On the Town 都市掠影
The Royal Albert Hall 皇家爱尔伯特音乐厅
The Royal Albert Hall
The instantly recognisable Royal Albert Hall
Neil: So Jean, what's your favourite kind of music?

Jean: Well, that's a tricky question, Neil. I like lots of different types of music.

Neil: Well that's good, because in today's programme we're going to hear all about a venue in London that's famous for putting on all kinds of music - from pop and rock to classical and ballet.

Jean: 在今天的节目当中我们要来了解一下伦敦的一所著名的音乐场馆,这里以上演各种各样的音乐会而闻名,从流行音乐到摇滚,从古典音乐到芭蕾。

Neil: Welcome to On the Town from BBC Learning English. It's the programme where we visit some of the most interesting places in London. I'm Neil.

Jean: 欢迎收听我们今天 BBC Learning English 为您提供的《都市掠影》节目。在这一档节目当中我们带着大家共同玩赏伦敦一些最有意思的地方。大家好,我是董征。

Neil: And today we're going to hear all about the Royal Albert Hall.

Jean: The Royal Albert Hall. 皇家爱尔伯特音乐厅。


It's been around for such a long time and everybody knows the building, you know, it's instantly recognisable, it's got iconic status.

Neil: That was Darrell Bennett, who works at the Royal Albert Hall, or just Albert Hall as most people call it.

Jean: 他是这里的工作人员。人们大多都直接把皇家爱尔伯特音乐厅简称为 the Albert Hall.

Neil: He says it's been around for a long time. It means it's old.

Jean: And he says everybody knows the building.

Neil: Yes, he says it's instantly recognisable.

Jean: Instantly recognisable. 立刻就认得出来的。

Neil: And it's got iconic status. Iconic.

Jean: Iconic. 偶像般的。

Neil: Status.

Jean: Status. 地位、身份。

Neil: Iconic status.

Jean: 偶像级的地位。 Iconic status.

Neil: Listen again.


It's been around for such a long time and everybody knows the building, you know, it's instantly recognisable, it's got iconic status.

Jean: So, tell me about the Albert Hall. Why is it called Albert?

Neil: Well, it's called Albert because it's named after the man whose idea it was. Named after.

Jean: Named after. 以谁命名的。

Neil: Albert was a prince. He was Queen Victoria's husband and died in 1861.

Jean: 原来爱尔伯特是英国历史上的一位王子,也是维多利亚女王的丈夫,于1861年去世。

Neil: He wanted to build a venue for the arts and sciences. When it was being built it was called the 'Central Hall of Arts and Sciences', but at the official opening, in 1871, Queen Victoria changed the name to 'The Royal Albert Hall'.

Jean: 他想为艺术和科学建造一所场馆,建好之后这个场馆的名称就叫作“艺术科学中心大厅”,不过在这所大厅1871年的开幕式上,维多利亚女王把场馆的名字改为了“皇家爱尔伯特大厅”。

Jean: So, what does it look like?

Neil: It's oval-shaped.

Jean: 椭圆形。

Neil: With a dome roof.

Jean: 圆拱的屋顶。

Neil: And it's made of bricks.

Jean: 使用方砖搭建的。 How about the inside?

Neil: Here's a woman who works at the Albert Hall.


There's nothing more beautiful than to enter the Hall with the beautiful, rich, red interior, and you have the organ and the choirs and you get the spine tingle factor. It's magic.

Neil: It has a beautiful, rich, red interior. Rich red.

Jean: Rich red. Rich 在这里的意思就是浓烈、鲜艳的。

Neil: Interior.

Jean: 室内的。 Interior.

Neil: Rich red interior.

Jean: 室内是鲜艳的红色。

Neil: And there's an organ.

Jean: Organ. 管风琴。

Neil: And there's room for a large choir. Choir.

Jean: Choir. 唱诗班、合唱团。

Neil: She says, when you see the interior of the Hall, you get the spine tingle factor.

Jean: 会让你的脊椎发颤,就是说会让你相当激动振颤的意思。

Neil: She thinks it's magic.

Jean: Magic. 有魔力的。英语里 magic 这个词经常被用来形容令人印象深刻,难忘感动的事物。

Neil: Well, we've run out of time again, Jean.

Jean: 如果大家想了解更多的话,就请到我们的网站来吧,我们的网址就是 www.bbc.co.uk/china.

Neil: That's right: www.bbc.co.uk/china. See ya!

Jean: Bye!

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