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Unit 22:A tale of two cities
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 Passage 1


  Let me tell you a story about Bert and Mildred Bumbridge,who used to be very forgetful.For example,Mildred would forget to cook dinner,or Bert would show up for work on Sunday thinking it was Monday.One summer,they were to take a long plane trip.What happened,do you suppose? Well,they got to the airport with only ten minutes to spare.In that situation,anyone would board the plane at once.But not Mr. and Mrs.Bumbridge.They just had to buy some flight insurance first.After all,who knows what will happen on a plane flight? They quickly put some coins into a machine and out came their insurance policy."Who would get the money if we crash,I wonder?" asked Mildred."My mother,of course," her husband replied."We'll post the policy to her.Now quick,give me a stamp,will you?" he said."The plane is going to take off in another minute." Bert put the stamp on the envelope,dropped it in the postbox,and suddenly let out a cry.What happened,do you suppose? He had posted their plane tickets to his mother!


  1. forgetful adj.健忘的

  例:My old uncle has become rather forgetful.我的老叔父已经有点健忘了。

  2. show up到席,露面;显眼;暴露;揭发;嘲笑;使人难堪

  3. board vt.上飞机

  4. spare vt.节约,剩下

  5. insurance policy保险单


  ( )1Who was Mildred?

  A. Bert's sister.

  B. Bert's mother.

  C. Bert's wife.

  D. Bert's friend.

  ( )2What does this passage tell us about Bert and Mildred Bumbridge?

  A. They were always short of time.

  B. They were very forgetful.

  C. They were very frightened of flying.

  D. They often suffer from airsickness.

  ( )3What did Bert and Mildred get after putting coins into the machine?

  A. Stamp.

  B. An envelope.

  C. Two tickets.

  D. Some flight insurance.

  ( )4What did Bert want to post to his mother?

  A. An empty envelope.

  B. Some coins.

  C. The tickets.

  D. The insurance policy.

  ( )5What was the reason why Mr.Bumbridge made such a foolish mistake at the airport?

  A. He had to do everything in a great rush.

  B. It was his first flight,and he was very worried about it.

  C. He had forgotten to bring a stamp for his mother's letter.

  D. He was very worried about his mother.


 Passage 2


  A nobleman and a businessman once met in a restaurant.For their lunch they both ordered soup.When it was brought to the table,the nobleman took a taste,but the soup was so hot that he burned his mouth,and tears came to his eyes.

  Seeing this,the businessman asked him why he was weeping.The nobleman felt shame to admit that he had burned his mouth and answered,"Sir,I once had a brother who committed a great crime for which he was hanged,and I was thinking of his death,which made me weep."

  The businessman, believing this story,began to eat his soup.He too burned his mouth,so that he had tears in his eyes.Noticing this,the nobleman asked him,"Sir,why do you weep?" The man,who now understood that the nobleman had cheated him,answered,"Ah,Im weeping because you were not hanged together with your brother."


  1. nobleman n.贵族

  2. weep vi.(wept wept)流泪;哭泣

  3. shame n.羞愧,耻辱;不应该的事情,令人惋惜的事

  4. admit vt.(admitted;admitting)让...进入;承认(事实、错误等)


  ( )1At first the businessman believed the nobleman _____.

  A. because he was rather honest

  B. so he began to eat his soup, too

  C. and he felt very sorry

  D. so he began to weep

  ( )2Even though the nobleman had burned his mouth he should have_____ .

  A.admitted he felt shameful

  B.had no tears in his eyes

  C.told the truth

  D. spoken out his mind

  ( )3What the nobleman did was really_____ .





  ( )4This story teaches us_____ .

  A.not to taste hot soup

  B.never to tell the truth

  C.not to be too honest

  D.never to believe everything easily

  Passage 3


  A boy walked along Carver Street,singing a sad song.He walked with his head down.Once he looked up and noticed the sign across the empty street,painted on the side of an old house.On the sign a big woman with yellow hair and a fivemile smile held out a big bottle."CocaCola.Drink CocaCola,"the sign said.

  "Boy!"the silence was cut by a sudden cry.He turned around quickly to see who had called.

  An old woman was standing at her door.

  "You boy! Come here this minute."

  Slowly the boy __1___onto the cold flat stones leading to the old woman's house.When he arrived at her house,she __2___out her hand and wrapped her __3___ old fingers around his arm.

  "Help me inside,boy,"she said."Help me __4___ to my bed.What's your name?"

  "Joseph," he said.

  The old woman on the bed tried to __5___ up,raising herself on her elbow.Water __6___ from her eyes and mouth.The sight of her made Joseph feel __7___.

  "Im dying,Joseph.You can see that,can't you? I want you to write a ___8__ for me.There's paper and pencil on the table there."

  Joseph looked down at the __9___,and then looked out the window.He saw the sign again:

  "CocaCola.Drink CocaCola."

  "I want my silver pin to __10___ to my daughter."

  Joseph bent his small body over the table and __11___ the pencil slowly across the paper.

  "There's my Bible," the old woman said."That's for my daughter,too.I want a __12___ Christian burial with lots of singing.Write that down,too.That's the last _13____ of a poor old woman."

  The boy laboured over the paper.Again he looked out the window.

  "Here.Bring it here so I can __14___ it."

  Joseph found the Bible,and, __15___ the paper inside,laid it next to the bed.

  "__16___ me now,boy," she sighed."Im tired."

  He ran out of the house.

  A cold wind blew through the __17___ window,but the old woman on the bed __18___ nothing.She was dead.The paper in the Bible moved back and forth in the wind. __19___ on the paper were some childish letters.They ___20__ the words:"CocaCola.Drink CocaCola."


  1. wrap vt.包;裹;卷

  2. Christian burial基督葬礼

  3. elbow n.肘

  4. pin n.别针

  5. Bible n.圣经;经典;典籍


  ( )1A. rushed B. struggled C. hurried D. stepped

  ( )2A. reached B. let C. pushed D. pointed

  ( )3A. firm B. smooth C. dry D. fresh

  ( )4A. back B. over C. away D. ahead

  ( )5A. sit B. get C. stand D. wake

  ( )6A. rolled B. burnt C. burst D. ran

  ( )7A. ill B. sick C. unpleasant D. funny

  ( )8A. letter B. note C. will D. message

  ( )9A. table B. pen C. paper D. woman

  ( )10A. send B. go C. belong D. come

  ( )11A. moved B. drew C. used D. pulled

  ( )12A. great B. merry C. splendid D. real

  ( )13A. hope B. chance C. opinion D. wish

  ( )14A. sign B. read C. remember D. copy

  ( )15A. setting B. hiding C. placing D. laying

  ( )16A. Hold B. Leave C. Excuse D. Pardon

  ( )17A. large B. open C. small D. pretty

  ( )18A. did B. saw C. felt D. knew

  ( )19A. Described B. Printed C. Recorded D. Written

  ( )20A. formed B. spelled C. organized D. repeated


Passage 4


  A beautiful and very successful actress was the star of a new musical show.Her home was in the country,but she didn't want to have to go back there every night.So she rented an expensive flat in the centre of the city,bought some beautiful furniture and hired a man to paint the rooms in new colours.

  It was very difficult to get tickets for her show,because everybody wanted to see it,so she decided to give the painter two of the best seats.She hoped that this would make him work better and more willingly for her.He took the tickets without saying anything,and she heard no more about them until the end of the month,when she got the painter's bill.At the bottom of it were the words: "Four hours watching Miss Ball sing and dance: ," with this note: "After 5 p.m.,I get fifteen shillings an hour instead of ten shillings."


  1. rent vt.租用

  2. hire vt.租用,租,雇用

  3. willingly adv.自动地,欣然地

  4. shilling n.先令

  5. furniture n.家具,设备,储藏物


  ( )1The actress gave the painter two tickets,hoping he would ask less money for his work.

  ( )2It was a big mistake that the actress gave the painter the tickets.

  ( )3After the painter got the tickets from the actress,he went to watch the musical show.

  ( )4In this article,"Miss Ball" was the name of the musical show.

  参考答案Passage 1

  1. C通过两人的对话,我们知道Bert和Mildred Bumbridge是夫妻。

  2. B本文讲述Bert和Mildred Bumbridge夫妻两人的一件趣事,说明他们都是很健忘的。

  3. D文章里已有介绍,而且生词表里也有"insurance policy"的说明。

  4. D令人可笑的是,Bert肯定是想寄保险单,但是,错把机票投进了邮箱。

  5. A这件趣事的发生主要是由于Bert急于登机,而且又太健忘的原因。

  Passage 2

  1. A那个商人比那个贵族诚实。

  2. C从文章可以推测出,那个贵族本来应该告诉商人自己流泪的真实原因。从语法上来说,这是一个与过去事实相反的虚拟语气的句子。

  3. A那个贵族的行为应该是很愚蠢,他本想编造谎言来欺骗商人,掩饰自己,结果反倒被商人识破,弄巧成拙。

  4. D此题是推理全文的主旨,文章主要说明不要轻易相信别人的话。

  Passage 3

  1. D动词step在此等于walk。

  2. Areach out ones hand意为"伸出某人的手"。

  3. C由于年老,所以用"dry"来形容这个老妇人的手指,意为"干瘪"。

  4. Bover意为"越过(一段距离,空地,街道)"例如:Take these letters over to the post office。请把这些信送到邮局去。再如:Ask him over.请他到这里来。

  5. A下文说老妇人用胳膊肘支撑着身体,所以此题应该说老妇人想坐起来。

  6. Aroll有"滚动"的意思。roll down是常见的固定搭配。例如:The tears were rolling down her cheeks.泪水正从她双颊流下。故B不符合题意。

  7. B看到此景使Joseph很恶心。sick作形容词用,在此意为"恶心"或"要呕吐"。

  8. C看完全文后才能回答此空。will作"遗嘱"讲。

  9. CJoseph低下头看看纸,然后又向窗外望去,说明Joseph的心思没在写遗嘱上。

  10. B老妇人想把她的银别针留给她的女儿,go符合此意。belong to意为"属于"。

  11. Adraw意为"画"或"拖拉",move符合题意。

  12. D因老妇人非常贫困,不可能死后举行很隆重的葬礼,故D能表示出老妇人的意思。

  13. Dwish意为"愿望",要比hope语气更重一些。

  14. A遗嘱需要本人签名,故选A。

  15. Cplacing是现在分词作状语表示时间,意为"放置"。

  16. B根据下句老妇人累了的意思,应该是老妇人要男孩离开她家。

  17. B根据下句那张纸在空中被风吹地飘来飘去推断,窗户应该是开着的。

  18. C从文章下文判断,老妇人还没拿住那张纸,就已经断气了。feel在此意为"摸到"。

  19. D此句是一般过去时的被动语态,而且还是倒装句。这样更生动地描绘出纸上所写的内容。

  20. Aform有"形成,作成"的意思,该词生动地说出男孩是胡乱书写的,他由于极其害怕,根本就没有听到老妇人说什么,只想尽快离开这个老妇人。

  Passage 4

  1. F"She hoped that this would make him work better and more willingly for her."此句说明了她给油漆工音乐会票的原因。

  2. T根据文章内容,她给油漆工音乐会票应该是个错误。

  3. T油漆工拿到音乐会票后就停工去看音乐会了。

  4. F"Miss Ball"是女演员的名字。

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