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《托福高阶词汇》LIST 2
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  abash v.使困窘;使局促不安

  同 embarrass, shame

  Ellen was abashed at the thought of making a speech in front of her entire school.


  adequate adj.足够的;适当的

  同 sufficient, ample, suitable, enough

  Mother decided that we had adequate rice for the week, so she didn't buy any at the store.



  同1.indifferent, detached 2.apart, at a distance

  The principal kept himself aloof from the arguments between the teachers.


  Aptitude n.能力;资质

  同flair, gift, knack

  Dean's aptitude in math helped him to become a successful engineer.


  ban n./v.禁止

  同(v.) forbid, prohibit; (n.) restriction

  The country banned the sale of ivory in an effort to stop the poaching of elephants.

  该国禁止买卖象牙,以遏止非法猎杀大象。*poach v.偷猎

  calm ①adj.平静的②v.使安静

  同1.mild, gentle, serene, pacific, tranquil 2.still, pacify

  Richard seemed very calm when he answered his wife, even though he was really very nervous.


  chapel n.小教堂


  On our tour of the castle, we saw the private chapelswheresthe king prayed.


  compulsory adj.强迫的;义务的

  同obligatory, required, requisite, mandatory

  Elementary education is compulsory in almost every country in the world.


  Contemptuous adj.轻蔑的v. contempt

  同scornful, sneering, disdainful

  Samuel made some contemptuous remarks about how no one in the office worked hard.塞缪尔用轻蔑的语气说,办公室里没有人在认真工作。

  Dank adj.潮湿的 同damp, moist, wet, soggy

  The basement in our house is dark and dank, so it is full of mold.


  Depose v.废除(王位);罢黜

  同 dethrone, oust

  The angry citizens wanted the king to be deposed.


  Discord n.意见不合

  同disharmony, dispute, conflict, quarrel

  We should try to talk with each other about our feelings, so there will be no discord among us.


  educe v.引出

  同bring out, draw forth, elicit

  The teacher was unable to educe an answer from her pupils.


  endorse v.赞同;背书

  同approve, support, sanction, advocate

  The political party endorsed Mark Smith as their candidate for governor.


  esteem n.尊敬同respect, honor, reverence

  I have the highest esteem for my colleague, Mark Smith.


  facet n. (事物的)一面

  同aspect, face, side, part

  Being a well-paid business woman is only one facet of her life.高薪阶层职业妇女的身份只是她生活的一个方面。

  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. I didn't have _____ time to finish the book before class.

  2. If the United States _____ the import of their products, their economy will suffer.

  3. All students at the university had to pass a _____ swimming test.

  4. _____ between the two political parties lessened slightly after the elections.

  5. The low _____ they felt for him was obvious when they ignored his every word.

  解答:1. Adequate 2. Bans 3. Compulsory 4. Discord 5. esteem

  fluctuate v.波动;变动

  同alternate, wave

  Some investors panic when stock prices fluctuate wildly.


  gainsay v.否认

  同deny, disagree

  There was no gainsaying the astronomer's knowledge about the planets.


  *astronomer n.天文学家

  hybrid n.混种;混血儿

  同half-breed, mixture

  Scientists have developed a hybrid of rice that is more resistant to diseases and insects.


  idiom n.习语;惯用语

  同expression, phrase

  When studying a foreign language, idioms are often the most difficult thing to learn.


  Inappropriate adj.不适合的

  同unsuitable, improper, unfit, incongruous

  This movie is very violent and is inappropriate for children to watch.


  innocuous adj.无害的

  同harmless, inoffensive, vapid, insipid, innocent

  I don't understand how such an innocuous children's book could cause such an uproar.


  *uproar n.骚动

  jerk n.拉扯

  同twitch, pull, yank

  I felt a jerk on my sleeve, then realized it was just a tree branch.


  laconic adj.简洁的

  同concise, compact, pithy, short, succinct

  Henry's date was very laconic, only saying two sentences the entire evening.


  lumber n.木材

  同wood, timber, logs

  A lot of lumber was needed to build the Smith's new house.


  magnify v.放大

  同enlarge, expand, amplify, augment

  Danny used a lens to magnify the tiny insect.

  丹尼利用镜片来放大那只微小的昆虫。*lens n. (pl.)镜片

  maritime adj.海洋的

  同marine, oceanic, nautical, seafaring

  The city is building a maritime museum near the harbor.


  merge v.合并

  同combine, blend, amalgamate

  The two mountain streams merged to form a single stream.


  obsequious adj.逢迎的;谄媚的

  同abject, servile, fawning, cringing

  The manager's obsequious assistant annoyed the other employees in the department.


  ornate adj.装饰的;华丽的

  同beautiful, ornamented, elaborate

  For my birthday, my father gave me a pair of ornate silver earrings.


  pact n.协定;条约

  同agreement, treaty, compact, contract

  The two countries signed a pact to end their fighting.


  perpendicular adj.垂直的

  同at a right angle, steep, upright

  Main Street runs perpendicular to Pine Street, and they meet at the city library.梅因街和松树街垂直交汇,路口就是市立图书馆。

  plume n.羽毛

  同feather, plumage

  The plumes of the peacock are beautiful and brightly colored.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. It is _____ to wear a T-shirt and jeans to a wedding ceremony.

  2. The teacher's _____ explanation answered all our questions.

  3. The cell was _____ ten times under the lens of the microscope.

  4. These two banks have _____ to form the largest bank in the country.

  5. The trade _____ was the most important agreement ever signed between the two countries.

  解答:1. Inappropriate 2. Laconic 3. Magnified 4. Merged 5. pact

  prickly adj.麻烦的

  同complicated, troublesome, intricate, trying

  She doesn't know how to deal with the prickly problem of inviting her ex-boyfriend to her wedding.


  querulous adj.爱抱怨的;发牢骚的

  同complaining, discontented, fretful

  The child's querulous questions were driving me crazy.


  radical adj.①基本的②偏激的

  同1.basic, fundamental 2.extreme, rash, drastic

  There was a radical difference between the two professors' theories.


  relinquish v.放弃;撤退

  同give up, forgo, disclaim, renounce

  Nora was not willing to relinquish her high paying job for more free time.


  retard v.阻碍

  同delay, hold up, stunt, impede

  Lack of sunlight will retard the growth of most plants.


  saline adj.咸的同salty

  Ocean water is so saline that you cannot drink it.


  sequel n.续集同consequence, continuation

  Scarlett is the immensely popular sequel to Gone with the Wind.


  slogan n.标语;口号

  同motto, catch-phrase

  The advertising company had to come up with a good slogan for the new brand of soda.


  spontaneous adj.自然的

  同natural, impulsive, ingenuous, instinctive

  Thesgroupsof children on the bus began a spontaneous singing of songs.


  strenuous adj.费力的;奋斗的

  同energetic, ardent, arduous, vigorous

  Ralph was not used to strenuous exercise, and hiking up the hill exhausted him.


  surmise v.臆测

  同guess, presume, conjecture, suppose

  We surmised by the clothes she was wearing that she was a chef.


  Tactic n.策略

  同maneuver, strategy

  Harry often cleans his room as a tactic to avoid doing his homework.


  Tier n.层

  同layer, stratum

  The newly-married couple had a three-tiered wedding cake at the banquet.


  *banquet n.宴会

  ultimatum n.最后通牒;哀的美敦书

  同demand, exaction, requirement

  The kidnapper's ultimatum was two million dollars by midnight, or the man would be killed.


  vagabond n.流浪汉

  同wanderer, vagrant, hobo

  Many vagabonds gathered at the back of this restaurant to find food.


  walkout n.罢工

  同protest, strike, stoppage

  Factory workers staged a walkout to protest for proper working conditions.


  yearn v.渴望

  同desire, long for, covet, hunger

  Elsa yearns for the day she can return to her native country.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. Lack of money will definitely _____ our project's progress.

  2. Thomas suddenly stood on the restaurant table and brokesintos_____ song.

  3. Nora has developed many _____ to avoid runningsintosher boss in the hallways of the office.

  4. The _____ found a bench in the park to sleep on for the night.

  5. He was _____ to return to his home once more and see his family.

  解答:1. Retard 2. Spontaneous 3. Tactics 4. Vagabond 5. yearning

《托福高阶词汇》LIST 2

  aptitude n.能力;资质

  a natural ability or talent

  compulsory adj.强迫的;义务的

  putsintosforce by the law, orders, etc.

  fluctuate v.波动;变动

  rise and fall; to change from one state to the opposite

  inappropriate adj.不适合的

  not proper

  innocuous adj.无害的

  that does not injure or harm

  obsequious adj.逢迎的;谄媚的

  too eager to obey or serve; overly submissive

  perpendicular adj.垂直的

  exactly upright, not leaning to one side or the other

  relinquish v.放弃;撤退

  to give up; yield

  strenuous adj.费力的;奋斗的

  requiring or characterized by great effort or energy

  surmise v.臆测

  to imagine or infer without conclusive evidence

  vagabond n.流浪汉

  a person who wanders from place to place,shavingsno fixed abode

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