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中、英文化差别在哪些方面呢? 生活方式有什么不同呢? 要想了解英国社会的更多方方面面, 请留目英国问答。
Speaking American English 感受美式英语

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Is it OK to speak American English in Britain?

 I speak American English and I want to know, does it really make any difference by speaking American English to British people?
Lily, Beijing

It is very common for a Chinese person to learn American English – but is this a problem if you come to Britain? Does it really make a difference if you speak American English in Britain or when you talk to a British person in English?

Lily asks us this question in this week's Ask About Britain and Jo and Oliver investigate. Our very own BBC Learning English language expert gives us her advice and some British people tell us what they think.

Listen to Jo's report to find out if it really does make a difference what kind of English you speak with a British person.

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