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  20. “I will drink / life to the lees .” In the quoted line Ulysses is saying that he till the end of his life .

  A. will keep traveling and exploring B. will go on drinking and being happy

  C. would like to toast to his glorious life D. would like to drink the cup of wine

  21. “ He was afraid of her---the small, severe woman with graying hair suddenly bursting out in such frenzy . The postman came running back, afraid something had happene
d .They saw his tipped cap over the short curtains. Mrs. Morel rushed to the door.”

  The above passage is taken from_____________.

  A . Charlotte Bronte’ s The professor B . Charles Dickens’s Dombey and Son

  C. D.H. Lawrence’s Sons and Lovers D. John Galsworthy’s The Forsyte Saga

  22. James Joyce is the author of all the following novels EXCEPT .

  A. Dubliners B . Jude the Obscure

  C. A portrait of the Artist as a Young Man D. Ulysses

  23. Which of the following works concerns most concentratedly about the Calvinistic view of original sin ?

  A. The Wasteland B. The Scarlet Letter

  C. Leaves of Grass D. AS I Lay Dying

  24. We can perhaps summarize that Walt Whitman’s poems are characterized by all the following features EXCEPT that they are .

  A. conversational and casual B. lyrical and well-structured

  C. simple and rather crude D. free-flowing

  25. Who exerts the single most important influence on literary naturalism, of which Theodore Dreiser and Jack London are among the best representative writers ?

  A. Freud B. Darwin

  C. W.D. Howells D. Emerson

  26. Mark Twain, one of the greatest 19th century American writers, is well known for his .

  A. international theme B. waste- land imagery

  C. local color D . symbolism

  27. At the beginning of Faulkner’s A Rose for Emily , there’s detailed description of Emily’s old house . The purpose of such description is to imply that the person living in it .

  A. is a wealth lady B. has good taste

  C. is a prisoner of the past D . is a conservative aristocrat

  28. The period before the American Civil War is commonly referred to as .

  A. the Romantic Period B. the Realistic Period

  C. the Naturalist Period D. the Modern Period

  29. Most of Herman Melville’s novels are based on sea voyages and sea adventures. Which of the following is NOT the case ?

  A. Typee B. Moby- Dick

  C. Omoo D. The Confidence-Man

  30. In Henry James’ Daisy Miller , the author tries to portray the young woman as an embodiment of .

  A. the force of convention B . the free spirit of the New World

  C. the decline of the aristocracy D. the corruption of the newly rich

  31. Emily Dickinson’s verse is most aptly characterized as .

  A. exposing the evils of the society

  B. paving the way for the following generation of free verse poets

  C. sharing the same poetic conventions as Walt Whitman

  D. exhibiting a sensitiveness to the symbolic implications of experience ,such as love , death , immortality etc.

  32. In fiction writing , Henry James’s primary concern is to present the .

  A. inner life of human beings B. American Civil War and its effects

  C. life on the Mississippi River D. Calvinistic view of original sin

  33. In “After Apple-Picking”, Robert Frost wrote : “For I have had too much / Of apple-picking: I am overtired / Of the great harvest I myself desired .” From these lines we can conclude that the speaker is .

  A happy about the harvest

  B. wearing out the freshness of apple- picking

  C .still desired of apple-picking when seeing the harvest

  D. indifferent of what once desired

  34. In The Emperor Jones and The Hairy Ape , O’Neill adopted the expressionist techniques to portray the of human beings in a hostile universe .

  A. helpless situation B. uncertainty

  C. profound religious faith D. courage and perseverance

  35. At the beginning of A Rose for Emily , Faulkner uses a figurative language to describe the place where Emily lives. The house is a perfect mirror image of the owner who is supposed to be

  and deliberately detaches herself from the communal life in this small town.

  A. friendly and generous B. wealthy and conservative

  C polite and dignified D. stubborn and coquettish

  36. Eugene O’Neill’s inventiveness seemingly knew no limits . He was constantly experimenting with new styles and forms for his plays, especially during the 1920’s when was in full swing .

  A. imagism B post-modernism

  C .expressionism D .symbolism

  37. Which essay of Emerson is regarded as an unofficial manifesto for the “Transcendental Club”?

  A. Self-reliance B. Nature

  C. The American Scholar D. The Over-soul

  38. In Pride and Prejudice , Elizabeth Bennet finds out some weak points about herself in the process of judging others. Which of the following is NOT a weak point of found out by Elizabeth herself ?

  A. Blindness B. Partiality

  B. Snobbishness D. Over-confidence

  39. A typical Forsyte , according to John Galsworthy, is a man with a strong sense of ,who never pays any attention to human feelings.

  A. property B . justice

  C. morality D. humor

  40. Emerson based his religion on an intuitive belief in an ultimate unity ,which he called “ “.

  A. the Spirit B. the Over-lord

  C. the over- soul D. the Self

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