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《托福高阶词汇》LIST 3
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  abate v.减弱

  同diminish, lessen, subside, reduce, curtail

  The rain did not abate the crowd's enthusiasm for the baseball game.


  adhere v.粘附;附着

  同stick, cling, cleave, attach, cohere

  If the surface is wet, the tape will not adhere to it.


  alternate v.交替;轮流

  同rotate, reciprocate, interchange, take turns

  Dan and Mike alternated washing the dishes every night.


  aptly adv.适当地

  同appropriately, properly, suitably, fittingly

  The breathtaking green valley below was aptly named Beautiful Valley.


  banal adj.陈腐的

  同common, trite, stereotyped, stale, hackneyed, cliched

  Chris' banal advice was no help to us in solving our problem.


  campaign n.活动;战役

  同operation, movement, battle, fight, combat

  The campaign to end poverty in the country is far from over.


  cluster n.聚集同clump, bunch, batch

  The tree had clusters of white flowers at the end of each branch.


  Compute v.计算

  同count, estimate, calculate, measure, reckon, figure

  Darla had to compute exactly how many chairs and tables would be needed for all the dinner guests.


  contention n.争论;争斗

  同competition, struggle, argument, conflict

  There was much contention about the proposed city subway system.


  dawn n.黎明

  同sunrise, daybreak

  Jane awoke at dawn, while everyone else in the house was still sleeping.


  deplore v.感到遗憾

  同mourn, grieve, sorrow

  Ms. Adams deplored the lack of money in education and made a large donation to her local school.


  discreet adj.谨慎的

  同prudent, cautious, judicious, careful, wary

  Pauline was discreet about handing me a note in English class.


  eerie adj.阴森的;可怕的

  同weird, awesome, fearful, ghastly, spooky

  That night we heard an eerie sound as we were playing cards.


  egotistic adj.自负的

  同self-centered, egocentric, narcissistic, self-important

  As he began to earn more and more money, his personality became more and more egotistic.


  endure v.忍耐;持久n. endurance

  同bear, abide, tolerate, stand

  I cannot endure the noise and dirt from the construction site next to my house.


  facile adj.轻易的;灵巧的

  同easy, skillful, adroit, effortless, simple

  Her facile reply to the problem with the computer was to turn it off.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. We compromised and _____ between watching the drama series Joe liked and my favorite sports show.

  2. A _____ to end corruption in the government has just begun.

  3. The teachers' only _____ to ending the strike was the schoolshavingssmaller class sizes.

  4. After all they had _____ during the war, anything seemed possible to them.

  5. The _____ movement of her hands over the keyboard showed her years of practice on the piano.

  解答:1. Alternated 2. Campaign 3. Contention 4. Endured 5. facile

  flush v.①脸红②逐出

  同1.blush, redden 2.eject, expel

  When she smiled at him, his face flushed bright red.


  gallant adj.勇敢的

  同brave, daring, courageous

  A gallant man jumpedsintosthe river to save the drowning child.


  halt v.停止

  同pull up, stop, pause

  The soldiers at the border halted the travelers to check their passports.


  idolize v.崇拜

  同admire, worship, adore

  Jackie idolizes her math teacher and wants to be just like her.杰姬崇拜她的数学老师,想成为和她一样的人。

  incessant adj.不断的同continuous, constant, ceaseless, continual, everlasting

  The incessant barking of my neighbor's dog kept me awake at night.


  inordinate adj.不节制的;过度的

  同excessive, immoderate, intemperate, exorbitant

  Doctors have reported an inordinate number of patients with the flu this winter.


  jettison v.丢弃;放弃

  同cast, throw, hurl, abandon, give up

  The ship's captain ordered that all extra cargo be jettisoned to prevent the ship from sinking.


  lament v.哀悼同deplore, bemoan, bewail

  Everyone in the neighborhood lamented the death of my Uncle Robert.


  luminous adj.发光的

  同bright, radiant, shining

  We looked up in the night sky and saw something luminous, which we thought was a UFO.


  magnitude n.强度

  同extent, immensity, great size, enormity

  The magnitude of the budget deficit is growing every day.

  预算赤字的情形日益恶化。*deficit n.赤字


  同1.credit, virtue, worth 2.deserve, be entitled to

  The city government's efforts to improve traffic safety deserve merit.


  navigate v.驾驶;航行

  同sail, cruise, steer

  We navigated the ship across the channel to return home.


  oblique adj.①歪斜的②闪烁其辞的

  同1.slanting, inclined, sloping, tilted 2.evasive, roundabout

  James planted his flower garden with oblique rows of tulips.


  ostracize v.排斥;放逐

  同shun, banish, expel, exile, expatriate

  After telling the teacher about their plans to cheat on the test, Billy was ostracized from the group.


  palatable adj.美味的;合口味的

  同delicious, savory, tasty, dainty

  This cake Albert baked is quite palatable.


  Perpetrate v.犯(罪);作(恶)

  同commit, perform, execute, inflict

  The police have not been able to find out who perpetrated the crime.


  plunder v.掠夺

  同rob, pillage, ravage, harry, sack, loot

  After the battle, the victorious soldiers plundered the villagers property.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. His _____ effort to save the drowning child led to his own death.

  2. All the people _____ the death of their president.

  3. Walter responded to my question with an _____ answer which only confused me more.

  4. When traveling abroad, we always worry how _____ the local cuisine will be.

  5. During the riot, many nearby stores were brokensintosand _____.

  解答:1. Gallant 2. Lamented 3. Oblique 4. Palatable 5. plundered

  prorogue v.休会

  同adjourn, postpone

  The legislature moved to prorogue the present session.


  quest n.探求同search, expedition, pursuit

  Many explorers' quests to find the source of the Mekong River were unsuccessful.


  raid n.袭击

  同attack, invasion, assault, inroad, incursion

  The general led a raid on the enemy's camp.



  同1.enjoy, appreciate 2.taste, flavor, gusto, savor

  Paul and Wanda relished the time they had off from work.


  retort v.反驳同respond, reply, answer, retaliate

  Amy retorted that she was not the one who left the dirty dishes in the sink.


  salutary adj.有益健康的;有益的

  同wholesome, helpful, salubrious, healthful

  Tina's losing the long distance race was actually salutary because it made her practice harder.


  serene adj.宁静的

  同calm, peaceful, composed, tranquil, pacific

  David finds the sound of ocean waves very serene.


  sluggish adj.迟缓的;怠惰的

  同idle, indolent, lazy, inactive, lethargic

  The medicine Gary took for his cold made him feel sluggish.


  sporadic adj.零星的

  同occasional, irregular

  Sporadic loss of memory is common in old age.


  strident adj.粗糙的;尖锐的

  同harsh, shrill, rough, sharp

  Larry's strident voice was difficult to listen to for more than five minutes.


  surmount v.克服;超越

  同exceed, overcome, conquer, vanquish, surpass

  Ada was able to surmount her fear of heights by learning to rock climb.



  同1.count, reckoning, score 2.accord, match, conform

  The final tally in the soccer match was 7:3.


  tilt v.倾斜

  同incline, lean, slant, cant

  Don't put your glass of tea on that table; it tilts to the left and your drink might spill.


  Unanimous adj.全体一致的

  同harmonious, united, accordant, agreeing

  It was our office's unanimous decision to take the day off.


  vague adj.模糊的;暧昧的

  同dim, obscure, ambiguous, indistinct, unclear

  Janet's answer to my question was vague and did not help me understand my problem any better.


  wallow v.打滚

  同toss, tumble, roll, flounder

  Because the weather was so hot, the pigs were wallowing in the mud trying to cool off.


  yield v.①让步;屈服②生产

  同1.succumb, give in, submit, surrender 2.produce, bear

  Carl finally yielded to his son's demands for a new toy.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. Mark is _____ his long-deserved vacation from the office.

  2. The magazine article I just read tells of the _____ effects of regular exercise for older women.

  3. The pain in her arm was _____; it always seemed to disappear when she went to the doctor.

  4. Gary and Amy are _____ the results of the class elections.

  5. Sergeant Ames was a cruel man who would not _____ to his civilians' pleas for mercy.

 解答:1. Relishing 2. Salutary 3. Sporadic 4. Tallying 5. Yield

《托福高阶词汇》LIST 3

  alternate v.交替;轮流

  to do or use by turns

  contention n.争论;争斗

  the act of dispute, quarrel, etc.

  egotistic adj.自负的


  incessant adj.不断的

  continuing or being repeated without stopping

  inordinate adj.不节制的;过度的

  lacking restraint or moderation

  navigate v.驾驶;航行

  to steer or direct a ship or aircraft

  oblique adj.①歪斜的②闪烁其辞的

  having a slanting position or direction; not straight to the point

  prorogue v.休会

  to discontinue or end a session of a legislative assembly

  salutary adj.有益健康的;有益的

  promoting or conducive to health or some good purpose

  unanimous adj.全体一致的

  united in opinion

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