The flashy T-Bird, or Thunderbird, the Beach Boys sang about is one of many Ford-built cars to capture the popular imagination. Over the decades, those cars have inspired road tours ……
Redneck & McCarthy
Redneck & McCarthy

  我们在上一个节目里讲了两个美国共和党用来攻击民主党的名称。现在我们来讲两个人们用来形容保守派的常用语。政界人士往往用那些带有浓厚党派色彩的语言来攻击对方,特别是在竞选的……>>READ MORE

Let Me Pick up the Tab
Tax-and-spend Liberal
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·Redneck & McCarthy
·Tax-and-spend Liberal
·Let Me Pick up the Tab
·To Give someone the Hook
·Right on the Mark
·Sacred Cow & Dark Horse
·Give me a Break
·To Break the News
·Slow Burn
·Like Greased Lightning
·Bread and Butter
·As Light as a Feather
·Birds of a Feather
·To Touch Base
  ·Which Column is Your Favorite in VOA?
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Arts & Culture
·Ford Celebrates 100 Years of Automaking
·Movie Theaters to Go Digital…Slowly
·Vatican to Return 16th Century Icon to Russia
·Two Brothers Explores World of Young Tigers
·Bestseller Compared to Popular Da Vinci Code
·Shaq Agent: NBA Star Would be Happy With Miami
·Iraqi Wrestlers Pursue Olympic Dreams
·Yao Ming to Lead Chinese Olympic Basketball Team
·Top US College Coach Offer to Lead NBA LA Lakers
·Olympic Flame Visits Ukraine as The 29th Stop
·Developing Countries Discuss Fair Trade for Farmers
·Vietnam Faces Challenge of WTO Entry
·Job-Sharing Provides Unique Hiring Option
·IMF Postpones Decision on Zimbabwe Expulsion
·WTO Members Meet for Trade Talks in Paris
·Student Winners of the Intel International Science
·Intel Excellence in Science Teaching Awards
·EDUCATION REPORT–Electronic Games in Education
·International Children's Digital Library
·EDUCATION REPORT - Shorter School Week
Science & Tech
·Quirky Collections Featured at Online Museums
·Encyclopedias Transition into Internet Age
·Progress in Developing New Type of AIDS Drug
·NASA Delays Atmosphere Satellite Launch
·EC Warns 13 Nations on Water Pollution

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