 这是店里最结实的床垫。

  It’s very large. It’s large than that one. 它很大。它比那一个大。

  They’re a popular Maxican dish. 那是人们喜爱的一道墨西哥菜。

  Directions-Location 方位

  Inquiring about Location 询问位置

  Where (is it)?  (它)在哪里?


  Where are washing machines located? 洗衣机(摆放)在哪里?

  Where can I find it [yogurt]? 在哪儿我可以找到它[果味酸奶]?

  Where’s the butter? 奶油在哪儿?

  Is there a post office nearby? 附近有邮局吗?

  Asking for Directions 询问方向

  Can you (please, possibly) tell me how to get to the bus station? 您能告诉我汽车站怎么走吗?

  Could [Can] you tell me how to get there? 您能告诉我怎样去那儿吗?

  Giving Directions 指出方向

  Drive [Go] about five or six blocks. 开车[步行]走大约五六个街区。

  Drive [Walk] down this road until you get to the first traffic light.


  Drive [Go] that way two miles. 顺着那条路开车[步行]走两英里。

  Follow Main Street. 顺着中央大街走。

  Go to the next corner. 走到下一个转弯处。

  Go [Walk] two blocks to Grove Street. 走两个街区到达格儒弗大街。

  It’s on Dixon Street.  (它)在迪克松大街。

  Look for the museum on the right. 在右边寻找博物馆。

  Take a left/right (at the next intersection).  (在下一个十字路口)左/右转弯。

  Take the escalator over there down one floor. 在那边下一层楼后乘自动扶梯。

  Take the Second Avenue bus and get off at Park Street. 乘第二大道的公共汽车到帕克大街下。

  Take the first right/left after the supermarket. 过了超市后向右/左转。

  Take the interstate north to Exit 7. 沿州级公路向北到7号出口。

  Turn right /left (on Grove Street). 到格儒弗大街后向右/左转。

  Walk that way to Second Avenue and turn right. 顺着那条路走到第二大道后向右转。

  Walk along Park Avenue. 沿着帕克大街走。

  Walk up this staircase one flight and you’ll be on“3”. 顺着这条楼梯上一层您就到三楼了。

  You’ll see a sign (for the interstate). 您会看到一块(标示州级公路的)牌子。

  Giving Location指明位置

  Across the street from Charlie’s Caféon M Street. 在M街的Charlie咖啡馆那儿过马路。

  At the corner of Maple and B Street. 在梅普尔街和B街的街角处。

  At the intersection of Harrison Road and 30th Street. 在哈里森路和第30街的交叉路口处。

  In front of the Save-Rite Store on Fifth Street. 在第5街的Save-Rite商店前面。

  It’s between the library and the clinic. 它在图书馆和诊所之间。

  It’s in Aisle 1, on the top [bottom] shelf next to the toothpaste. 在1货道的顶[底]层,牙膏旁边。

  It’s in Aisle 3, on the right [halfway down on the left]. 在3货道的右边[往前走到中间的左边]。

  It’s in the Cold Medicine section, next to the aspirin [near the checkout counter].


  It’s next to [across from, around the corner from] the bank. 在银行旁边[对面][所在的街角处]。

  It’s on Main Street. 在梅恩大街上。

  Near Exit 17. 靠近17号出口。

  On the north side of Crystal Pond. 在水晶池塘的北面。

  Shirts are in Aisle 3 [on that counter, over there, on that rack, in the front/back of the store].


  The bus station is on the left [on the right]. 公共汽车站在左边[在右边]。

  The bus station is on the left, next to the post office. 公共汽车站在左边,挨着邮局。

  There’s a post office on Main Street. 在梅恩大街上有一个邮局。

  They’re in Aisle J [on…, near…]. 它们在J货道。[在……上,在……附近]

  Disappointment 表达失望

  I’m a little [I’m very] disappointed. 我有点儿[我很]失望。

  That’s too bad. 真糟糕。[真不幸。]

  Fear-Worry-Anxiety 表达恐惧-担心-焦虑

  Don’t worry. 别担心。[别着急。]

  I’m afraid he’d fire me! 恐怕他要解雇我。

  I’m concerned about your weight. 我担心您的体重(过大)。

  Granting Forgiveness 表达宽恕

  Don’t worry about it. 别担心。[别着急。]

  No problem. 没问题。[不要紧。]

  That’s [It’s]  okay.不要紧。

  Identifying 识别

  This is Joe from the repair shop. 我是修理行的Joe。

  This is Max, his agent. 我是Max,是他的代理人。

  I’m Jane, your neighbor across the street. 我叫Jane,是您马路对面的邻居。

  Trans-Global Airlines. Barbara speaking. 我是环球航空公司的Barbara。

  My ears are ringing. 我耳鸣。

  My neck is stiff. 我的颈脖僵疼。

  She has a bad toothache. 她牙疼很厉害。

  He’s feeling very dizzy. 他感到很头晕。

  The one with the 25-inch screen. [The one that makes 12 cups.]


  Instructing 提供指导

  Be sure to follow the directions on the label. 一定要遵照标签上的说明(服用)。

  Tell him to put cold water on the burn. 告诉他,在烧伤处敷凉水。

  Dial“one”. Dial the area code. Then, dial the local number. 拨1,拨区号,然后拨当地号码。

  Please put them in the dining room. 请把它们摆在餐厅。

  Put it in the living room. 把它放在客厅。

  Take one tablet three times a day. 每天服3次,每次1片。

  Touch your toes. (verbs: take off, sit, hold, lie, look, say) 触摸您的脚趾。

  First,…Then,…Next,…And then,(After that,)… 首先,……其次,……然后,……再然后,……

  Then…After that,… 然后,……其后,……

  Intention 表达意愿

  Inquiring about… 询问

  How much longer will you be talking on the phone? 您还要再打多长时间电话?

  What do you plan to do? 您打算做什么?

  What are you going to do this weekend? 周末您打算做什么?

  When are you going to fix my sink? 您打算什么时候修理我的水槽?

  Expressing… 表达意愿

  I will. 我愿意。[我将……]

  I’ll be talking on the phone for another half hour. 我还要再打半小时电话。

  I’ll get a quart of milk [right away]. 我(这就)去捎[买]回来一夸脱牛奶。

  I’ll try to fix it soon. 我将尽快修理它。

  I’m going out to do a few errands. 我打算在户外干几件家务活。

  I’m going [I’m planning, I intend] to see a play. 我打算去看话剧。

  I was going to write it at the end of the week. 我(当时)打算周末去写(它)。

  I was planning to set them in a little while. 我(当时)打算稍后去布置它们。

  We’re going to take the kids to the zoo tomorrow. 我们打算明天带孩子们去动物园。

  We’re planning to see a movie tomorrow night. 我们打算明天晚上去看电影。


  I’d like to. [I’d love to.] 我愿意去。[我喜欢去。]

  That sounds great [like fun]. 听起来真棒[真有趣]。

  Declining… 谢绝邀请

  I’m afraid I can’t. [I’m afraid I won’t be able to.] 恐怕我不能(去)。

  Maybe we can go out for dinner some other time. 或许我们改天可以外出吃晚餐。

  Persuading-Insisting 表达说服和坚持

  Please. 求您了。

  Listen! 求您了!

  Look! 求您了!

  Oh, come on! 噢,求您了!

  And besides,… 再说,……

  Possibility/Impossibility 表达能够/不能够

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Isn’t it supposed to be very warm tomorrow?  (人们)是否认为明天天气很暖和?

  Is that likely? 那可能吗?

  Expressing Possibility/Probability 阐明可能性

  I might go to a museum. 我可能去博物馆。

  I’ll probably [I’ll most likely, I’m pretty sure I’ll] stay home and study English.


  You might [You may, You could possibly, It’s possible you’ll] feel tired. 您可能会感到倦乏。

  You could have caused an accident.  (按说)你本来会引发事故的。

  You might have gotten a ticket.  (按说)你本该收到罚单的。

  Promising 表达应允

  Asking for a Promise 征询许诺

  Can I depend on [rely on, count on] you to deposit this money? 我能拜托您帮我存入这笔钱吗?

  Offering a Promise 作出许诺

  Absolutely! 当然![完全可以!没问题!]

  Definitely! 当然![完全可以!没问题!]

  You can depend on [rely on, count on] me. 您相信我好了。

  I promise I’ll fix your sink this week. 我答应我将在这个星期修理您的水槽。

  Reacting to Information 对获得信息的反应

  Oh, really? 噢,真的?

  That’s interesting. 真有趣。

  Remembering/Forgetting 表达记住/忘记

  Indicating… 表达

  If I remember correctly, it was for twenty-five dollars. 如果我没记错,那是25美元。

  As far as I remember, it was for thirty-six dollars. 就我所记得的,那是36美元。

  I forgot (to tell you). 我忘了(告诉您)。

  I completely forgot. 我完全忘记了。

  I forgot all about it. 我完全忘记了。

  It completely slipped my mind. 我一点儿都记不得了。

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Did I forget to print my name on the deposit slip? 我忘记在存款单上签名了吗?

  Did you (happen to) remember to pay the telephone bill? 您记得付电话费了吗?

  Do you (happen to) remember the amount? 您记住数额了吗?

  Reminding… 提醒

  Remember…We have to buy stamps. 记住,我们要买些邮票。

  Satisfaction/Dissatisfaction 表达满意/不满意

  Inquiring about… 询问

  Did you enjoy it? 您对它[对此]感到满意吗?

  What seems to be the matter [problem] with it? 那是什么问题?[究竟怎么回事?]

  What’s the problem [What’s the matter, What’s wrong] with it? 什么问题?[出什么错了?]

  How does the jacket fit? [How do the pants fit?] 这件夹克[这条裤子]合身吗?

  Expressing Satisfaction/ Dissatisfaction 表达满意/不满意

  Yes. It was excellent. 是的,真好[真棒][非常出色]。

  It still isn’t working right. 它还是工作不正常。[它还是不起作用。]

  It’s too short.  (它)太短了。

  They’re too long.  (它们)太长了。

  Wish-Hope 表达愿望或希望

  I hope things work out for you. 但愿您事情办得顺利。

  I hope you enjoy yourself. 我希望您玩得愉快。

  I wish they would buy us computers. 我真希望他们为我们买计算机。

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