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中、英文化差别在哪些方面呢? 生活方式有什么不同呢? 要想了解英国社会的更多方方面面, 请留目英国问答。
UK Children Learning English 英国孩子学英语

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English is taught every day in most UK primary schools

 My name is Zhao Cheng-chun. I come from Shanghai. My question is how do British children learn English? And what's the main difference between learning English in Britain and in China?

For British children English is their naturally acquired language. They hear English all around them from the moment they are born. They understand a lot of English before they can even speak.

This is of course different from the situation where a Chinese person is learning English in China. But there are tips that you can learn to speed up your progress.

Yang Li and Finn Aberdein talk to a primary school teacher and two English language teaching experts about their observations and experience in terms of teaching children English.

When you finish listening you can try the quiz to check your understanding.

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