On the Town 都市掠影
Imperial War Museum 战争博物馆
Lily Yang outside the Imperial War Museum
Lily arrives at the museum to interview Terry Charman
Lily: Hello, I'm Lily. Welcome to On the Town from BBC Learning English.

Sun Chen: 还有我孙辰。今天的城市掠影节目我们要向大家介绍的是英国著名的战争博物馆。

Lily: Yes. We are taking you to the famous Imperial War Museum in London.


(Sound of submarine) In the spring of 1941, the Royal Navy was equipped with more escorts of an improved design...

Sun Chen: 在英国战争博物馆里,我们能见到各种各样的战车,武器,战争纪念品。在这家博物馆里面,还有一个图书馆,一个摄影档案馆,还有其他的一些艺术藏品。

Lily: It is a well-known museum, not only in Britain, but throughout the world. I spoke with Terry Charman, the museum's historian. He started with what he considers to be the unique feature of the Imperial War Museum.

Sun Chen: 接待我们的是战争博物馆史学家 Terry Charman.


Well, I think the thing that is unique about the Imperial War Museum, perhaps not only in London but also worldwide, is that we attempt to record and display items relating to all aspects of international conflict since 1914, since August 1914 when the First World War broke out. Our main objective, of course, is to display to members of the public how war has shaped lives in the 20th and sadly in the 21st century.

Sun Chen: 他们的目标,就是力图通过展品把国际冲突有联系的各个方面都能体现出来。 All aspects of international conflicts.

Lily: Their main objective is to show people how war has shaped their lives.

Sun Chen: 战争是如何改变人们的生活。

Lily: That's right. What you see here in the museum is truly spectacular, with all kinds of military vehicles, airplanes and submarines.

Sun Chen: 各种各样的战车,还有战斗机,和潜艇。这些让人听起来真是过瘾。

Lily: Well, Terry told me that one of his female colleagues described it as the biggest boy's bedroom.

Sun Chen: 为什么叫最大的男生宿舍呢?

Lily: Let's listen.


Speaking in the main gallery, the atrium of the museum, which one of my female colleagues has described as one of the biggest boy's bedroom in London, displaying as it does, tanks, guns and aircraft, including the most famous of all British aircraft, the super marine Spitfire, that helped to win the Battle of Britain in 1940. As well as, of course, the aircraft, we have on display a small one-man submarine from Germany and also the human torpedo that the Italians used in the Second World War. And of course, we have a large number of armoured fighting vehicles.

Sun Chen: 在中厅大厅,我们能看到坦克,各种各样的枪支,还有飞机。这其中还包括英国历史上最著名的功勋战斗机,还有超级喷气式战斗机 Spitfire.

Lily: The Spitfire is very famous as it helped win the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Sun Chen: 这里还展出了二战当中,从德国缴获的一艘潜艇,还有一个从意大利缴获的鱼雷。 Torpedo.

Lily: And there are a large number of armoured fighting vehicles as well.

Sun Chen: 就是装甲车。

Lily: And there is a unique item that visitors shouldn't miss.


We have a unique item, the body of the fuselage of the aircraft that Hitler's deputy, Rudolf Hess, flew to this country in, in May 1941.

Sun Chen: 听到了吗?还有二战的时候,阿道夫•希特勒的副手鲁道夫•赫斯在1941年五月来英国的时候,乘坐的飞机的机身外壳。 This is very unusual, isn't it?

Lily: Yes. It is. Notice we have come across a very unusual word here: 'fuselage' – it is spelled F.U.S.E.L.A.G.E. fuselage.

Sun Chen: 就是飞机的机身外壳。

Lily: There are lots of other unusual exhibits as well. I asked Terry how big their collection is.


What I say to people always is that what the visitor sees here in the galleries is really only the tip of the iceberg of the museum. Because not only are we a museum displaying the objects like the tanks and guns and the aircraft, and of course the smaller objects – and documents as well and photographs. But we have - we are an archive. We have enough film in our archive, I'm assured by colleagues in the film department, that if you sat down and watched it, it would now take you 22 years of solid viewing.

Lily: What you see here is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sun Chen: Tip of the iceberg 这还只是冰山的一角。除了这些展品之外,这里还有非常丰富的档案资料。

Lily: Yes, a huge film archive. You know, it would take you 22 years of solid viewing.

Sun Chen: Wow! 要看完,得花上22年的时间。

Lily: Amazing! And there is nothing like it in the whole of Britain. For people who are interested in military technology, then the Imperial War Museum is the place to visit.

Sun Chen: 我们也希望,你能通过今天的节目,了解更多的军事词语。

Lily: Ok, we'll see you next time!

Sun Chen: Bye.

Lily: Bye.

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