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Lesson One之对话篇
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  Short Conversations (短对话)
  Read aloud the concersation two times, and then listen to the tape without looking at the text.
  Helping the Homeless

  Girl 1: Hi.

  Whittaker: Hi, thanks for coming.

  Girl 2: Hey, what's this all about, Whit?

  Girl 3: I've been on pins and needles1 ever since church.

  Whittaker: Ooo-hoo, well, I figured2 a little suspense3 might increase your interest. Whet your appetite4, so to speak5.

  Girl 1: We're /having/ lunch?

  Whittaker: No, and there are a lot of other people who won't today either.

  Girl: 2: Huh?

  Whittaker: You know how the pastor's6 been preaching7 about love and compassion8 over the last couple of Sundays?

  Girls: Yeah?

  Whittaker: Well, the elders decided that we need to extend9 that compassion to the homeless in our area. You know - those who don't have food or shelter. Now they've come up with10 an idea to make next week 'Compassion Week'-seven days of programs to help those in need11. I figured the young people of the church should, well, have a chance to help out12 too.

  Girl 3: Help out?

  Whittaker: Well, because of your particular talents, I thought the three of you might come up with an idea to help raise money, clothing or food for the homeless. What do you think?

  Girl 1: Why not? I'll help.

  Girl 2: Yeah, me too.

  Girl 3: Me three.

  Whittaker: Good. I knew I could count on13 you.


  1.on pins and needles:如坐针毡

  用法:I was on pins and needles until I knew my marks.



  用法:I figure Victor's job as an English teacher is a lot of fun for most people would rather stand up and yell than to sit still and listen.



  用法:A good thriller is a story that keeps you in suspense until the last chapter.


  4.whet sb's appetite:调起某人的胃口,引起某人的兴趣

  用法:He whetted her appetite to stay in the company by supplying high salary.他通过给高薪使她乐意继续留在公司干。

  5.so to speak:可以说

  用法:He is satisfied with his family, work and life, so he has, so to speak, nothing to repent of.


  6.pastor: (基督教中主管一个教堂的)牧师


  用法:Buddha continued to preach until the age of eighty, spreading the philosophy that man has the power to shape his own destiny.



  用法:My mother could not helpshavingscompassion for the poor.



  用法:The rich father extended a diamond ring to his daughter on her birthday.


  10.come up with:提出

  用法:He has come up with a plan that can easily get the supervisor's approval.


  11.in need:在危难中,需要帮助的

  用法:A friend in need is a friend indeed.


  12.help out:帮助(某人)解决困难

  用法:He paused and she saw he did not mean to help her out.


  13.count on:依靠

  用法: The poor widow counted on the government relief to make a living.



  Long Conversations (长对话)
  Conversations: (Find a partner and practice these dialogues.)


  Laura: Sorry, Victor!

  Victor: Laura! "Sorry" doesn't cut1 it! You were supposed to meet me right here - forty minutes ago! You're late, as usual!

  Laura: Now! Now! What's a few minutes between friends?

  Victor: You don't get it!

  Laura: (Reading a note on the bulletin board) Oh, look! I must check them out!

  Victor: Hold it! We had a date2!

  Laura: Come with me?

  Victor: No way! I hate shopping with you. You try on every dress, and it drives me crazy!

  Laura: Well, it'll only take a sec3. Just a tiny peek4 at the new fashions. Aren't you coming in?

  Victor: No, thank you. I'll wait outside.


  Laura: I, Victor! I'm finished. Okay. I'm ready to go on our date.

  Victor: It's too late to catch the movie.

  Laura: Give me another chance. Please!

  Victor: Well, okay. I'll pick you up5 at 8 p.m. sharp6. We'll go dancing.


  Laura:Aha! 8 o'clock! Made it. Ready. This outfit7 should make up8 for all the times I was late. Hmmph! Now Victor's five minutes late. Who does he think he is, keeping me waiting? I went to a lot of trouble to look awesome9! Twenty-five minutes already! Boy! I'm hot!…Wait! I get it. Victor is trying to teach me a lesson…trying to give me a taste of my own medicine10. Nine o'clock and he's still not here. I believe he actually stood me up!11If he is not coming, I'll settle in12 for the evening and changesintossomething comfortable.(A knock at the door).

  Victor:Laura! Ready?

  Laura:Victor! Err…

  Victor:I was caught in a terrible traffic jam and didn't move an inch for two hours. Boy! Even though I'm late, you're still not ready!


  1.cut it: to be able to deal with a problem satisfactorily令人满意地处理问题

  用法:(1)If she can't cut it, then we'll get someone else to do the job.


  (2)"Sorry" doesn't cut it!意为:光抱歉有什么用!

  2.date: meeting or appointment和…约好了的时间,(男女间的)约会

  go on a date with somebody和某人约会

  用法:We made a date to go to the opera this evening.


  3.sec.: second, "秒"的缩写形式

  4.peek: have a glance look quickly and secretly一瞥,匆忙看过,偷看

  用法:(1)peek at somebody's diary偷看别人的日记;

  (2)peek at others' privacy偷看别人的隐私

  5.pick...up: (顺便)接

  用法:I will pick you up after work right at the company gate.



  用法:How about meeting at 4:00 p.m. sharp?


  7.outfit: a set of clothes衣服

  用法:(1)She looks great with the wedding outfit.


  (2)She bought a new outfit for the awarding ceremony.


  8.make up: compensate for弥补

  用法:Sometimes the crimes which have been committed can not be made up.


  9.awesome: causing admiration or fear令人敬畏的,可怕的;这里是口语用法,表示wonderful or better than average极好的、比一般的要好

  用法:My girlfriend thought my new car was really awesome.


  10.a taste of one's own medicine:以其人之道还治其人之身

  用法:Maria gave Peter a taste of his own medicine by not returning the money back。


  11 stand somebody up: to fail to keep an appointment with爽约,相当于现代汉语口语中的"晾了某人","晒了某人","放鸽子"等。

  用法:If you continue standing your boyfriend up, he will get annoyed.


  12 settle in:to stop activity to rest or sleep停止某一活动去休息或睡觉

  用法:I will settle in for the evening if there is no work.


  Exercise: Turn the three mini-dialogues/into/ONE descriptive narrative. Use only indirect speech.


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