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Section I Listening Comprehension


  Part A

  1. 15.50 2. 9853 2170 1634 7716 3. Sep tember 4. Churchill 5. 4∶00

  Part B

  6. southwestern coast 7. commercial pilots license

  8. in 1995

  9. a/per month 10. volunteers and supporters

  Part C

  11. D ?12. C ?13. B ?14. C ?15. A ?16. D ?17. D ?18. D ?19. D ?20. D

  Part A


  Bea: Lyceum Theatre booking office. Bea speaking. How can I help you?

  Jay: Umm. Yes. Hello. Im ringing to find out if it would be possible t o book some tickets for the Wednesday Matinee performance of Star Time.

  Bea: How many tickets do you want?

  Jay: Two.

  Bea: We have two in the circle in row D, but there is rest ricted viewing, or else two in the stalls, but they are more expensive.

  Jay: What do you mean by restricted viewing?

  Bea: Theres a pillar which blocks the view of the lefthand corner of the stage.

  Jay: How much are the seats in the stalls?

  Bea: 30 pounds for the Matinee, except for concessions, wh ich are£22.50. Are you a student?

  Jay: Yes we are. How much are the seats in the circle?

  Bea: With student discount they are£15.50—other wise they are£18 or£17.

  Jay: I think we will take the circle seats, actually.

  Bea: Can I take your credit card details then, Sir?

  Jay: Here we are. The number is 9853 2170 1634 7716.

  Bea: Ill read that back to you ...9853 2170 1634 7716...The exp iry date?

  Jay: April...no, September 2002.

  Bea: And the name on the card, Sir?

  Jay: Mr. J. P. Churchill. That is C...H...U...R... C...H...I double L.

  Bea: Thank you, Sir. Two circle tickets for next Wednesdays Mat inee.

  Jay: Thats right. What time does it start?

  Bea: Four oclock in the afternoon. You c an pick the tic kets up any time between now and the performance and dont forget to show your student cards when you do.

  Jay: Great, thanks very much. Bye.

  Bea: Enjoy the show. Bye.

  Part B


  Growing up in the village of Moratuwa on Sri Lankas southwestern c oast, E lmo Jayawardena knew what it was like to be poor. His father lost his job when E lmo was 12, and his parents struggled to keep their four children fed and clothe d. At 17, Elmo left school to work in a factory making fan blades. His pay, less than a month, helped support his family.

  Then one day he saw a newspaper ad for a steward with a Sri Lankan airline . He applied and got the job, then used his earnings to pay for flying lessons. Eventually he got his commercial pilots license and today flies for Singapore Airlines.

  Married with two children and living comfortably in Singapore, Elmo began to reflect how much more fortunate he was than most people in his homeland.“If only the poor had proper educational facilities, what a difference it would make ,”he told his wife, Dil, one night in 1994. The next year, they forme d the Ass ociation for Lighting a Candle (AFLAC), with the goal of raising money to help cover the education, health and basic costs of needy Sri Lankans.

  Elmo knew of hundreds of people he could appeal to for help—friends and colleagues in the airline industry. Soon he was telling anyone who would listen that for a month they could sponsor a student and for a month th ey could feed a poor family.

  People responded to Elmos concern and dedication—some gave their time, o thers gave money. Today AFLAC has over 500 volunteers and supporters

  in every c orner of the world, from New Zealand to Canada. Thesgroupspays no salaries and v olunteers cover expenses out of their own pockets, so every cent donated goes to Sri Lankans in need.

  Part C


  Newsreader: An earthquake struck Mexicos Pacific coast yesterday, killing at l east 34 people and injuring more than 100. The destruction was greatest in the state of Colima,swheresa hotel collapsed in the earthquake. Last n ight it was confirmed that eight people had been killed in the collapse of the h otel and more were still trapped in the rubble. Emergency workers were using cra nes and earthmoving equipment to try to locate hotel employees and guests still believed to be in the wreckage. Communications with the area were diffic ult as most services were cut by the quake, but telephone services were reopened late last night, and electricity supplies are slowly returning. Many roads were cut in the north part of the stateswheresthe damage was most sev ere. Hospitals in the area are believed to be coping with the emergency, and medical teams are being flown in by helicopter from Mexico City to a ssist in the disaster. The earthquake measured 7.6 on the Richter scale. Officials said if the epicentre of the quake had been closer to a more populat ed area such as Mexico City, the toll in lives would have been greater. Mexico C ity itself suffered a series of earth tremors several days earlier.


  Vicky: Good morning, Im Vicky Nazir. How can I help you?

  Yunda: Good morning, my name is Yunda. I have to complete the enrolment form, and Im not sure about some of the aspects.

  Vicky: Right, lets go to my office,swhereswe can look a t the handbook to see how we can help you. Now whats your first problem, Yunda?

  Vicky: Lets sit around this tableswhereswe can spread things o ut.

  Yunda: Well, first of all I cant decide which program t o take and which elective.

  Vicky: Well, lets deal with the program first. Do you wa nt a science or arts type of program?

  Yunda: Oh, arts definitely. But I cant decide a social s ciences, a humanities, and an education program.

  Vicky: Actually you neednt make the final decis ion about your program n ow. You can leave that until the end of the first year. As long as you ta ke elective that leaves you plenty of options.

  Yunda: I see. Then I need to select my courses carefully. So I still have all the options at the end of the year.

  Vicky: Yes, thats right. Lets deal with the foundation course first. All students must take one foundation course as part of the requirement of the first year.

  Yunda: Is this on the list of Page 21 of the handbook?

  Vicky: Yes, thats right. Have you looked at the descript ion of those courses?

  Yunda: Yeah, I think I would like to do A109 Futures. It l ooks so interesting.

  Vicky: Yes. But as a foreign student, I think you should consider doing A114.Thats Australia and Its People.

  Yunda: I also think this might be good: Structure, Thought and Reality, o r Life in the Universe. The description of both says they will help me to develo p skills of argument and analysis.

  Vicky: Actually all the foundation courses are designed to do that. But A 114 will help you gain a better understanding of the country you are studying in .

  Yunda: Thats true. And its worth 6 points well each of the others is only 3.OK, Ill do Australia and Its People.

  Vicky: Good. Its very important to keep your points in m ind when selecting courses.

  Yunda: All right.

  Vicky: Well, normally fulltime students enroll for 12 cr edits each semester, or 24 credit points each academic year. However, if your enrolment drops be low 9 points in any one semester, you wont be considered fulltime.

  Yunda: What would happen then?

  Vicky: Well, if you fall below the required 9 points, you wont be eligible for student visa.


  In many homes, divorce is caused by the“battle between the sexes.”To underst and the problem, one must remember the modern American woman is freed. During ch ildhood and adolescence, the American girl is given freedom and education which is equal to a boys. After completing school, she is able to get a job and support herself. She doesnt have to marry for financial security. S he considers herself an independent, selfsufficient person. She wants a husban d whom she can respect, but she doesnt want to be dominated by him. Sh e wants a democratic household in which she has a voice in making decisions. Whe n a husband and wife are able to share decisionmaking, their marriage is proba ble closer, stronger, and more satisfying. Otherwise, the couple is likely to wi nd up in the divorce court.

  When a couple gets divorced, the court usually requires the man to pay his forme r wife a monthly sum of money. If the couple has children, they usually remain w ith the mother, and the father is expected to pay for their support.

  Although divorce is quite common in the United States, 80 percent of those who get divorced remarry. The remarriages allow thousands of people, especially children, to enjoy family life again, but at the same time many troubles have a risen. A wellknown American joke tells of a wife calling to her second husband,“Quick, John! Come here and help me! Your children and my children are beating up our children!”

  Section II Use of English


  [分析]从动宾搭配角度看,本题中的四个选项[A]study(研究),[B]survey(调查),[C]poll(民意测验)和[D]project(项目)均可与作后置定语的过去分词短语ca rried out搭配,但根据上下文的线索,即第二段第一句和第三段第一句,就可排除[A]、[C]和[D],而应选[B]。


  [分析]本句是一个主从复合句,连词although引导的是让步状语从句,表明主句在语气上发生了转折。四个选项中,[C]far from意为“远非,远远不”,符合句子上下文意思的要求,因此是正确答案。[A]so far意为“迄今为止”,常与现在完成时连用;[B]by far常用来修饰比较级、最高级,强调数量、程度等,如:His explanation is clea rer by far. (他的解释清楚得多。)[D]far and away意为“无疑地,肯定地”,与上下文意思相差甚远,故不能选。


  [分析]上一句指出,人们远远没有明白“全球变暖”这一说法的真正含义。由此可推断,公众在这方面的意识还很差,因此应填入[A]awareness,意为“意识”。[B]enthus iasm指“热心,热情”,用在此处与上下文意思不符;[C]attention和[D]reaction既不与l ow连用,也与上下文的意思不符。


  [分析][A]previously指“以前”;[B]presently指“不久;现在”;[C]currently指“当前,现在”;[D]potentially指“可能地,潜在地”。根据第二段最后一句中的global warming during the next 20 years和第三段中的the likely effects,本句中提到的灾难性后果还没有发生,而是有可能会出现,因此应选择[D]。




  [分析]本题要求填入一个表示程度的副词修饰形容词比较级。四个选项中只有[D]Ev en后可接比较级,意为“甚至更”,表示程度,是正确答案;[A]Equally和[C]Als o也可表示程度,但不修饰形容词的比较级;[B]Further表示递进,不修饰形容词。


  [分析]根据本句中的7.4%,可得知本题中应填入[C]propor tion (比例)。事实上,短文中并没有提到有多少人接受了这次调查,只提到了两个百分比(80%和7.4%),故表示“数量”的[A]number用在这里不合适;[B]quantity修饰不可数名词,故也不正确;[D]section意为“部分,部门”,不能指比例。


  [分析][D]enhance意为“提高,增加”,不能与live构成动宾搭配,故可以首先排除;根据常识及上下文线索,全球变暖不可能改善人们的生活,造成的是巨大的生活方式的变化,因此[C]better (改善)用在本题与题意矛盾;[A]destroy指“破坏,毁坏”,而研究人员预测的是全球变暖会给人们的生活方式带来巨大的变化,而不是直接破坏他们的生活,因此应选择[B]affected。


  [分析]本题要求填入一个与介词in和to构成固定搭配的名词。[A]conflict、[B]comparison和[C]contradiction都可与in搭配,但其后的介词为with。in confli ct with意为“与……发生冲突”;in comparison with意为“与……比较”;in contradict ion with意为“与……矛盾”。[D]contrast是正确答案,in contrast with意为“与……形成对照,与……截然不同”,既是固定搭配,也符合上下文的意思。


  [分析]本题要求填入一个能与宾语survey搭配的动词,四个选项都是及物动词,但从意思角度考虑,表示“进行调查”要用conduct或carry out,故正确答案应选[A]。[B]execute意为“履行,实行”,常与表示“计划、命令、职责”等意思的名词搭配;[C]undertake意为“着手做,从事;承担”,如:undertake responsibili ty (承担责任),但用在此处与文意不符;[D]implement意为“贯彻,实现”,不能与survey搭配。


  [分析][A]encounter意为“遭到,受到”,一般不与chang e s作动宾搭配;[B]discern意为“认出,发现”,用在句中与文意不符;当句子主语是动作的执行者时,[C]confront要以被动语态的形式出现,即be confronted with,意为“面临,面对”,因此用在本句中从语法和句意角度看均不合适;[D]experience表示“经历”,符合句意,是正确答案。





  [分析]本题的四个选项均可修饰名词changes,需结合上下文考虑。如果气候变化对其他方面造成的变化很小,专业人士就不会忧心忡忡,也不会强调这些变化,因此[B]tr ivial(无足轻重的)和[D]negligible(微不足道的)都不合文意;[A]marvelous意为“惊人的,奇迹般的”,一般用来形容好到使人感到惊奇的事物,用在此处也不合文意;



  [分析]从句意分析,前半部分the rise in sea level (海平面的上升)应是后半部分the melting of the polar icecaps(南极冰盖融化)的结果,所以需填入表示“结果”这一意思的[A]。[B]remedy意为“补救办法”;[C]beginning意为“开端”;





  [分析]上句提到,海平面上升30厘米将对沿海海拔低的城市产生灾难性的结果。根据常识可知,这些城市可能会被海水淹没。这样的话,有些国家就可能不存在了。因此这里应填[B]existence (存在)。[A]development意为“发展”;[C]prosperit y意为“繁荣”;[D]advance意为“前进”,这些都是在国家存在的基础上才会出现的,没有了国家也就谈不上它的“发展”、“前进”或“繁荣”,因此这三个选项都不合文意。






  [分析]根据要求一个修饰prediction的形容词,四个选项均可填入,因此需结合文意来考虑。第三段中提到以Wong教授为首的调查组人员对全球变暖表示担忧,他本人又强调了这种气候变化将造成的灾难性影响,可以推断他对未来所作的预测是非常悲观的,因此应选[C]pe ss imistic。从句中提到关于他的预测的准确性有很多的争论,故本题中既不可填[A]inc redible(不可信的),也不可填[B]convincing(令人信服的)。[D]arbitrary意为“任意的,武断的”,如果他的预测果真如此,其他人也就不会赞同(share)了,故逻辑上选[D]讲不通。



  SectionⅢReading Comprehension〖1〗Part A

  Text 1大意

  因特网可能会像今天的电话网一样普及,因此其商业意义令人惊诧。像铁路、电话、汽车和飞机一样,因特网改变一切。我们正朝着《勇敢的新世界》一书作者William Knoke所说的“无固定位置的社会”迈进。在这个社会中,人们交流信息的便携性使其所在的位置显得无关紧要。由于地理位置的独立性,一个城市、工厂、办公大楼,甚至学校和家庭都与经济无关,因为这些都是用地点和与其他人的接近程度来定义的。



  但这并不意味着公司会逐渐消失。仍然有许多产品和服务需要规模经济,正如去年涉及美国公司高达一万亿美元的兼并所证明的那样。但是根据John Naisbitt的说法,将来发展最快的商业部门是个体企业家,他们几乎不花什么钱就上了因特网,为自己的产品或服务做广告,并且利用敦豪快递或联合快递服务公司作为他们的销售系统。他们几乎不花钱就建立一家全球公司,几天之内就将货物或服务送到世界上的任何国家。Naisbitt自己的公司在42个国家有57家合资企业,但包括Naisbitt本人在内,员工只有四个。他解释说:“我们所供应的商品都是实行外部采购,我们充分利用这方面的技术。我们不是一个真正意义上的公司,但这就是现在做生意的方式。”


  [分析]此题要求对一个新的名词术语placeless society进行解释,这需要结合上下文来理解。在第一段中其实对placeless society进行了定义,即where引导的非限制性定语从句:在这个社会中,人们交流信息的便携性使其所在的位置显得无关紧要。第二段开头又重复了这一意思:在21世纪无固定位置的社会中,你身在何处将无关紧要。因此可知[B]是正确答案。


  [分析]第三段讲了公司的最终未来是什么样。由于使用全球网络做生意,中间商消失了,公司的等级制度消失,在家里通过网络远距离工作成为日常工作模式,高科技自由职业和通过网络销售产品的小企业在全球范围内兴旺发达,外购流行;战略联盟和合资企业成功地与独资的大公司进行竞争。由此可知[B]与原文的telecommuting becomes the norm符合,是本题正确答案。[A]、[C]、[D]均与原文意思相反。




  [分析]此题答案在文章最后一段。根据John Naisbitt的说法,一个全球性公司可以是在网上买卖、利用快递公司作为其经销系统的个体企业,不一定是一个真正意义上的公司,因为他自己的公司就是如此。而且在网上做广告不需要花什么钱(for next to nothing)。故只有[B]是对的。[C]说在全球建立许多子公司和分支机构,这与文章意思不符,因为全球性公司是通过因特网进行交易的。



  Text 2大意









  [分析]这种题型一般需要结合上下文来得出正确答案。作者用mac hinegunning with scraps (机关枪扫射碎片)来描述新闻,根据上文可知,电视节目是迎合人的注意力集中时间短这一特点,节目简短,通过节目多样化、新颖性和动作来刺激人们。下文又说这种方法是与连贯性背道而驰的。因此可知新闻节目只是快速对众多互不相关的事件进行只言片语的报道,就像机关枪扫射一样。故选[B]。其他三个选项均不是原文本意,故都不对。








  Text 3大意


  令人尴尬的是这一评论具有充分的论据。80年代末这些公司形象远差于其创始阶段,这些公司有许多都是世界著名跨国公司:波音、杜邦、所罗门兄弟、得州仪器、施乐公司等。家喻户晓的公司都陷入巨额亏损之中:花旗银行1991年亏损457亿美元,通用汽车1992年亏损2 30亿美元,IBM 1993年亏损81亿美元。


  Bill Gates,苹果公司的Steve Jobs;维珍公司的Richard Branson。似乎任何有聪明主意的人租用一个车库都可与大型公司较量并能成功。





  [分析]文章第一段结尾说最近几年出现了一种对管理跨国公司老板的新批评,即说他们都是失败者。第二段接着说,说明这一点的证据(evidence)充分地令人尴尬。然后用充分的例子说明许多大型跨国公司都出现问题(in worse shape, huge losses)。故正确答案是[B]。




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