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中、英文化差别在哪些方面呢? 生活方式有什么不同呢? 要想了解英国社会的更多方方面面, 请留目英国问答。
British Gentlemen 英国绅士

Actor Colin Firth gets ready for his film role as a gentleman
What makes the perfect gentleman?

 To many Chinese minds, they believe that British people are gentlemen. However I heard that many young people are addicted to drinking and other things, and I wonder whether British people really are still gentlemen as before?
Amanda, Haikou

As Amanda from Haikou points out in this week's question, many Chinese people have the impression that British people are gentlemen.

But how much truth is there to this perception? And what is a gentleman?

Finn Aberdein and Yang Li find out what makes a real gentleman with the help of Diana Mather, an expert in social etiquette.

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