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中、英文化差别在哪些方面呢? 生活方式有什么不同呢? 要想了解英国社会的更多方方面面, 请留目英国问答。
British Superstitions 英国人的迷信

A broken mirror
Sorry, that's seven years bad luck…

 I want to know Britain's superstitions, for example a broken mirror, touch wood, a black cat and so on. Thanks.
Yang Botao, Zhengzhou University

Britain is a superstitious nation, or so it would seem. One survey suggests that half of British people are superstitious about walking under ladders.

Interestingly, three quarters use the curious phrase 'touch wood', which is related to an ancient superstition.

But what does the phrase mean? And where does it come from? Finn Aberdein and Jean Dong talk about some of Britain's favourite superstitions in today's Ask About Britain.

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