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Unit 18:Mainly revision
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 Passage 1


  I was on a train the other day,in an empty compartment,and I wanted to read the last part of a detective story.Then the door opened and a mother with two small children asked me,"May we sit here,Madam?"At first I wanted to say,"well,actually,Im reading an exciting book and I'd like to finish it.Could you find another compartment?"

  But of course I said,"Yes,certainly," I still had not finished that book.Unfortunately,I found it very difficult to say "No"to those magic words "May I…"or "you mind if I…"

  Of course people usually ask permission to do quite harmless things,like using the telephone,turning the light on,opening the window and things like that.But then there are some funny requests.Some people even ask if they may wash their hands or take their coats off.(On the other hand,very few smokers will bother to ask permission to smoke!)

  But what about those difficult requests like,"Do you mind if I come round for a cup of coffee?",or "Is it all right if I bring the children to the party?They're very good really."The trouble is,I just don't have the nerve to refuse.Well,do you?


  1. compartment n.火车中的小房间

  2. permission n.允许

  3. come round到来;再度来;来访;绕道而行

  4. nerve n.神经;精力,活力;胆量,勇气;果断根据短文内容选择正确答案

  ( )1The writer describes those requests as "magic words" because they. _____

  A.are amusing

  B. are harmless

  C. always work

  D. are easily understood

  ( )2The writer let the mother and her children share the compartment with her out of_____.

  A. politeness

  B. curiosity

  C. business

  D. sympathy

  ( )3According to the writer,asking permission to smoke is_____.

  A. a foolish request

  B. a difficult request

  C. an unnecessary request

  D. none of the above

  ( )4Difficult requests are those which_____.

  A. are never premitted

  B. are never refused

  C. make other people uneasy

  D. make other people unfortunate

  ( )5Which of the following may express the main idea of the passage?

  A. Im a polite person.

  B. Requests of different kinds.

  C. How to make a request.

  D. How to answer a request.


 Passage 2


  My husband and children think they are very lucky that they are living and that it's Christmas again.They can't see that we live on a dirty street in a dirty house among people who aren't very good.But Johnny and children can't see this.What a pity it is that our neighbours have to make happiness out of all this dirt.I decided that my children must get out this.The money that we've saved isn't nearly enough.

  The McGaritys have money but they are so proud.They look down upon the poor.The McGarity girl just yesterday stood out there in the street eating from a bag of candy while a ring of hungry children watched her.I saw those children looking at her and crying in their hearts;and when she couldn't eat any more she threw the rest down the sewer.Why,is it only because they have money ? There is more to happiness than money in the world,isn't there? Miss Jackson who teaches at he Settlement House isn't rich,but she knows things.She understands people.Her eyes look straight into yours when she talks with you.She can read your mind.I'd like to see the children be like Miss Jackson when they grow up.


  1. dirt n.垃圾;污物;尘土;泥土

  2. candy n.糖果

  3. ring n.圆圈

  4. sewer n.下水道

  5. grow up成长(长大)


  ( )1This passage mainly suggests that the writer _____.

  A. is easy to get along with

  B. is unhappy with the life they are living

  C. is good at observing and understanding

  D. is never pleased with her neighbours

  ( )2 What do you think of McGarity girl?

  A. She is proud and hungry.

  B. She is selfish and cruel.

  C. She is lonely and friendless.

  D. She is unhappy and misunderstood.

  ()3 In this text,the writer tries to tell us that_____ .

  A. money is the key to everything

  B. the more money you have,the less happy you'll be

  C. there is something more important than money

  D. when talking to people we should look into their eyes

  ()4Pick out the one that DOESNT describe the writer's viewpoint on money.

  A. Why,is it only because they have money?

  B. There is more to happiness than money.

  C. Miss Jackson isn't rich,but she knows things.

  D. The money we saved isn't nearly enough.


Passage 3


  On Thursday afternoon Mrs Clarke locked the door and went to the women's club as usual.It was a pleasant way of passing time __1___ an old woman who lived __2___.

  When she came home she sensed something __3___. Had someone got in? The back door and the windows were all ___4__ and there was no ___5__ of forced entry.Had ___6__ been taken?She went from room to room, ___7__,and found her camera and spare watch ___8__.

  The following Thursday she went out at her __9___ time,but didn't go to the club. __10___,she took a short walk in a park nearby and came home, __11___ herself in through the back door.She settled down to wait and see what would __12___.

  It was 4 oclock when the front doorbell rang.Mrs Clarke was __13___ tea at the time.The bell rang again,and __14__ she heard her letterbox being pushed open. __15___ the kettle of boiling water,she moved quietly __16___ the door.A __17___ of wire appeared through the letterbox,and then a __18___. The wire turned and caught around the knob on the doorlock.Mrs Clarke raised the kettle and __19___ the water over the hand. __20___was heard outside as the __21___ fell to the floor and the hand was pulled back,which was __22___by the sound of running feet.

  It wasn't long __23___ the police caught the thief.And Mrs Clarke was greatly __24___ at the club for her successful __25___.


  1. entry n.进入

  2. kettle n.壶

  3. knob n.圆形旋钮


  ( )1A. by B. to C. with D. for

  ( )2A. lonely B. alone C. away D. busily

  ( )3A. terrible B. uncomfortable C. unusual D. bad

  ( )4A. locked B. opened C. broken D. fixed

  ( )5A. scene B. show C. sign D. sight

  ( )6A. anything B. nothing C. money D. jewels

  ( )7A. looking B. examining C. searching D. checking

  ( )8A. losing B. missing C. leaving D. disappearing

  ( )9A. same B. spare C. special D. usual

  ( )10A. Therefore B. However C. Instead D. Again

  ( )11A. pushing B. letting C. pulling D. leading

  ( )12A. appear B. follow C. happen D. continue

  ( )13A. cooking B. making C. burning D. serving

  ( )14A. the mext noment B. for a while C. in time D. at once

  ( )15A. Putting down B. Laying aside C. Picking up D. Taking away

  ( )16A. towards B. away from C. from behind D. near

  ( )17A. pile B. set C. lot D. piece

  ( )18A. knife B. hand C. letter D. key

  ( )19A. spread B. dropped C. poured D. covered

  ( )20A. A Sharp shout B. A Sharp call C. A sharp speak D. A Sharp cry

  ( )21A. key B. kettle C. doorlock D. wire

  ( )22A. followed B. caused C. produced D. ended

  ( )23A. before B. since C. until D. when

  ( )24A. surprised B. admired C. inspired D. supported

  ( )25A. selfsatisfaction B. selfprotection C. selfrespect D. selfservice


Passage 4


  Last week the manager of an old jeweller's shop received a letter marked"personal",so of course his secretary gave it to him unopened.As he was very busy,the letter lay on his desk till tea-time.Then he opened it and a£10 note fell out onto his desk.With the note was a short letter.This is what it said:

  Dear sir,

  In 1935 I got engaged.But unfortunately at that time there was a lot of unemployment and I lost my job.I was six months without a job and then I got work again.But of course was very short of money.I came to your shop to buy a wedding ring.The assistant brought some rings for me to look at,but she was called away for a moment,and I put one of the rings in my pocket.When she came back,I said I did not know the size of my girl friend's finger.So I left the shop without buying a ring.

  My wife died a short while ago and the fact that I never paid for her ring has been on my conscience all these years.At the time the ring cost£2 so I reckon that is about£10 at today's price.And I am sending you that amount.

  Yours truly,

  A customer

  "Well,well,well," said the manager."life is full of surprises!"


  1. secretary n.秘书;书记;干事;文书

  2. engaged adj.已订了婚约的

  3. unemployment n.失业

  4. reckon vt.估计


  ( )1The manager's secretary didn't open the letter because it was a personal one.

  ( )2The person wrote the letter had been engaged to a girl and out of work for six months.

  ( )3The assistant was called away while serving the customer,so he had the chance to steal the ring.

  ( )4The customer's wife made him pay the money,which was very clear.


  Passage 1

  1. C"magic words"在这儿的意思是:当人们听到这些请求时,一般是很难拒绝的。

  2. A作者肯定是出于礼貌的原因。

  3. D作者认为,很少有吸烟的人在吸烟之前礼貌地征求别人的意见。

  4. C文章中"difficult requests"指的是给别人带来不便的请求。

  5. B文章讲述了人们有困难时各种请求的作用。

  Passage 2

  1. B此题考查对文章的理解,由丈夫和孩子对生活的看法的反面意思,暗示作者对生活不满意的看法。

  2. B由第二段可推出与作者相同的观点。

  3. C这是这篇文章的主旨。

  4. D从全文和题意看,D符合。文章中没有表明作者对钱的观点。

  Passage 3

  1. Dfor意为"对于……来说"。

  2. Balone是副词,意为"独立地",相当于by oneself。而lonely意为"孤独地",但不一定一个人生活。

  3. C从下文可以推断出,她回家后觉得情况不太正常。

  4. A后门和窗户还都锁着,看来没有人撬过门窗。

  5. Csign意为"迹象",在此指"没有破门而入的迹象"。

  6. A疑问句中要用anything,意思指并不知道是否有什么东西丢失。

  7. D她应该是"核实"有无东西被盗。

  8. Bmissing是形容词,作"失去的,不见了的"讲,意义上等于lost。

  9. DMrs Clarke定时去俱乐部,故用usual。

  10. Cinstead是副词,表示没有做前面的事情,而做了instead后面提到的事情。

  11. Blet herself in是"自己进去"的意思。

  12. C指看看会发生什么事情。

  13. Bmake tea意为"沏茶"。

  14. Athe next moment指"紧接着"。

  15. Cpick up意为"拿起",在此句是"提起一壶开水"的意思。

  16. A从上句"听到信箱被推开的声音"可知此句指Mrs Clarke朝门口走去。

  17. Da piece of wire作"一根电线"讲。

  18. B只有伸进手才能抓住门锁的旋钮。

  19. Cpour有"倒水"的意思。

  20. Da sharp cry是"一声尖叫"的意思,指开水浇在手上发出的声音;shout意为"高呼";call为"叫喊,打电话";speak为"说话"。

  21. D掉下来的应该是wire。

  22. A指接下来是逃跑的脚步声。

  23. AIt wasnt long before...意为"过不了多久就……"。

  24. B从全文看Mrs Clarke有勇有谋,理当受到赞扬。

  25. BSelfprotection意为"自我保护",其他三项均不符合题意。

  Passage 4

  1. T因为这封信上标有经理'亲收'的字样,所以,秘书没有打开这封信。

  2. T文章第二段第一句已经说明了答案。

  3. T这个人利用当时服务员去接待别的顾客的机会就偷了一枚戒指。

  4. F归还当年偷盗戒指的钱这件事是发生在这个人的妻子死亡之后。

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