On the Town 都市掠影
Soho 伦敦苏活区
Producer Jo Reffin in a Soho street
Producer Jo Reffin has fun in Soho

It’s in Central London, it’s…um… the streets near to Oxford street, Regent street – so it’s sort of in between there.

Lots and lots of small streets in that area with loads of bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs – so it’s a really happening place, loads going on.

Jo: There certainly is a lot going on in this part of London. Yes, in today’s On The Town from BBC Learning English we’ve come to one of the liveliest areas of England’s capital city – Soho. I’m Jo and with me today is Oliver.

Oliver: Jo,你好。

Jo: So let’s have a closer look at what that man said there – he said Soho is in central London.

Oliver: Soho 这个区坐落在伦敦中心的中心,是位于伦敦两个著名的商业街,牛津街和摄政街 之间的区域。

Jo: And Soho is basically lots and lots of small streets in that area with loads of bars, cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

Oliver: Loads of 很多的,很多条布满酒吧的小街。

Jo: Bars.

Oliver: 酒吧。

Jo: Cafes.

Oliver: 咖啡店。

Jo: Restaurants.

Oliver: 餐馆。

Jo: Pubs and clubs.

Oliver: 酒吧和俱乐部。 如果你喜欢交际的话,那这可是一个好地方,是吧,Jo?

Jo: It certainly sounds like it Oliver. The man there described Soho as a really happening place with loads going on. Happening.

Oliver: 嗯,happening 是一个在现在的年轻人当中非常流行的非正式的单词在这儿,假如用happening 来形容一个地方的话,意思是说是很酷,很好玩。A happening place. Loads of 的意思呢,就是很多的,大量的。

Jo: And loads going on – and as we heard there "loads" means lots – going on.

Oliver: Going on 的意思是正在发生的。

Oliver: 那么你是否已经喜欢 Soho 的感觉了呢?

Jo: Well let’s find out more. We’ve been walking around the streets of Soho talking to people – and we met this man in a cafe who knows Soho very well.


I came here as a student and I found it a very attractive place to be – very diverse day life, nightlife, food, ah… jazz all sorts of things.

Jo: So this man came to Soho when he was a student and he found it a very attractive place to be.

Oliver: 他发现这个地方很有魅力,相当有吸引力,而且 Soho 白天的生活和夜生活都是非常多元化的。

Jo: Diverse – it has a diverse day life and nightlife.

Oliver: 我们经常可以听到 nightlife 这个词儿,意思是夜生活。但是有意思的是这个人还提到了 day life,你可能不经常听到,在这儿,他的本意是说一天一天的日常生活。

Jo: So we have heard that Soho is very diverse.

Oliver: 一个和我们交谈的路人形容为什么 Soho 是怎么样多元化的,仔细听听,看看你能不能听到他是怎么说外卖这个词儿的。


Well I’m just looking down the street now and I can see an Italian restaurant – I can see a Chinese restaurant, I can see a take-away sandwich bar – there’s just loads of different kinds of bars, cafes, take-away places – a whole range.

Jo: Did you catch that word….take-away. A take-away sandwich bar.

Oliver: 外卖,一个外卖的三明治店。外卖的地方。

Jo: Yes, Soho is diverse because even just on one street you will see a whole range of things.

Jo: So we get the image that Soho is a really lively place in central London with lots of things to do – and the people we met on the streets today gave us their reasons why you might visit this part of London. Here’s some language to help you understand what they said.

To go out.

Oliver: 出去玩。

Jo: A mix. A good mix of people.

Oliver: 和不同的人交往,接触。

Jo: It’s buzzing.

Oliver: Buzzing 的意思是这儿有很多充满活力、让人激动的事情发生。

Jo: A vibe – there’s a really good vibe to the place.

Oliver: 一个很棒的气氛。 Let’s listen to those people we met.


I think Soho’s a really good place to go out – it’s a really good mix of people and there’s always something to do, everything stays open really late, it’s just a great area of London. It’s just buzzing – there’s a really good vibe to the place.

Jo: Well Soho is just so exciting, I think we should go and experience this diverse place Oliver. What shall we do? Eat Italian food? Chinese? Mexican? Go for a coffee perhaps? Or maybe a beer?

Oliver: Wow Jo – there are too many choices!! 这儿有太多的选择了。

Jo: Well you think about it and I’ll say goodbye. We’ll see you next time!

Oliver: How about a beer, Jo? Actually no, I think I prefer a coffee – and Greek food – how about Greek food?

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