On the Town 都市掠影
Carnaby Street 卡尔纳比街
Shakespeare looks out over London's Carnaby Street
Shakespeare looks out over London's Carnaby Street
Andrea: Trillby hats and hipsters…

Jean: …mods and rockers…

Andrea: Yes, we’re talking about the clothes and people you used to find on one of London’s most famous streets.

Jean: It’s Carnaby Street

Andrea: Hello I’m Andrea Rose

Jean: 大家好,我是董征。

Andrea: Welcome to On the Town with BBC Learning English.

Jean: 今天我们的话题就是伦敦的卡纳比大街Carnaby Street.

Andrea: The 1960s were the era or time when Carnaby Street was at its peak.

Jean: 如今这里是旅游者的观光之地。

Andrea: So what do people think of when they hear the name, Carnaby Street?


When I think of Carnaby Street of course I think of the sixties and swinging London. Of course I wasn’t alive at the time but we see so much of this in films and on TV so that’s what I automatically think of.

Jean: The swinging sixties. 充斥着摇摆舞音乐的西方60年代。

Andrea: The 1960s were swinging because they were a time of the sexual revolution - people were taking drugs and young people felt very free.

Jean: 他们感觉得到了解放 – They felt liberated..

Andrea: That’s what that a person thinks of when she hears the name Carnaby Street. That’s what she automatically thinks of.

Jean: Automatically- 自动的,自然而然的.

Andrea: Of course, Carnaby Street wasn’t always the place where people went for fun and fashion. In the 1790s the street was known as a place for buying tobacco. People went there to buy pipes to smoke.

Jean: 不幸的是那段激动人心的时期过后,卡纳比大街就被废弃了the street became derelict.

Andrea: Percy Dobson has owned a shop in Carnaby Street for over 60 years.


Carnaby Street was derelict virtually; almost up until the sixties. It was just a variation of different shops. There was a little baker’s shop, several small dairies that sold sandwiches, and even a fried fish shop. There wasn’t any atmosphere at all. It was a poor street really.

Jean: Percy给我们形容了一下卡纳比大街一直到60年代时候的景象。他说当时街道两边都是各种各样的商店. A variation or variety of shops.

Andrea: There were dairies that sold sandwiches and a fried fish shop. But there was little atmosphere or feeling about the street until the 1960s.

Jean: 不过到了60年代的时候这条大街有了爆破性的发展. An explosion - 在这里并不是炸弹爆破,而是爆破性发展、急速发展的意思.

Andrea: Carnaby Street was the place to go if you wanted to be hip and trendy.

Jean: 就连著名的摇滚乐团The Beatles甲壳虫乐队,还有 the Rolling Stones滚石乐队都到这条街上来买衣服。


It happened so rapidly really. Nobody could come to terms with it, that it was happening. You think of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones all those sort of people were coming there. It transformed the whole street into something nobody had ever seen before. It was an explosion. We were amazed – we were getting people coming from all over the world.

Andrea: Percy says that the change to the street happened very rapidly or fast. It was so quick, people found it hard to come to terms with.

Jean: To come to terms with something就是不得不接受某事,让步的意思。

Andrea: One minute it was a quiet street and then suddenly it was transformed. It changed into something totally different.

Jean: 世界各国的参观者都开始云集此地。

Andrea: But what about the Carnaby Street of today? Is it still as lively and special as it used to be?

Jean: 有些人依然认为这里仍旧是一个非常令人兴奋非常另类的地方an exciting and alternative place.

Andrea: Take a listen to see what and whom you might find on Carnaby Street.


I guess it’s fashion, Bohemian fashion, Doc Marten’s, punks…that kind of thing.

Jean: 这位女士说,时至今日你还能在这里找放荡不羁的波希米亚服饰。

Andrea: Bohemian fashion is quirky, different and maybe a little strange.

Jean: 你已可以在这里买到著名的Doc Martins高筒靴。

Andrea: And you can still see the occasional punk with their gelled hair and plenty of piercings.

Jean: Piercings – 就是在身上穿洞打钉的另类身体艺术ow, that sounds sore!

Andrea: Carnaby Street is also still a place for entrepreneurs.

Jean: Entrepreneurs – 企业家.

Andrea: You can find film production companies and advertising agencies in the area.

Jean: 当地有不少的电影制作公司和广告代理公司– I’ll have to go there to become famous!

Andrea: There’s still a lot of life in London’s Carnaby Street.

Jean: There sure is. Maybe we should head down there now?

Andrea: What a great idea. So until the next time, bye-bye from BBC Learning English!

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