On the Town 都市掠影
Camden 卡姆登
Camden is full of interesting shops
Camden is full of interesting shops
Finn: Welcome to On the Town from BBC Learning English. Today we’re in a part of London called Camden Town.

Jean: That’s right. 欢迎收听我们今天的《都市掠影》节目,再次跟随我们一同游览观光伦敦有趣的著名景区。

Finn: This is the famous market in Camden Town – as you can see it’s always really crowded.

Jean: 非常的拥挤 crowded. But Finn, why is everyone dressed so strangely?

Finn: What, do you mean those girls with pink dyed hair, tattoos and tight black leather trousers?

Jean: Yes, they have pink dyed hair, 染得粉红的头发、纹身 tattoos, 还有紧绷绷的黑皮裤子 tight black leather trousers. They look like rock stars!

Finn: Well, I think you’re almost right. Let’s ask one of them why they dress like this.


Well, for me Camden is all about the music really. There’s a lot of good places round here to hear new bands. It’s a centre of London’s punk music, rock and heavy metal scene. And everyone’s got long hair, dyed hair, piercings, tattoos, black clothes, they all look crazy! There’s leather, tight black leather trousers, jewellery – you can buy them all in the market here.

Jean: 所以 Camden 卡姆登对于那些喜爱音乐和新生乐队的人来说是个最好的去处。这些音乐包括朋克摇滚乐 punk music, 摇滚音乐 rock music, 还有重金属音乐 heavy metal.

Finn: Listen out for these kinds of music playing as we walk round the market.

Jean: 她还给我们描述了这里人们的穿着和风格。在重放这段录音之前,让我们把这些词汇再来熟悉一下。

Finn: tattoos and tight black leather trousers

Jean: 这是我们刚才说过的,纹身和紧绷腿的黑皮裤!

Finn: and piercings

Jean: 身体打孔打环

Finn: and jewellery

Jean: 首饰. 这个词的音不太容易发,请大家注意练习。

Finn: J.E.W.E.L.L.E.R.Y. Jewellery.


And everyone’s got long hair, dyed hair, piercings, tattoos, black clothes, they all look crazy! There’s leather, tight black leather trousers, jewellery – you can buy them all in the market here.

Finn: So Jean how are you enjoying the market?

Jean: Yes it’s great Finn – there are so many interesting things to buy here. 什么东西都有卖!

Finn: You’re right. It has everything from second hand clothes

Jean: 二手服装。 Second hand clothes.

Finn: to antique furniture

Jean: 到古董家具。 Antique furniture.

Finn: to a huge variety of different foods!

Jean: 还有世界各地的快餐。Finn, I think the buildings here are also really special, they look quite old.

Finn: Well, at first Camden seems to have a lot of modern fashion, but it also has an interesting history. We’re now in a part of the market called the stables market.

Jean: A stable 就是马棚,马厩。原来这个市场的建筑物都是马厩。

Finn: Yes, they used to keep horses here back in the Victorian period.

Jean: Victorian period, 英国的维多利亚时期是从 1837 年开始,一直截至到 1901,都是维多利亚女皇统治英国的一段历史。 But why did they keep horses here?

Finn: Well, that’s a good question. Did you notice there is a canal beside the market?

Jean: 是啊,有一条运河,a canal.

Finn: These horses were used to pull boats in the canal. The boats were loaded with coal and they were taken to factories all over the country, using the network of canals.

Jean: Ahh, 就是说这些马在运河边上拉纤装满了的货船的,loaded with 装满了coal 就是煤矿。这些煤最终被输送到英国各地的工厂里去。They were taken to factories, 工厂。而这个运河的网络就是 network of canals.

Finn: And there are still boats on the canal, but they are now used for more relaxing activities. Listen to Pauline – she lives in a boat called a narrow boat and travels all through the country over the network of canals.


What we like is the slow pace of life, so we travel very slowly. But we can also see the countryside in England from such a different perspective, either in the country, or going through small villages, market towns and also into cities.

Jean: Pauline 她说她喜欢这种在一条小船上轻松匀缓的生活节奏。The slow pace of life. 而她的这种生活方式让她能以另一种角度去看待英国 from a different perspective. Pauline 和她丈夫今天停留在 Camden, I hope they enjoy their visit as much as we have.

Finn: That’s all for this week’s programme. Don’t forget you can log on to our website to practise your English and hear this programme again. The address is:

Jean: 我们的网站就是 bbc.co.uk/china/learningenglish.

Finn: Bye for now.

Jean: See you!

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