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http://www.sina.com.cn 2004/04/27 15:15  英语辅导报

  41. He asked us to________them in carrying through their plan.

  A) provide B) arouse C) assist D) persist


  【解析】答案为C。本题测试两组动词形近词辨析。A) provide供应,供给;D) persist坚持,继续;B) arouse唤醒,唤起,鼓励;C) assist援助,帮助,assist sb. in doing sth.帮助(某人)做……为固定搭配。

  42. A good many proposals were raised by the delegates, ________was to be expected.

  A) that B) what C) so D) as


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试as作为关系代词引导的定语从句。作为关系代词,as可用来指代它前面或后面的主句所表达的意思。as可置于句首或句子后部,在它所引导的定语从句中必须承担一个语法成分,即不是作主语就是作宾语,如:As is announced in today's newspapers, there will be an earthquake in the next few days.(as作主语);I usually take a nap after lunch, as is my habit. (as作主语);As you will find out, I will never let you down. (as作宾语)

  43. He was such a________speaker that he held our attention every minute of the three-hour lecture.

  A) specific B) dynamic C) heroicD) diplomatic【译文】他讲话很有感染力;三个小时的演讲中,每一分钟都吸引着我们的注意力。

  【解析】答案为B。本题测试同词尾形容词词义辨析。A) specific详细而精确的,明确的,特殊的;B) dynamic动力的,动态的,有活力的;C) heroic英雄的,英勇的;D) diplomatic外交的,老练的。

  44. Arriving home, the boy told his parents about all the ________which occurred in his dormitory.

  A) occasions B) matters C) incidents D) issues


  【解析】答案为C。本题测试名词词义辨析。A) occasion场合,时机;B) matter问题,物质;C) incident事件(普通用语,特指争端),如:The Lugouqiao Incident, which occurred on July 7, 1937, was staged by the Japanese imperialist.(1937年7月7日的芦沟桥事变是日本帝国主义发动的。);D) issue出版,发行,问题。

  45. The opening between the rocks was very narrow, but the boys managed to________through.

  A) press B) squeeze C) stretch D) leap


  【解析】答案为B。本题测试动词词义辨析。A) press压,按;B) squeeze压榨,挤;C) stretch伸展,伸长;D) leap跳,跳跃。

  46. They are trying to________the waste discharged by the factory for profit.

  A) expose B) exhaust C) exhibit D) exploit


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试同前缀动词词义辨析。A) expose使暴露,揭露;B) exhaust用尽,耗尽,使筋疲力尽;C) exhibit展出,陈列;D) exploit开发,利用。

  47. The manager urged his staff not to________the splendid opportunity.

  A) drop B) miss C) escape D) slide【译文】经理鼓励员工不要错过大好机会。

  【解析】答案为B。本题测试动词词义辨析。A) drop滴下,落下,下降;B) miss未击中,没找到,错过;C) escape逃,逃避,逃脱;D) slide(使)滑动,滑行。

  48.________I admire David as a poet, I do not like him as a man.

  A) Much as B) Only if C) If only D) As much【译文】虽然我崇拜诗人大卫,但我不喜欢他的为人。

  【解析】答案为A。本题测试复合连词辨义。A) much as非常像,和……几乎一样,虽然,即使;B) only if决不,除非;C) if only要是,只要,要是……多好;D) as much同样数量,同样的事。

  49. Because of a________engagement, Lora couldn't attend my birthday party last Saturday.

  A) pioneer B) premature C) prior D) past


  【解析】答案为C。本题测试形容词词义辨析。A) pioneer先驱,倡导者;B) premature(时机)未成熟的,太早的,早熟的;C) prior优先的,在前的,预先的;D) past过去的,结束的。

  50. The continuous rain________ the harvesting of the wheat crop by two weeks.

  A) set back B) set off C) set out D) set aside【译文】连续的大雨使小麦收割推迟了两周。

  【解析】答案为A。本题测试短语动词辨析。A) set back阻碍,耽搁,延迟;B) set off起程,出发,使爆炸,发射;C) set out出发,动身,启程,开始,着手;D) set aside留出,拨出,储蓄。此类搭配还有很多,需要记忆的有:set about开始,着手;set down写下,抄下,记下;set in降临,来到,开始;set on/upon攻击,袭击,煽动,挑唆;set to开始认真干起来,动手做;set up竖立,建造,设立,开业。请参考CET4/1998/1/52. Having decided to rent a flat, we________contacting all the accommodation agencies in the city. (A) set about B) set down C) set out D) set up

  51. Not having a good command of English can be a serious________preventing you from achieving your goals. A) obstacle B) fault C) offense D) distress


  【解析】答案为A。本题测试名词词义辨析。A) obstacle障碍,妨害物;B) fault过错,缺点,故障;C) offense进攻;D) distress悲痛,穷困,不幸,危难。

  52. It's very________of you not to talk aloud while the baby is asleep.

  A) concerned B) careful

  C) considerable D) considerate


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试形容词词义辨析。A) concerned关心的,有关的;B) careful小心的,仔细的;C) considerable相当大(或多)的,值得考虑的,相当可观的;D) considerate考虑周到的。

  53. Many a player who had been highly thought of has________from the tennis scene.

  A) disposed B) disappeared

  C) discouraged D) discarded


  【解析】答案为B。本题测试同前缀动词词义辨析。A) dispose处理,处置,布置;B) disappear消失,不见;C) discourage使气馁,阻碍;D) discard丢弃,抛弃,放弃。

  54. She's fainted. Throw some water on her face and she'll________.

  A) come round B) come along

  C) come on D) come out


  【解析】答案为A。本题测试短语动词辨析。A) come round到来,来访,苏醒,复原;B) come along来到,出现;C) come on进步,发展,偶遇,(用于祈使句)走吧,快点,来吧;D) come out出来,(日、月等)出现,(花等)开放。此类搭配还有很多,需要记忆的有:come about发生,产生;come across偶然碰见,意外找到;come at得到,达到,袭击,攻击;come forth出来,涌现;come to来到,到达,共计,总共,涉及,关于;come to oneself苏醒,恢复知觉;come up with提出,提供。

  55. All their attempts to________the child from the burning building were in vain.

  A) regain B) recover

  C) rescue D) reserve


  【解析】答案为C。本题测试同前缀动词词义辨析。A) regain收回,恢复,重新夺回;B) recover痊愈,恢复,复原;C) rescue援救,营救;D) reserve储备,保存,预定。

  56. Computer technology will________a revolution in business administration.

  A) bring around B) bring about

  C) bring out D) bring up


  【解析】答案为B。本题测试短语动词辨析。A) bring around使苏醒过来,使恢复知觉;B) bring about带来,产生,造成,引起,导致;C) bring out拿出,显示出,出版,生产;D) bring up养育,抚养,教育,培养。此类搭配还有很多,需要记忆的有:bring forth使出现,产生,创立,引起,造成,提出,公布;bring home to sb.使(某人)清楚地认识到,使(某人)深切地感到;bring off救出,获得成功,实现,完成;bring on引起,造成,导致。请参考CET4/1994/1/47. We have to________the costs of the construction project.(我们必须降低建设项目的成本。)A) bring off B) bring forth C) bring down D) bring back。

  57. The university has launched a research center to develop new ways of________bacteria which have become resistant to drug treatments.

  A) regulating B) halting

  C) interrupting D) combating


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试动词词义辨析。A) regulate调节;B) halt停止,暂停,中断;C) interrupt打断(别人的讲话或行动),中断,妨碍;D) combat战斗,格斗,搏斗,抗击。

  58. The________goal of the book is to help bridge the gap between research and teaching, particularly the gap between researchers and teachers.

  A) joint B) intensive

  C) overall D) decisive


  【解析】答案为C。本题测试形容词词义辨析。A) joint共同的,联合的,连接的;B) intensive强烈的,精深的;C) overall全部的,全面的;D) decisive决定性的。

  59. The rapid development of communications technology is transforming the ________in which people communicate across time and space.

  A) route B) transmission

  C) vision D) manner


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试名词词义辨析。A) route路线,路程,通道;B) transmission播送,发射,传送,传输;C) vision视力,视觉,眼力,想象力,幻想;D) manner礼貌,风格,方式,样式。

  60. When I go out in the evening I use the bike________ the car if I can.

  A) rather than B) regardless of

  C) in spite of D) other than


  【解析】答案为A。本题测试副词短语辨义。A) rather than与其……(不如),不是……(而是),如:He lay rather than sat in his armchair.(与其说他是坐在扶手椅上不如说是躺在里边。);B) regardless of不管,不顾;C) in spite of不管;D) other than不同于,除了,如:The truth is quite other than what you think.(事实和你想的完全不一样。)。

  61. There is no________evidence that people can control their dreams, at least in experimental situations in a lab.

  A) rigid B) solid

  C) smooth D) harsh


  【解析】答案为B。本题测试形容词词义辨析。A) rigid坚硬的,刚性的,严格的;B) solid固体的,坚固的,可靠的,一致的;C) smooth平滑的,平坦的,流畅的;D) harsh粗糙的,荒芜的,苛刻的,刺耳的。

  62. Every culture has developed ________ for certain kinds of food and drink, and equally strong negative attitudes toward others.

  A) preferences B) expectations

  C) fantasies D) fashions


  【解析】答案为A。本题测试名词词义辨析。A) preference偏爱,优先选择;B) expectation期待,预料,指望;C) fantasy幻想,白日梦;D) fashion样子,方式,流行,时尚。

  63. It is reported that Uruguay understands and________China on human rights issues.

  A) grants B) changes

  C) abandons D) backs


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试动词词义辨析。A) grant同意,准予;B) change改变,变化;C) abandon放弃,遗弃;D) back后退,支持。

  64. Only a few people have ________to the full facts of the incident.

  A) access B) resort

  C) contact D) path


  【解析】答案为A。本题测试名词词义辨析。A) access通路,接近(或进入)的机会,享用权(常与to搭配),如:have regular access to the President(有经常见到总统的机会);B) resort求助,凭借,采用(常与to搭配),如:resort to force(诉诸武力),forbid the resort to harsh measures(禁止采用严厉措施);C) contact接触,联系;D) path道路,途径。

  access这个词在四级考试已出现多次,考生一定要多加注意。请参考CET4/1998/6/63. Over a third of the population was estimated to have no________to the health service. A) assessment B) assignment C) exception D) access

  CET4/2002/1/51. There is no________to the house from the main road. (从大路没有到这个房子的通路。)A)access B) avenue C) exposure D) edge

  65. His trousers ________when he tried to jump over the fence.

  A) cracked B) split C) broke D) burst


  【解析】答案为B。本题测试动词近义词辨析。A) crack(使)破裂;B) split劈开,裂开,裂口;C) break打破,折断,弄坏;D) burst爆裂,炸破。

  66. So far, ________winds and currents have kept the thick patch of oil southeast of the Atlantic coast.

  A) governing B) blowing C) prevailing D) ruling


  【解析】答案为C。本题测试动词词义辨析。A) govern统治,支配,管理;B) blow风吹,吹动……;C) prevail流行,盛行,获胜,prevailing wind为气象用语,意为"盛行风";D) rule统治,支配。

  67. The author was required to submit an________of about 200 words together with his research paper.

  A) edition B) editorial C) article D) abstract


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试两组名词形近词词义辨析。A) edition版本,版;B) editorial社论;C) article文章,论文,商品;D) abstract摘要,概要。

  68. As the old empires were broken up and new states were formed, new official tongues began to________at an increasing rate.

  A) bring up B) build up

  C) spring up D) strike up


  【解析】答案为C。本题测试动词短语辨析。A) bring up养育,抚养,教育,培养;B) build up建立,建造,增加,增强,累积,聚积;C) spring up发生,出现;D) strike up开始演奏(或歌唱),开始(与人结识、谈话等)。

  69. Many patients insist on having watches with them in hospital, ________ they have no schedules to keep.

  A) even though B) for C) as if D) since


  【解析】答案为A。本题测试连词与复合连词的辨析。A) even though即使;B) for为了,因为;C) as if好像;D) since既然,因为。

  70. Some plants are very________to light; they prefer the shade.

  A) sensible B) flexible

  C) objective D) sensitive


  【解析】答案为D。本题测试形容词词义辨析。A) sensible有感觉的,明智的,有判断力的;B) flexible灵活的,柔软的,易弯曲的;C) objective客观的;D) sensitive敏感的,灵敏的。


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