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  In Sci-fi thriller Gattaca, set in the not-too-distant future, DNA engineering has made it possible for men and women to be born with a high I.Q. and perfect bodies. Naturally born individuals are stigmatized by society and given only menial jobs. Vincent (Ethan Hawke) is naturally born with poor eyesight and a heart condition. He is genetically defective, yet his yearning to become an astronaut has made him into an innovative subversive.

  A broker arranges for Vincent to swap identities with Jerome (Jude Law), a genetically perfect specimen who was paralyzed in an accident. Using Jerome’s identity and blood samples, Vincent steps into the door of Gattaca Aerospace Corporation, and he eventually rises to become one of the elites in the corporation. However, his dream of going to outer space was put in jeopardy when a murder investigator threatens to reveal his true identity.

  The film does not load you with graphic murders or action sequences. Instead, the story offers you theories on the future of science and morality. It makes us wonder whether science can ever make up for the world’s imperfections. At the same time, it reminds us of what makes us human. In this film, we cheer for the rebel as he tries to fulfill his dream to voyage in outer space. Our dream, the heart’s desire, is one of the things that what makes us human.

  Ethan Hawke brings undeniable charm to his role as Vincent, and in this richly textured show, many minor characters also stand out. The best performance belongs to Jude Law, who steals the show in every scene he's in, and creates a character filled with the pessimism over having a burden placed on his genetic perfection. The production will dazzle you with its striking beauty. From futuristic office space to the sleekly cold and massive buildings, every set is a treat for the eyes.

  Gattaca是一部有关基因与遗传的科幻电影。在科技非常发达的未来世界里,DNA技术已经可以把胎儿的头脑和身体编译的十全十美。人类已经不能完全按照自己的意愿生活,人的命运已经在出生前就被安排好了,自然生产的婴儿也会受到社会的排斥。因为人可以决定遗传基因,基因则可以决定人的命运,但是科技毕竟不能控制人的思维。Vincent是一个从母亲肚子里自然生产的普通人, 他出生时眼睛和心脏都有严重的缺陷。他自小梦想成为一名宇航员。但是在基因人风行的社会里,他这种存在先天基因缺陷的普通人无法到工作机会的。为了实现他的梦想, Vincent决定违反社会法规,毁灭自己基因,重新制造自身。.

  通过一笔交易, Vincent和一个名叫Jerome的人换了身分. Jerome拥有完美的基因, 但因为一次车祸双腿瘫痪. Vincent利用Jerome的身分和血液证明混入了Gattaca航天公司,成为了一名优秀的员工。然而就在他即将可以实现他的升空梦之际,一踪企谋杀案的调查官却企图揭露他的真实身份。

  整部电影里并没有什么血腥的动作场面, 但它质疑了我们人类未来科学发展的方向与道德标准。 这部影片发人深思,未来的科学技术到底能否使人类变得完美?在我们为Vincent努力实现他的航天梦而加油的同时, 也会领悟到梦想与激情是我们作为人类所必不可少的。

  在影片中Ethan Hawke的表演魅力十足, 其它一些小角色也被演的活灵活现,十分抢眼. 但整部影片中表演最出色的演员还要属Jude Law. 他把Jerome的每一个眼神,每一个动作都表现的十分完美。除表演外,整部电影的视觉效果也是非常精彩的,未来世界中壮观的建筑物让我们大饱眼福。


  Jerome: I can’t believe you pulled this off. They’re sending you out there. Out there they send you, of all people.

  我不敢相信你成功了. 他们要把你送到太空. 在那么多人中他们选中你.

  Vincent: Hate to think of you stuck alone in that room for a year ..


  Jerome: Don’t think about it, anyway, the room I’m stuck in is bigger than your tin can.

  别想了, 我呆的房间要比你的火箭大.

  Vincent: What are you gonna do?


  Jerome: I have my books, I go places in my head.

  我有书, 我在脑海中旅行.

  Vincent: I’d be happier if you had some company.


  Jerome: I have visitors.


  Vincent: Yeah well, none that you don’t pay. Seriously, what are you going to do?

  是啊, 但没有不要钱的. 说真的, 你将要做什么呢?

  Jerome: I’m going to finish this.


  Jerome: What’s Titan like this time of the year?

  Titan 在这个季节是什么样的? (Titan在这句话里指的是围绕旋转土星的卫星)

  Vincent: What’s it like? Titan is exactly like this…all the time… it’s got a cloud so thick that nobody knows what’s underneath.

  它是什么样的? Titan永远就像这样. 它的云厚得让人看不清下面有什么

  Jerome: Maybe there’s nothing there.


  Vincent: There’s something there. You should be going instead of me.

  那儿有东西. 你比我更应该过去.

  Jerome: Why is that?


  Vincent: Because up there, your legs wouldn’t matter.

  因为在那边, 你的双腿不会有问题.

  Jerome: I’m scared of heights.


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