Subprime当选美国07年年度词汇(图) 2008年01月16日 10:27   河南报业网-大河报

  Used to describe a risky loan,“subprime”has been chosen as the Word of the Year 2007 by American Dialect Society at its annual convention recently.


  About 80 members of the organization spent two days debating the merits of runners-up “Facebook”,“green”,“Google ganger”and “water boarding”before voting for an adjective that means “a risky or less than ideal loan,mortgage or investment”.

  此前,美国方言学会的约80名成员就评选年度词汇进行了为期两天的讨论。Facebook(美国在线社交网站)、green(绿色)、Google ganger (谷歌替身)和water boarding(水刑)都在讨论之列。最终,他们投票选定意味着“高风险贷款或投资”的形容词“次级”为2007年度词汇。

  The choice signifies the public's concern for a “deepening mortgage crisis”,the society said in a statement.


  “Facebook”,as a noun,verb or adjective,was popular with younger linguists,said Wayne Glowka,a spokesman for the group.

  该组织发言人韦恩·格洛卡说,年轻的语言学家们更青睐Facebook 一词,Facebook 既可用作名词,也可用作形容词和动词。

  Several people lobbied for “green”,which “designates environmental concern”,but the term has been around for years,he said.The word topped the 2007“Most Useful”category,one of numerous subgroups the society choses.


  The group also decided that although “waterboarding”,an interrogation technique that simulates drowning,gained a lot of attention during recent attorney general confirmation hearings,it was a bigger deal in 2004,Glowka said.


  But what's a “Googleganger”?


  A play on “doppelganger”,the word is “a person with your name who shows up when you Google yourself”,according to the society. It was named as the “Most Creative”word.

  据介绍,“Googleganger(谷歌替身)”是根据(德语)doppelganger(面貌相似的人)一词改造而来,指的是在Google上搜索自己时发现的与自己同名同姓的人。Googleganger 被评为“最具创意词汇”。

  In 2006,the organization chose “plutoed”,which means “to be demoted or devalued”.


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