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Wedding Traditions 婚礼习俗

A bride and groom drinking champagne
Women traditionally wear white on their wedding day

 Why do British people throw bridal bouquet at the end of their wedding? When and where does this custom come from?
Leilah Lee, China

At a traditional British wedding, the bride wears a beautiful white dress and carries a bouquet of flowers. However, many women now choose other colours for their wedding dress, such as pink, red, gold, or lilac.

What colours are considered unlucky for a wedding in the UK? Why do people throw confetti or flowers over the bride and groom? And why does the bride throw her bouquet to her friends at the end of the wedding?

Helen Hu visits the National Wedding Show in London to find out more about these wedding traditions and superstitions.

Listen to Helen's programme and then you can try the quiz to check your understanding.

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