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《托福高阶词汇》LIST 5
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  abet v.唆使;帮助

  同 aid, assist, support, encourage

  Norman was arrested for abetting the crime because he helped the robbers hide in his house.


  adjunct n.附属物;伴随物

  同 appendix, addition, supplement, complement, accessory

  The school president believed that a small garden would be a pleasing adjunct to the school grounds.


  altitude n.高度

  同 height, elevation

  Mountain climbers often carry oxygen tanks because the air is very thin at high altitudes.


  archaic adj.古老的

  同ancient, antique, outdated, obsolete, old

  The only source of heat in this old house was an archaic coal stove.


  banish v.放逐

  同 exile, dismiss, expel, deport

  The ex-president was banished from ever returning to his country.


  canvass v.①讨论②拉票;游说

  同1.examine, discuss, sift 2.solicit, campaign, poll

  Each mayoral candidate sent people to canvass various areas of the city.


  coalition n.联合

  同union, alliance, league

  A coalition of farmers' groups demanded more government support.


  conceive v.构想

  同 devise, frame

  The commandos conceived a complicated plan to rescue the kidnapped diplomat.


  *commando n.突击队

  contract v.收缩

  同 shrink, narrow, reduce

  The cold weather made the cement in the sidewalk contract until it finally cracked.


  deadlock n.停顿;僵持

  同bottleneck, impasse

  The peace talks reached a deadlock and nothing could be decided.


  deride v.嘲弄

  同laugh at, mock, sneer, taunt

  You should not deride children for their failures; you should encourage them to try again.


  discrete adj.个别的;分离的

  同 separate, distinct, discontinuous

  The different sections of the city are actually quite discrete and each has its own characteristics.


  elaborate adj.精巧的

  同intricate, delicate, painstaking, complicated

  The wedding dress' design was very elaborate and took many weeks to make.


  enhance v.加强

  同intensify, strengthen, heighten, advance, augment

  This new fax machine will enhance interoffice communications.


  ethnology n.民族学

  同study of races

  Dr. Henderson is a famous expert on Asian ethnology.


  facsimile n.摹写;复制

  同likeness, duplicate, copy, replica

  Gordon's painting was an almost perfect facsimile of the original.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. Mr. Warren was arrested for _____ enemy soldiers.

  2. In some cultures, criminals are _____ from the community and forced to live in the wilderness.

  3. Because none of us could _____ of a better idea, we all agreed to Sally's plan.

  4. A suggestion to bring in a mediator broke the _____ between the workers' union and company management.

  5. Charlie bought a machine that is supposed to _____ the sound quality of his computer.

  解答:1. abetting 2. banished 3. conceive 4. deadlock 5. enhance

  foible n.缺点;弱点

  同weakness, shortcoming, whimsy

  Talking too much is one of Jack's foibles that I find a little annoying.


  gasp v.喘气

  同 pant, choken

  Anna gasped for breath after she swam up from the bottom of the pool.


  haphazard adj.偶然的;随便的

  同 accidental, incidental, unplanned, unorganized

  Ethan made a haphazard attempt to find his lost watch, but gave up after only a few minutes.


  illicit adj.非法的

  同illegal, illegitimate

  The illicit sale of alcohol to minors is becoming a problem in our area.


  incredulous adj.怀疑的

  同 skeptical, doubtful, distrustful, suspicious, dubious

  Melissa was incredulous that Sam would remember to pay this month's bills on time.


  insatiable adj.贪婪的

  同 greedy, voracious

  Nothing seemed to satisfy Brian's insatiable appetite.


  jubilant adj.喜悦的

  同 overjoyed, rejoicing, enraptured, elated

  We were jubilant at the news that Carla had been accepted at the university.


  languid adj.无精神的

  同 weak, weary, sluggish, inert, lethargic, drooping

  The incredible summer heat and humidity made us all feel languid.


  lust n.欲望

  同 desire, sensuality, avarice, carnality

  The lust he felt for her seemed to take over his entire thought process.


  malice n.怨恨

  同spite, ill will, animosity

  After their argument, the malice between Teri and Fred seemed to grow.


  metropolitan adj.大都市的

  同 civil, urban, city-wide

  Shanghai is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world.


  nefarious adj邪恶的

  同 heinous, wicked, vicious, villainous, evil, atrocious

  The bomber's nefarious deed destroyed many innocent lives.


  obscene adj.猥亵的

  同indecent, filthy, foul, lewd, dirty

  The protesters shouted some obscene remarks at the police officers.


  outburst n.爆发

  同eruption, explosion, blowup

  A sudden outburst of fighting among rival soccer fans developedsintosa riot.


  panacea n.万灵药

  同 cure-all, universal remedy

  Although this drug will help some cancer patients, it is not a panacea.


  patricide n.杀父罪

  When a will was discovered near the man's dead body, patricide was suspected.


  perplex v.使困惑

  同puzzle, baffle, bewilder, confound

  We were perplexed by John's peculiar behavior.


  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. I was _____ that Paul had actually drawn the sketch because it was not like his style.

  2. Tess was exhausted, and each of her steps seemed more _____ than the last.

  3. Although the two of them have petty arguments frequently, there is no real ______ between them.

  4. The subway system covers the entire _____ area of Washington D.C..

  5. We were all _____ as to how to repair the microwave oven.

  解答:1. incredulous 2. languid 3. malice 4. metropolitan 5. perplexed

  priority n.①在前②优先权

  同 1.antecedent 2.preference, greater importance

  Getting food to the famine victims is a priority for the relief workers.


  quiescent adj.安静的

  同still, motionless, fixed, stationary

  Stan stared for hours at the quiescent scene of the Japanese rock garden.


  random adj.随便的;无目的的

  同casual, haphazard, fortuitous, unplanned

  It was hard to find the CD I wanted because the store clerks had put all the CDs in random order.


  retrospect n.回顾

  同reminiscence, reflection, remembrance, review

  This movie is a retrospect on the life of Sun Yat-sen.


  reverberate v.回响;回荡

  同 echo, rebound, resound, recoil

  The music coming from the great organ reverberated through the entire church.


  sanitary adj.卫生的

  同hygienic, clean, sterilized, germfree, safe

  Hospitals must keep everything sanitary to prevent the spread of germs.


  sever v.切断

  同 separate, cut off, cleave

  The road workers accidentally severed a water pipe.


  smudge n.污点

  同 smear, soil, blotch, stain

  You have a smudge of chocolate on your shirt.


  squander v.浪费

  同 waste, dissipate

  Kevin was broke because he had squandered all his money gambling.


  stripe n.条纹

  同 line, streak, band

  Eric bought a new shirt that has green and yellow stripes on it.


  surplus n.剩余

  同 excess, remainder, oversupply

  The farmer decided to sell some of his corn surplus instead of storing it.


  tantamount adj.相等的

  同equivalent, equal

  The wages workers earn in that factory are tantamount to nothing.


  tint n.色彩

  同 hue, tinge

  Norma would like her new car to have a green tint.


  uncanny adj.不可思议的

  同 fantastic, mysterious, eerie, unearthly, weird

  Walter has the uncanny ability to know when the boss is going to call a meeting.


  vanquish v.征服;击败

  同 crush, conquer, overcome, overwhelm

  The enemy was vanquished at last.


  wane v.亏缺

  同decrease, lessen, ebb

  The moon wanes to a thin crescent every month.

  月亮每月会渐亏为下弦月。*crescent n.新月

  zealot n.狂热者

  同 devotee, fan, partisan, believer

  Many religious zealots will do nearly anything to gain converts.


  *convert n.皈依者

  Exercise: Fill in the blanks.

  1. In _____, I realized that I had been wrong in ending my friendship with Julie.

  2. He was a careless worker, and the machine he was working with suddenly _____ his hand.

  3. The resemblance between the two men is absolutely _____.

  4. Genghis Khan _____ most of Asia, establishing the Mongol Empire.

  5. Mr. Harris is a _____ when it comes to the idea of cleanliness.

  解答:1. retrospect 2. severed 3. uncanny 4. vanquished 5. zealot

《托福高阶词汇》LIST 5

  List 5难词分析

  adjunct n.附属物;伴随物

  ad+juncta thing added to something else, butsecondary or not essential to it

  altitude n.高度



  elaborate adj.精巧的

  worked out with much care and in great detail

  facsimile n.摹写;复制

  exact production or copy

  illicit adj.非法的

  not allowed by law

  incredulous adj.怀疑的

  showing doubt or disbelief

  insatiable adj.贪婪的

  that cannot be satisfied

  nefarious adj.邪恶的

  very wicked

  panacea n.万能药

  remedy for all diseases

  retrospect n.回顾

  the act of looking back towards the past

  sanitary adj.卫生的

  free from danger to health

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